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Heroes Of Newerth: It Could Be a Very Good Game



  • kaiabobkaiabob Arcadia, CAPosts: 1Member


    Holy cow! needs to stick to MMorpgs!


    “The maps are small and uninteresting with no imagination behind them a problem made even worse by there being only a few maps to choose from.”


    Do you play MOBA’s? Dota had one map, and so does HoN. By the way, the maps are not “small”, I can walk more than three steps chasing after someone without hitting a tower.



    "The game has sound, but there isn't much more to say about it besides that."


    Hey play a few different heroes before you say that. Each one has a unique voice and each skill you use has a unique sound.


    "The practice mode is useless because the lack of other heroes does not accurately represent the game as a whole, and the tutorial does not tell you anything about the met- game that feels like 90% of the player base has already mastered."


    No, 90% of the player base has not mastered the met- game. I absolutely guarantee that. There are plenty of noobs (I do not use that in a derogatory fashion) that play at lower ratings.


    "There is also a casual mode in the game, but not much is changed in it. You start with your hero at level three and gain experience and money faster, but besides that it plays the same as the normal game type. It is really only there to save people five to fifteen minutes, but seeing as no one ever plays it, you can take that long wait for a match to start at times."


    Well this tells me two things. First, that you didn’t play casual mode or you did and had no idea what you were doing. Second, it tells me you don’t know what casual mode is. You don’t lose gold on death (like LoL), you get more money from killing heroes, you get more money for assists, there is a shorter respawn time, denies don’t deduct experience, and exp range is increased. There are also a few other minor differences you can look up.


    I’m guessing the “you start at level three” business is an intentional troll because nobody could make that big of a mistake.


    "HoN has many more heroes with many more abilities than was in Warcraft 3, but besides that not much else has changed. Again, griping on the lack of bots in Heroes of Newerth, Warcraft 3 had bots. HoN just doesn't do anything that hasn't been seen before, and some missing features really hold it back from shining in a quickly crowding genre."


    Have you seen the dozens of hero skins with voice overs? The announcer packs? Colored names, taunts, new items, or icons? Theres a ton of stuff in the shop that really doesn’t take that long to farm with silver coins.

    Why do you needs bots? Seriously why? So you can pretend your pub bashing a bunch of morons? Learn like everybody else, by playing. If you suck, then your rating will drop and you’ll play people just like you. PLUS, you get coins even if you lose. So why would you want to waste your time with bots?


    " If you have not played a DOTA type game before, then be ready for a steep learning curve, especially with the half baked tutorial and lack of bot-matches."


    You must really love your bots. And yea, it’s a steep learning curve. That’s why, once again, you play match making and it will put you up against people at your skill level. I'm not going to take some random idiot off the street and pit him in a game of basketball against the LA Lakers. I’m surprised they even bothered putting in a tutorial. 

    Also, what do you mean by quickly crowding genre? Theres only ONE MOBA coming out called Dota 2 that has yet to see the light of day, the only other one is LoL.




    I’m guessing your HoN experience wasn’t a good one. You decided to write a review for HoN, but had never played it before. Joined match making, got smashed by a team of Brazilian smurfs (all with the fabulous voice pack), then came back and wrote a scathing review on how poor this game was.

    Well, that’s a little harsh. I’ve seen worse, but please play the game a little more and if you don’t understand something just look it up online. My advice for noobs is just pick one hero (buy it with silver coins), read some guides, and get good at that one hero. Once you pick up the mechanics of the game, then try out another.


    I give you 1/2 out of 10 stars for your review. And that 1/2 is for effort.


    P.S.  You should play casual mode. It’s made for LoL players.


    P.S.S  I laugh out loud at your pros and cons.  

  • cinoscinos LondonPosts: 963Member

    Originally posted by kostoslav

    Originally posted by cinos

    Originally posted by Amana

    Guys, disagree or agree with the review as you like, as long as you keep your responses civil and posts have some actual content to them.
    Okay: This review sucks.  I played for 6 months and x,y,z .I think the gameplay is better than that.
    Not okay: THIS GAME SUCKS!!

    Amana, there is no agreeing or disagreeing with this 'review'.

    Your website has posted a biased article with outright lies in it. I highly advise you get someone to take this down before you likely get sued for libel.

    Edit: Sorry for double post.

    Oh no I've been accused of being overly dramatic.

