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The Secret World: Into Darkness - An Exclusive Dragon Preview

SBFordSBFord Associate Editor - News ManagerThe CitadelPosts: 22,983MMORPG.COM Staff Epic and Funcom have teamed up to bring our readers an exclusive first look at the Dragons, one of three factions to be featured in The Secret World. Let us know what you think of the mysterious Dragons after reading the dev journal. Leave us a comment or two!

The Dragon is a mystery to most, even to those who consider themselves part of this secret society based in Seoul, South Korea. With agents scattered across the world, the Dragon is a force of nature, believing in the idea that seemingly insignificant events can trigger cataclysmic change -- that a butterfly's wings in Central Park can eventually cause a hurricane in the South Pacific.

Read more of our exclusive look at The Secret World: Into Darkness - An Exclusive Dragon Preview.



  • channel84channel84 CyberjayaPosts: 585Member Uncommon

    This game put the "story" into mmo ^^

  • askdabossaskdaboss LondonPosts: 631Member Uncommon

    Sounds really cool... I will most definitely try this game. Really enjoy the setting and story in this game.

  • NightfyreNightfyre Pandora, OHPosts: 175Member Uncommon

    Go Dragon! Good story, can't wait to try out the game.

  • frost013frost013 Farmers Branch, TXPosts: 1Member Common
    I seriously can't wait ...
  • Ghost021Ghost021 LisbonPosts: 84Member
    I will definately playing this game... as a Templar :) The story seems pretty solid so far, let us hope that the gameplay will be as solid also.

  • wahala99wahala99 Punta Gorda, FLPosts: 146Member

    Game looks cool.  One fear ... tornquist said the game would run on a laptop, but would be horrible.  He reccomended 8 gigs of ram for comp and 1 to 2 gigs for vid card ... he said todays duo procesors would be fine.

    Makes me afraid game wont run on my machine (well anyway) .... but will wait to see how it goes.

    If Ya Ain't Dyin, Ya Ain't Tryin

  • ElricmerrenElricmerren White Bear Lake, MNPosts: 295Member

    I like this style of story teling and questing/missions it gives you alot of reason as well as importance to what you do in them. I woulld love to kwno how the summoning/pet system would work in tsw, like if it is a school of powers which give you access to minions or something. I hope they have a way of making a pet-based character that could be either a minion/zerg throw away pet based style to a more compainion/pet style of play as well. I am really hoping that you can either get powers that allow you to charm/enslave/summon various pets in the game both with a good amount of customization to the pet, such as branding/armor for the pets as well as powers for them to gain as you master the power to control them better. Such as you being able to summon a demon or sorts that is largely cut off from their source of power so as to wweaken them making them more controlable, but as you gain skill in controlling them you grant them more access to their source of power with them gaining both ore power as well as changing in appearce. Even things like creating Golems infusing them with increasing ammounts of occult/arcane power to imbue more abilities to them as well.

  • YinshoYinsho Jacksonville, FLPosts: 1Member

    Awesome backstory. So can't wait for this game to come out.

    Really hoping I can manage to win beta access in phase 2 of the secret war, too. :0 I have been in love with this game since I first heard about it way back when it was first annouced!

  • CyanKCyanK Montgomery, TXPosts: 20Member


    I had the same worry the last month or two. I haven't had a desktop for some years now and needed to start from scratch. I spent some time looking around and finally got a Cyberpower PC for $487 after tax. After looking for almost 2 weeks I couldn't assemble a computer I was happy with for under $600 due to the cost of windows. This one, which I know is not by any means a stellar machine, has plenty of room for upgrade. 8gb of ram on newegg is about $47 and now I just need to wait for a bundle deal with the ram and a graphics card. Also, between now and this games projected April 2012  release date I anticipate being able to save between $10-$30 on the cost of the card compared to todays price point.,or.r_gc.r_pw.,cf.osb&biw=1440&bih=797&um=1&ie=UTF-8&tbm=shop&cid=8290193407850535341&sa=X&ei=vtGeTsXPLcStsAK9sszxCQ&ved=0CMQBEPMCMAA

  • simmihisimmihi -Posts: 622Member Uncommon

    Second screenshot, that's an armoured heckler right there! I knew something good will come after Anarchy Online!

  • RavingRabbidRavingRabbid Virginia beach, VAPosts: 1,150Member Uncommon

    Coolness! Everytime I see new info come out on this game makes me anticipate it more!

    ***raises plunger in salute to hot lady dragon agents everywhere!***

    All my opinions are just that..opinions. If you like my opinions..coolness.If you dont like my opinion....I really dont care.
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  • YuuiYuui KaunasPosts: 723Member

    To sum up(as Ragnar said during NYCC and previously), Dragons are bassically Anonymous with magic powers :)


  • Ngeldu5tNgeldu5t PhoenixPosts: 608Member Uncommon

    April 2012 can't come soon enough .

