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How do we answer in the job interview? WHY SHOULD WE HIRE YOU?



  • newkidznewkidz Iowa, IAPosts: 19Member

    yep! Most of the interviewer will ask that questions! why we should hired you! ? image  and usually I always answer like this,  "cause I know something that not everyone knows"! image  there will be 2 reaction! and question from the interviewer! first he will ask! what you got for us! and I said here my skill, I showed to him/her image since I have proof!  then I pass that question easily! but untill know I can't pass from second question! image I.e How much we should  pay you as salary! image lol

    not so sure, when they ask that question I always confused! about the numbers! cause If I mentions to high, then they will looking for another person! but If i am not gave the numbers then, they will think I dont respect my self! lol image


    my point is! keep low profile , even you an experts dont say it, or brag about your skills! image cause I am sure it will make them freak out! and not felt comfortable ;)   but if you dont have skills go get it and find !  learn hard or read a books! or anything! cause for sure ! a company will only hired peoples that have good skills!


    just my 2 cents


    PS.there is always be a place in this worlds for a peoples that have skills image


  • jastindeonejastindeone BerlinPosts: 3Member

    Sir/ Madam you should hire me because I have the skillset necessary to preform the job you need done quickly and efficiently with a good attitude to go with it. And although there may be others that are just as qualified if not more qualified, they do not bring the flavor that I bring to the mix. I think my cheerful demeanor, personality, and my strong work ethics combined make me a wonderful part of a team, as well as a valuable asset to the company and I'm hard working, an enthusiastic team member, willing to take on a challenge. I'm responsible and well organised. I'll be dedicated to the job and believe that i will get on well with the colleagues and the customers. Overall i am willing to learn more about the bussiness.

  • gochixoogochixoo VenicePosts: 3Member

    I think you should hire me because, I am self motivated, i work well with others, I don't bring personal issues or prblems on the job. If I had a bad feeling all day long i wouldn't let it show at work... I talk 20% and listen 80% and I really want to work here. I am happiest when I'm doing the kind of work that I enjoy and from what you described of your facility this position would definately bring me great satisfaction which would reflect with an employee that loves her job. Also I love good customer service, and I appreciate genuine hospitality. Delivering quality through a service that is intangible, inseparable, heterogeneous and perishable. As a point of contact at the Service Desk, I would be an ambassodor for this ministry. Based on the criteria, I make a perfect match as I am both qualified and experienced in this field. I do not know all there is to know, but I assure you I will excel in the value of work that this ministry is looking for.

  • belindasissobelindasisso ZurichPosts: 3Member

    If you are prepared, this is like getting a slow pitch right over the middle of the plate. This is your chance to deliver all your key messages. This is your chance to reinforce the interviewer's positive first impression about you (or reverse a negative first impression. Any employer, is looking for three characteristics in an employee: the ability to get things done, the ability to solve problems, and the ability to work with other people. Also their life experiences according to those three categories. Even though they are young and may not have much work history, they can still find life experiences that demonstrate their ability to get things done, solve problems and work with others. Perhaps they headed up a food drive at their fraternity or sorority, maybe they were a leader on a sports team or in their Scout troop or maybe they organized a litter cleanup in a local park During interview you should give one example to illustrate each category. Your ability to get things done is perhaps the best place to start. For example, maybe you worked your way through college, taking a full course load each semester while holding two part time jobs. You kept all the balls in the air and graduated with a respectable grade point average.

  • arrianakohnoarrianakohno Collingwood, ONPosts: 3Member

    One of the best ways to answer this question is to make a short list of all your advantages and create a paragraph that would point out the positive aspects that you would bring to the new job position. One of the points that you can raise is the similarity of the job profile you are aiming for at the company to the job profile you enjoyed in your previous job. You can also draw the interviewer’s attention to your key skills and strengths, namely – quick learning, excellent communication skills, etc. In addition, your professional ambitions should be made clear – the motivation and dedication that you have for the profession and the opening position. Make sure that your answers do not come out to be too much about yourself or that they come across as conceited. Your body language when you answer the question is important too. For example, your body language should make it clear that you have thought it over and given a carefully worded answer, instead of coming up with a made up, contrived answer.

  • devilisciousdeviliscious Posts: 4,359Member Uncommon

    From my experience as an employer, I can tell you the best thing you can do is keep it real and honest. If at any point during the interview you have lost my attention and I am mentally making sock puppets mocking you, you have no chance in hell.

    Answers are important, but body language, manner, humor, appearance, are very important as well.  When I do an interview, I am looking to make sure you will be a good fit for the environment. I look for a good sense of humor, good work ethic, and someone who is comfortable in their own skin.  If I sense anything that might become a problem in the future,  such as overcompensation, overly emotional, drama queen type of behavior, argumentative ,  ,, or any other irritating behavior, resume goes in the trash as soon as the door closes.