    What ever will I do. :p

    Go troll somewhere else if you have nothing useful to say.

  • HermnHermn New York, NYPosts: 17Member

    So everyone has pretty much already explained how shitty this review is, i just got one question tho: 2 Staff of the master on Andromeda? Really? AHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA NOOB!!!!!

  • Model192Model192 Felton, PAPosts: 62Member

    Why is someone that knows nothing about MOBA games reviewing a MOBA game?


    Seriously, one of the cons being too many of the worst reviews I've ever seen. I mean for christ sake League of Legends got reviewed and in the "cons" section they are game-crippling cons and it gets an 8.2?


    How much did RIOT pay you Bill. Sell-out hack.

  • Gregross111Gregross111 Hesperia, CAPosts: 52Member is all about main stream mega corps,  When smaller companies remake games that are already out or try to improve apon them reviewers tell us these games are junk and that we should not play them.


    we are the 99% 

  • Gregross111Gregross111 Hesperia, CAPosts: 52Member

    i got banned for discussing my discust with this website. but im back! 

  • BizkitNLBizkitNL NetherlandsPosts: 2,349Member Uncommon

    Something tells me that this review was supposed to be called: Heroes of Newerth; "A Newbie's look into the game".

    Then, it all makes sense.

  • Requiem6Requiem6 Saint-Hubert, QCPosts: 237Member

    In the end, who cares ?  Dota 2 >>>>>>>>>> HoN >>>>>>>>>>> LoL.

    And, by alot.


    But yeah, mmorp.comg are biased, Riot games like to pay, ALOT, for good reviews and publicity.

  • hardsun79hardsun79 VyborgPosts: 66Member Uncommon

    Ive played several years in DOTA, month or 2 in LoL, and playing HoN from beta

    DOTA 2 in its current state is bad copy of HoN, honestly ... probably will be better then HoN later with polishing and improvments (less dinamic, wrong colors sets, still too little features HoN already has)

    LoL is, imho, DOTA for dumb generation of 21st century with the generalg trend of being friendly to  ...err idiots ? :), i mean new players who being too lazy to learn anything. Much less dinamic compared to HoN (imagine Counter-Strike in slow motion :), color setting is eye killing.

    Still i think LoL has some pros like original heroes with unique skills, ofthen not trying to copy DOTA blindly. And bigger number of heroes with intresting skill sets to choose from is BIG pros for any MOBA game.

    I do agree with previous post that LoL got its succes from good advertising and F2P model from start. While i think HoN is much better gameplay-wise.

  • MahloMahlo YorkshirePosts: 798Member

    Can someone explain to me something about HoN and LoL? I've looked at the websites but I'm still unclear. Is there any kind of character development in these games? Or do you start from scratch in every match? Is there any ongoing progress or aims?

  • cinoscinos LondonPosts: 963Member

    Originally posted by Mahlo

    Can someone explain to me something about HoN and LoL? I've looked at the websites but I'm still unclear. Is there any kind of character development in these games? Or do you start from scratch in every match? Is there any ongoing progress or aims?

    LoL has an out game skill tree for character development.

    HoN does not and neither will Dota/Dota 2.

    Both however have currency that you can earn to buy cosmetic items in the shops.

    Hope that helps. :)

  • daemondaemon TimisoaraPosts: 680Member Common

    Originally posted by Mizzmo

    This game is horrid compared to LoL. HoN is a game for 1 type of person, the hardcore elite. LoL is waaayyyyyy more approachable for someone who just wants to have fun. And I am saying that Pre-Dominion. Now that Dominion is out it's even MORE approachable for casual players. LoL has better models, terrain, balance, and scaling. Granted, LoL's models are more cartoony, but they still look better. Oh did I mention LoL has better lore and backstories? Yeah, there is a reason LoL is flourashing right now and HoN isn't.


    32 million acounts cause they have a great marketing model and a better game overall.

    still its not a MMO dunno why we talking about it here.

  • MahloMahlo YorkshirePosts: 798Member

    Originally posted by cinos

    Originally posted by Mahlo

    Can someone explain to me something about HoN and LoL? I've looked at the websites but I'm still unclear. Is there any kind of character development in these games? Or do you start from scratch in every match? Is there any ongoing progress or aims?

    LoL has an out game skill tree for character development.

    HoN does not and neither will Dota/Dota 2.

