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HeeeeroHeeeero syracuse, NYPosts: 1Member

Ray the CM has completely turned the forums into a "disagree with me and i will bann you" place. no matter how small. He censors things like "this blows" and any post said in disagreement with what he says will be deleted. He has ruined the forums and needs to be kicked off his high horse. Gameplay has changed with many issues brought up by veterans and have all been ignored and post deleted by ray himself. What was once a great game was turned to crap by him.


  • MariceMarice AmsterdamPosts: 3Member

    Since Ether Saga Online turned into Ether Saga Odyssey, the game really went down-hill for me.

    The area's that were already very empty because of a lack of players have gone even emptier, and at the same time have expanded to such a size you take twice as long to get anywhere, and 20 times as long finding anything.

    Apart from some minor, but annoying, changes (font changed, NPCs changed, etc.) this game has really become boring & empty. I played and enjoyed it for a very long time, but somehow all the changes turned it into some kind of ghost town, only vaguely resembling how it once was. I feel bad that I'm leaving all my characters after putting so much time & effort in them to get them to where they are, but I can't force myself to try & find something fun in it anymore.

    And I do too feel that the game support is lacking very, very much. There have been a lot of errors & glitches and it doesn't seem like anybody got help with anything. It's just too bad, because ESO was a really great game.

  • GreasyGhoulGreasyGhoul Kingston, TNPosts: 12Member

    You mean I should avoid a Pay-To-Win Asian Grindfest?


    Will do.

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