    Entry level:

    I want to hear that you will be reliable, responsible, a fast learner, don't like to mess around and just get it done so you can go kick back and have some ritas after work. I don't want to hear about your baggage from previous jobs. Entry level positions need you to be a clean slate.  I want to hear that you will do whatever it takes to get the job done right. I want to be sure you will not be afraid to ask questions if you don't understand what is expected of you, but not so many that I feel like I am repeating myself.

    Senior positions:

    I want to hear that your abilities suit the position. I want to know exactly how you handle crisis, and deal with employees, and people in awkward situations.  I want to hear that you will do whatever it takes to get the job done right. I want to hear you keep personal and business life  separate . I want to hear about your personal outlook on situations, and how you draw those conclusions. I want a better understanding on your methods of thinking, so I can see where you are coming from to determine if you suit the job requirements.

    Answers should not be long winded, they should be honest and sincere.  If it feels rehearsed, I feel  you are untrustworthy. I do not want a front, I want to see how you really are. There is no point in pretending to be someone you are not, it will come out sooner or later, so might as well save yourself and your employer the time and get it out there from the go.






  • abdulasharaiabdulasharai DammamPosts: 3Member

    While answering, firstly, take one of the job requirements, then focus on one of your related strengths/skills AND give a concrete example (a success story) based on your past experiences to support your point. Break the job requirements into fragments and continue in this manner. For the last sentence, a phrase that can be used is: The job is tailored to my (or – I will bring my) experience, knowledge base and abilities and I believe I can maximize my skills for the benefit of the company. You can hire me...because am a good team player i can able to move along with the persons....I am an adaptable & Relocatable the way i can meet ur criteria for this job...i want to apply all my skills in ur company....i am having many new ideas to be implemented in your compaby

  • firefly2003firefly2003 Los Angeles, CAPosts: 2,521Member Uncommon

    Originally posted by cooler78

    Hi! Its my first time to look for jobs and the first interview i got  interviewed. Its really scary to look for jobs, even though there are countless jobs out there but only 1 or a few in the job interview pass and get hired. Old people says that its easy to find a job, however its hard to get the job due to competition with other job interviewees.
    So guys how should we answer this question? Need a good answer.  Thanks
    Me love you long time?

  • entertowinentertowin WienPosts: 5Member

    The best way to respond is to give concrete examples of why your skills and accomplishments make you the best candidate for the job. Take a few moments to compare the job description with your abilities, as well as mentioning what you have accomplished in your other positions. Be positive and reiterate your interest in the company and the position.

  • accountingsaccountings Lone Jack, MOPosts: 5Member

    That's because I am a responsible and positive person, I am totally dedicated to my job. And I believe I will get along well with colleagues, learn from each of them and become an asset to the company. I realize that there are likely other candidates who also have the ability to do this job... Yet I bring an additional quality that makes me the best person for the job--my passion for excellence.... I am passionately committed to producing truly world class results. I am motivated and willing to join the team. Ready to provide to this company the customer service that will keep the clients satisfied. You should hire me because I am the best person to fill this position, beside my experience in customer service and public relation fields, I have the personality and the requirements for this position and I feel I will add a quality to this job.

  • CleffyCleffy San Diego, CAPosts: 5,400Member Rare

    Hopefully there is more then 1 person interviewing you.  I hate when its only 1 person because right from the start it could be hit or miss for the entire interview.  Also hate when its an HR manager and not the person in charge of the department.  Alot of times HR managers hire on their predetermined guidelings of what an interviewee should say.  A department head knows exactly what he wants and usually the BS the HR manager looks for is not it.

    In an interview you have a pretty good shot of getting hired at that point.  Usually its a 20% chance by the first interview, and 50% for any follow-up interviews.  You got to the interview based on your resume.  So keep in mind whats on there as you want to highlight it half the time.  The other half the time you want to show them you have good communication skills and fit the company better then the other candidates.  This is even if you have no interest in whatever project they are working on.  You don't have to love something to do it well.

  • creatives11creatives11 berlinPosts: 5Member

    capable and flexible is the key to success,... I hope you will be able to pass your interview

  • chiavougchiavoug Oakland, CAPosts: 2Member

    One of the best ways to answer this question is to make a short list of all your advantages and create a paragraph that would point out the positive aspects that you would bring to the new job position. One of the points that you can raise is the similarity of the job profile you are aiming for at the company to the job profile you enjoyed in your previous job.

  • qwerty999qwerty999 KPosts: 7Member

    In my First job. this question was not asked in my interview, its common but suck

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