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Where do i find some color dyes?

JaxaarJaxaar Rogers, ARPosts: 73Member

i need some color dyes for my lvl 31 character...

the last time i got some, the NPC said i cant use them once i'm above lvl 15.....




  • well there isn't any npc vendor for dyes above lvl 15.  You have to buy them on auction house.

  • OnekinddonutOnekinddonut San Jose, CAPosts: 2Member

    Yes, there isn't a color dye merchant above level 15. Because the color dyes that are above level 15 are bought at the item mall. Sometimes people sell them in the auction house, but a bit pricey.

    Or you can try your luck at the free lootbox, there is a chance to get color dyes now. Just go on the EE site, under itemmall click free loot box. You can open one every hour. Though I've got only 1 color dye and the rest were potions lol..

  • taigahallataigahalla NORCROSS, GAPosts: 9Member Uncommon

    Well, first you join a guild. Then you go do the town quests (you do the first quest listed three times. Then you do one of the following quests. Then you open the bag you receive, and you should get a random dye. Rinse and repeat.

  • TeiseikunTeiseikun spokane, WAPosts: 6Member

    vender dyes:

    cap for cloths dyes is lvl 15

    cap for hat dyes is lvl 25


    other then that you can: 

    1: buy from item mall  - or - Action house


    2: get # 10 cloth and hat from the free loot box on the website


    3: random loot box

    (i have only gotten # 10 and #7 cloth and hat)

    go to aven look on the map for the heart icon and just to the left of the love NPC is Prof. Koss and his assistant... prof gives you an XP boost buff and his assistant gives you a loot box with random items (one item at a time and must be lvl 30)

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