    In the land of Predators,the lion does not fear the jackals...

  • RobbgobbRobbgobb Dallas, TXPosts: 489Member Uncommon

    I want to try and still get the artefact though and not run. Don't I have any tricks to distract long enough to grab then run?

  • BigCaliGuruBigCaliGuru Bristol, CTPosts: 103Member Uncommon

    This article just wet my palette.

  • OriousOrious O''Fallon, ILPosts: 548Member Uncommon

    Guess who wants to be a dragon more than I did two years ago?


    <--this guy.


  • ShmawShmaw Edmonton, ABPosts: 85Member

    This game is my backpack in case TOR fails me horribly!

  • fenistilfenistil GliwicePosts: 3,005Member

    Double Dipping p2p+cash shop...

  • OriousOrious O''Fallon, ILPosts: 548Member Uncommon

    Originally posted by fenistil

    Double Dipping p2p+cash shop...

    Get used to it. I see this being the way of the future. It's no different from WoW's.

    MMOs have been 15 bucks a month for the past 10+ years. Since then, at least in america, we've had minimum wage increases...which minimum wage is enough money to pay for an mmo. Console games used to be 30 bucks, then 50... now 60. The price is going to be higher in some way, and this way (eventhough it's currently benign) is one way their sneaking it in.


    Why can they do this?

    Because most players don't care about a novelty cash shop. If most players did, they wouldn't do it.





  • ElricmerrenElricmerren White Bear Lake, MNPosts: 295Member

    they can also se the cash shop as a way of both gaining more money without hiking up our monthy sub, which i am fine with as long as the cash shop is alot of vanity, fluff, unique but largely appeance based items. I mean if they really were greedy they would hike the sub fees of games up to about 20ish or 25ish dallors a month which would net them a pretty penny without annoying the playerbase. THough if they did the gamers would be up in arms over it and complaining about it being like paying for the game over again each month,  which would you prefer a high hike in sub fees or a cash shop that has fluff in it? I would be fine as i said wiht my fee being the same with a cash shop that can be used to help the developer as well.

  • Shadows59Shadows59 Frazer, MTPosts: 47Member

    Can not wait for this game to come out. Go Dragons!!!

  • ElikalElikal ValhallaPosts: 7,912Member Uncommon

    This certainly sounds cool. I hope it playes into the everyday gaming too. A nice backstory, tho I admit my sympathies lie with order and justice of the Templars. Nothing keeps up the spirits than a good, old, crusade for justice! "Kill them all, let God sort them out!" XD

    People don't ask questions to get answers - they ask questions to show how smart they are. - Dogbert

  • Krky7Krky7 ZagrebPosts: 42Member Uncommon

    Wow, pretty impressed with the layers this showcase quest has. It's like an Inception-level scheme within a scheme within a scheme type of thing. I hope this is just one of the many examples of quests this game has in store for us. In any case, we've certainly come a long way from "Kill 10 rats". Although many games still seem to be hung up on that model. Really looking forward to The Secret World! 

    Now I just have to decide between the Templars and the Dragon. :)


  • ScotScot UKPosts: 6,332Member Rare

    For me a cash shop is a real concern, no matter how much it is novelty items at the beginning it becomes gameplay altering items in the end. Lotro has had a cash shop for about a year, it started as nearly all fluff. There was some contention about Traits being boosted from the start but that’s all. Now you can buy a horse at level 5 and many other travel enhancements to speed up your levelling. There are now loads of potions and scrolls to enhance PvP performance. The best weapons in Lotro are found and then crafted to top level. You can now buy the base weapons and upgrades in the store.


    Once you have a cash shop the slide to Pay to Win starts. Lotro is not a very PvP focused game, but the unfair playing field is already there. In a game like TSW the extra focus on PvP can only increase the problem. Also Lotro had established itself before a cash shop was introduced, games which start with cash shops do not have fair play enshrined in their ethos. So the slide to Pay to Win is that much quicker.



    “This game put the "story" into mmo ^^”


    Certainly looks that way, but will players take any notice of the story? Players expect hardly any lore and click on the next button as soon as a npc says anything. Unless those new to MMO’s have played an older title they will be reaching end level and complaining about that without reading a word.


    “This game is my backpack in case TOR fails me horribly!”


    Just what the industry needs, everyone preparing to bail out of every new game at the drop of a helmet. :)

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  • mrw0lfmrw0lf LondonPosts: 2,269Member

    I'll start by syaing I love the look of this game, I love the scene, the story, the immersion, I love the char mechanics, I've absolutely loved the arg's. But the only power we have as consumers is our money, the presence of a cash shop is killing me. I vowed never to buy or play a game with a cs but I want to play this soooo much.

    I guess I'll try to get into beta and have a little time at least, maybe they'll change their mind but I doubt it. Such a shame.

    “The person who is certain, and who claims divine warrant for his certainty, belongs now to the infancy of our species.”

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