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Will you still be playing MMOs in 10 years time?



  • 8BitAvatar8BitAvatar Frozen Tundra, WIPosts: 196Member

    Hard to see the future is.

  • TalgenTalgen Reading, PAPosts: 400Member

    Heh, you should asked me that 10-11 years ago... I have been since then..  As much?  No. Kids, wife, family..  But I still manage to find the time to play..  And intend to until I literally have the shizzles of it all... The Chuck Norris jokes, the uber-leet raid guilds, the carebear obssesed PvP elitists,  The constant WoW comparisons,  the 'I'm-anonymous-so-I'm-a-badass' kids, and the 'i'm-better-than-you-because-i've wasted-my-life-getting-gear' people..  Yea, sorry to break it to you, but that super-death-dealing-plus-one-thousand-stat-sword isnt real or tangible, its only pixels.. ...  ..  But I'm not bitter... yet .. lol

    So, 10-11 years down, antoher 10 years to go.. we'll see... we'll see...

  • UsualSuspectUsualSuspect CardiffPosts: 1,243Member Uncommon

    It depends which direction this genre takes. If it continues down the path it's currently on, I really can't see me being involved. I haven't played an MMO since Lord of the Rings Online before they went free to play and made everything soloable. Before that was EverQuest. I've tried out others but the state of the genre is just pathetic, which all started with WoW, I'll wait and hope for things to get back on track.

  • SorrowSorrow St Pete, FLPosts: 1,195Member

    Who really knows where they will be tomorrow. Who knows where our world will be tomorrow.

    I don't know about the rest of you, but I look at where we are heading as a nation, as a world and  my concern is growing.

    I look at how the revolution in Egypt started, how the riots in Greece started, then look at the protests sprouting up in so many major cities across the US. Both Eqypt and Greece started with peaceful protest gatherings, and have exploded into revolution, and civil riots bordering on revolution. Have to wonder just how close our own situation may be.

    You would like to think we are more civilized and better educated, but when it comes right down to it our hlgher educated disenchated could be even more of a problem, tons of really smart, college educated, computer people, chemists, engineers, the list goes on. God forbid they decide to put that education to work for them in this call to " TEAR IT ALL DOWN ".


  • TyrokiTyroki Wellington, FLPosts: 183Member Uncommon

    In ten years, the PC market will mostly be filled with MMO's.


    Meanwhile, every other game ends up on console.

    MMO's played: Ragnarok Online (For years), WoW (for a few weeks only), Guild Wars, Lineage 2, Eve, Allods, Shattered Galaxy, 9 Dragons, City of Heroes, City of Villains, Star Trek Online (Got someone ELSE to pay for it), Champions Online (Someone else paid), Dofus, Dragonica, LOTRO, DDO and more... A LOT more. I've played good AND bad. The bad didn't last long. :P

  • LoktofeitLoktofeit Stone Mountain, GAPosts: 14,247Member Rare


    I'll be playing online games and taking part in virtual worlds 10 years from now. If they even remotely resemble what we know today as an MMO, that would be interesting to see.

    There isn't a "right" or "wrong" way to play, if you want to use a screwdriver to put nails into wood, have at it, simply don't complain when the guy next to you with the hammer is doing it much better and easier. - Allein
    "Graphics are often supplied by Engines that (some) MMORPG's are built in" - Spuffyre

  • LexinLexin Ellenville, NYPosts: 701Member Uncommon

    MMO's nope have not been playing this at all this year however I will continue to play multiplayer games. I'm just tired of what MMO's are stuck at and from the outlook of MMO's set to be released in the next year I like the look of them but I don't like the ease of them.


  • Goatgod76Goatgod76 Stow, OHPosts: 1,214Member

    Been playing MMO's for 12 years up until now (Although currently not playing one). But, I don't see myself still playing them in another 10 years if they continue down the path they all seem to be currently taking.

  • PKJackCrowPKJackCrow Ginowan cityPosts: 231Member

    I'm not even playing right now. there are a couple titles that would make me change me mind and if they do i will say yes i will still be playing in 10 years but if they keep on this trend they are on now i dont think so

  • MMOman101MMOman101 Posts: 1,439Member Uncommon

    Originally posted by Tutu2

    Do you think you will? Or do you think life commitments will get in the way eventually? Do you already have kids and can play alot of MMOs?  I sometimes think how can people possibly play MMOs with babies or young children, it seems negectful.  

    I am not playing now.  In 10 years my kids will be much older and not want to spend anytime with the old man.  I suspect that there is a better chance that I will be playing in 10 years.  Well the quality of games will have something to do with it too.

    Not everoyne who visits this site is at the same place as you

  • SwampRobSwampRob Halifax, NSPosts: 1,003Member Uncommon

    You set most priorities in your life according to how you choose to.    I LOVE my free time.   As such, I made a choice to never have kids.    I loved visiting and goofing around with my nieces and nephews, but I simply do not want that full-time responsibility.

    I'm almost 49 and I have TONS of free time to play.   This is the way I like it, and I can't see it being any different in 10 or even 20 years (although my reflexes ain't what they used to be).

