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ganuskaganuska Houston, TXPosts: 11Member Common

it needs to b stated so others will understand!-U MAY B LOYAL 2 METIN2-BUT THE GM'S WILL NOT B LOYAL 2 U!

that said-i have played metin for more than 2 years and have many characters-i maintained what they call a 90package since i started-it was relaxing and fun .Turned into the community was much better than the gameplay. When u play that long u develop friend from game world. Metin2 has changed hands of providers 2 or 3 times since i played from the original g4box owners.

this last year has seen a rash of "hackers" that GM's only put up notice to bcareful. Never thinking it would happen to me i just played!-When it did happen i reported!-it took days for reply!-it took days asking me same question over and over.The hacker entered into my Microsoft Instant messenger-he was an IM contact from metin. Microsoft was agressive to clean up my IM and repair files. Metin2 where i had spent much real money on my character,and lost my item mall points and items making the hack a criminal offence- treated me as if i was the thief!!  When GM's were sent copies of the IM's from the hackers bragging of how rich they got and how much they benefited from all my, and items in extended in game bank storage-GM's closed ticket with no answer!  I even offer to pay for a reset of my character account!,as i invested a lot of time and real money into it,again GM's said if they caused the loss they would reset account-they did not so they will not do. I asked to return anything for my character to use-the GM's answered i had to many items-they can not return! So i sit with a lvl 77 sura with nothing.-Im not bitter,just disappointed they have no loyalty to their players -and did not take strong action against the proven hackers. They even went so far as to tell me i should have taken screenes of the hacker on my account!!  So as a sad long time player i warn all-go else where that has proper and better GM's and goes after hackers!



  • RawiniaRawinia morrinsvillePosts: 1Member

    Same thing happened to me metin 2  has no loyalty to long time players.image

  • JayAlphaJayAlpha KaiserslauternPosts: 2Member

    Untrue, it depends what server you play.


    Metin2 Singapore (pub. by TEC Interactive Pte. Ltd.) is a corruption-free official metin2 server with brilliant support. Whoever goes to G4Box or Gameforge is faulty himself for that decission.

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