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What is your favorite and least favorite class? in Ragnarok

mushroomcakemushroomcake PanamaPosts: 5Member

Hi! Guys Ive been playing ragnarok for quite a long time, and now their are numerous classes in this games. Also ive heard that there are new job class/3rd class.  could you please help me.

What's your favorite class?

What's your least favorite class?

And please tell me why.








  • tamberellitamberelli New York, NYPosts: 2Member

    Lol, i'd have to say that i'm guilty in playing the style that Onomatopoiea just said. Particularly, the High Wiz Skill Play. Unfortunately, there really are a few selections for the high wiz after their enemy just got frozen, it's either another SG10 or a JT10. Rarely, Set up an SW while the enemy is immobile (SG,FD,SC)

    About Quags...well, IIRC, Quags have a delay (I THINK) and when it comes to delay its pretty unforgiving when your fighting classes that the deciding factor on who will win is by a split second. So, I rarely use Quags when needed seeing as how I defend myself from berserks pretty often using Quag and SW at the same time.

    Buutttt, I'm a Stalker by main and I can say that when it comes to PVP, only a stupid Stalker would go up straight to an (Insert Job Class Here) and spam Full Divest, Stalkers actually need thinking to actually guarantee your safety while disarming your enemy. Doing that statement with skill while holding your own in PVP is a sight to behold. xD

    Expanded classes are all pretty bad compared to mainline. I hear a lot of complaints on Gunslinger more than the others. But it's usually about ammo or they wish GS had better SP.

    Super Novice is obviously the most 'Novelty' class there is. No doubt. But I hear they're fun, 98 different skill from 5 different classes? Gotta be fun.

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