    Both however have currency that you can earn to buy cosmetic items in the shops.

    Hope that helps. :)

    Yes, thanks. I see that on Steam they boast that RoI is the first MOBA game to have persistent character progression. Is that an option or not considered as good as HoN and LoL. Not sure I'd be interested in a game without character progression of some sort.

  • OtomoxOtomox HoooooPosts: 303Member

    to many heroes is a con is this guy serious and giving league of crap graphics/casual a 8 and hon 5.8 is such a joke. That review was wrote by some scrub that never played dota and neither has a clue about dota game.

  • MacroHardMacroHard Fairfax, VAPosts: 104Member

    This review was the biggest fail I have read thus far  on and am pissed regarding almost everything about it.

    • the pros and cons contradict each other... fail

    • "anything other than heroes fail to look good".. champions are designed to stand out among the creeps.  Their art is of the same calibur, so I don't get it...

    • The game was a straight take from DotA so yes, the game will run like DotA (but don't mention the innovation when it comes to targeting and the like that were WC3 engine limitations)

    • the only thing I do agree with is lack of maps.. can't see any reason why all this time there has been only one main map.  And yes, editor is useless because you can't even host a custom game on it.

    • the social scoring of 4: well I find trolls in online communities everywhere.  But I've seen plenty of games rated on this website that have no more chat capability than HoN yet receive greater scores.

    I'm off the HoN bandwagon (and MOBAs in general) so needless to say I'm no angry fanboy, merely pissed off at the lack of credability any of these reviews seem to have.  Yikes, might soon turn elsewhere for future reviewing purposes.

  • FyronovaFyronova Scarborough, ONPosts: 36Member

    Phil Bickle, you're nothing but a fan-loving LoL player. Please don't ever do anymore biased reviews.

    Seriously, quit being a "writer" and find a different career.

  • BereKinBereKin SplitPosts: 287Member

    I played HON for a while and it is a good game. For people who like moba they should try the game. Someone would say its more for hardcore players but that is nonsense. And yea, for moba there is never enough heroes.  image

  • StacyValentStacyValent BrisbanePosts: 1Member

    This review is just outright biased and has plenty of false information. Why is this allowed? Big paycheck from RIOT or something? 

    I have played plenty of HoN in both lower brackets while I learned (yes, it's a steep learning curve) and high brackets as I got better. The game is essentialy Dota with new features. Replays, pauses, kicks, spectator mode, mentoring, guilds, etc. That's what Dota players asked for. That's basically what Dota 2 is trying to do now.

    Stating thing like casual games start at level 3? That's just a blatant lie. Obvious contradictions in the pros/cons? That's just  not professional.

    I'll happily admit moving to a free to play model was a bad move. Perhaps they felt it was necessary, but it hurt the game. That's an actual downside. New players get a severely gimped hero selection pool each game unless they play thousands of games for silver coins or spend obscene amounts of real money.

    I'll also happily admit the attitude of most players is absolute trash. They're very very unforgiving towards new players, or even vet players who make a mistake. If you're on the losing side in any game, I garuntee your team is playing the blame game. 

    Apart from that, the game is great. I'd love to know why the review is so obviously biased, and why outright lies are allowed.

  • malchidielmalchidiel PraguePosts: 1Member

    I ve been playing HoN for about one year and I must say it s good game but it has definitely the worst community I could see. Bunch of kids insulting all around them just because their whole life means playing games so they feel pro and there isnt anything in real life they can do well so they feel satisfaction when insulting the others in HoN. That s the reason why I have to say that LoL is far better game because community in LoL is nice with lots of kind ppl. 

  • lorkar55lorkar55 Miami, FLPosts: 1Member
    this is so outdated, all these argument are invalid HoN is perfect.
  • makasouleater69makasouleater69 franklin, NYPosts: 1,096Member Uncommon

    The main thing thats wrong with HON, is the match making system. I have tried all, ranked, non ranked, casual, and normal. It is ultra rare that you get a team that you can play a decent game with. Most of the time is 4vs5, if that doesnt happen the game within tens mins is one team dominating the other, where there is no hope of the other team winning. Most of the time even when its 4vs5 the 4 people win because the match making system is so horrible. 

    Also what is more, is if you fail in the fist 10 mins, you lost pretty much. Unlike LOL which even if the score is 4/15 by the first 10 there is still a big chance to win. 

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