  • Cephus404Cephus404 Redlands, CAPosts: 3,675Member Common

    Haven't seriously played one in almost 2 years now, not really expecting to play one serious again in the future, mostly because the communities have died and the majority of players are asshats.  Until society changes, count me out.

    Played: UO, EQ, WoW, DDO, SWG, AO, CoH, EvE, TR, AoC, GW, GA, Aion, Allods, lots more
    Relatively Recently (Re)Played: HL2 (all), Halo (PC, all), Batman:AA; AC, ME, BS, DA, FO3, DS, Doom (all), LFD1&2, KOTOR, Portal 1&2, Blink, Elder Scrolls (all), lots more
    Now Playing: None
    Hope: None

  • hybridchichybridchic Philadelphia, PAPosts: 20Member

    I've already been playing MMOs at least 10 years. My husband is a former die hard gamer who is now a closet die hard gamer. When we do have kids I hope they're gamers too. Well. I don't care if they are gamers. Put it this way, any prospective parent would prefer that their kids are playing video games as opposed to popping out babies of their own.

    As for being a neglectful parent..... Playing video games is a hobby. Kids are a full time job/investment. If you can't devote time effort and energy into your child(ren) you shouldn't have them.


  • WraithoneWraithone Salt Lake City, UTPosts: 3,676Member Uncommon

    Originally posted by Tutu2

    Do you think you will? Or do you think life commitments will get in the way eventually? Do you already have kids and can play alot of MMOs?  I sometimes think how can people possibly play MMOs with babies or young children, it seems negectful.  

    Hell, I may not even be alive in 10 years... ^^ But if I am, I suspect that I will be playing games of some type. It remains to be seen where MMO's are going in that time frame. With the rise of middleware, the tech curve and the spreading demographic, things are bound to get rather "interesting" over the next ten years. 

  • godzilr1godzilr1 scottsdale, AZPosts: 550Member Uncommon

    most likely.  i have a 2 yr old and a 6 month old.  I and my wife play when they are in bed, so between 8-9 pm we start and get off around 11-12,  if either wakes up we log and attent them.  we know know kids are more important then pixels over the internet, no neglent, dont know why you would think that if someone plays MMO's

  • parrotpholkparrotpholk Leland, NCPosts: 3,275Member

    Good chance I will be but you never can tell.  

  • face30face30 Somewhere, OHPosts: 193Member

    Not a chance in 10 years, more than likely, was always repsonsible about my 3 children. Sadly the genre itself has become so stale that I barely play now.

  • k11keeperk11keeper Posts: 1,048Member Uncommon

    Well if the curve continues at the same rate then no, not at all. At this point I have been out of the MMO genre for months, but it's for a varying amount of reasons. One being the fact that I'm going back to college and want to keep my grades up. That seems more of an excuse then a reason though. If there was actually something worth playing I would probably make time to play it. Which is my second reason, nothing worth my time. Another final reason is that to play anything new I would need to upgrade my pc and between bills, college, and low cash flow there would have to be an amazing game to get me to shell out the money to pay for the upgrades.

    All that aside, if games like archeage live up to their promises, and games living up to their promises becomes a norm instead of a exception like now this could change. In 10 years I won't be spending the majority of my freetime going to school and I will need a hobby and MMOs have always been a passion of mine. So unless my fiance and I decide to have a bunch of kids and those kids take up all my time and money I'll probably still be playing MMOs in ten years.

  • Zeus.CMZeus.CM ZagrebPosts: 1,788Member

    I know I will play gw2 for the next let's say 4 years. We will see if any other promising mmo comes out then.

  • MMOrUSMMOrUS great yarmouthPosts: 414Member

    Originally posted by Tutu2

    Do you think you will? Or do you think life commitments will get in the way eventually? Do you already have kids and can play alot of MMOs?  I sometimes think how can people possibly play MMOs with babies or young children, it seems negectful.  

    I've been playing them for over 12 years, so yes I'l be playing MMO's for the foreseeable future.

    Even with my family commitments (19 yr old/16 yr old and a 9yr old) I've been able to find the time to play alot of different MMO's quite casually over the years.




  • smashmouthsmashmouth Parkersburg, WVPosts: 1Member

    idk how to get to a game or to play a game can some one help me i will be playing for that long if i knew how

  • GruntyGrunty TexasPosts: 7,931Member Rare

    I'd be 66 at in 10 years. I'm not planning my gaming out that far. Que sera, sera as Doris Day put it..

    She was grimacing. "That does sound like what America's has been trying to do for the last century or two--get rich faster than the parasites could steal it."   The Free Lunch by Spider Robinson
  • Requiem6Requiem6 Saint-Hubert, QCPosts: 237Member

    Yes I will.


    THERE'S ABSOLUTELY NO REASON to stop playing :|

  • BigCaliGuruBigCaliGuru Bristol, CTPosts: 103Member Uncommon

    Yes of course. Even when im old and grey I'll play MMO's. I'll be that old dude that rides around on his rascal with laptop playing.

  • SlybaconSlybacon TimaruPosts: 48Member

    Most likely i have 2 babies 6mnths old so play when they are asleep at night,  its nothing compared to the 12hours sessions i used to do afew years ago but its still enjoyable

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