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Need Help about buying the digital game off the website.

Syphin_BSyphin_B Salisbury, MDPosts: 276Member Uncommon

Ok so i saw the link to buying it online.


I see "Digital Trial Upgrade Edition" which i assume is the regular game, but it says that it DOES NOT ADD ANY COMPLIMENTARY GAMETIME" which i guess it means it doesnt have a free 30-days? Guess its just the game and you need another $14.99 to buy a month of gametime.


Now below it is the Digital Collectors Edition, now does that have a free 30-days gametime if i buy the game for $24.99?



Need help, trying to start a brand new game..looking for a new home is all.


Thanks guys


  • BigGayNormanBigGayNorman londonPosts: 25Member

    you tried steam or d2d, both give away a month with purchase and are often cheaper.

  • VolgoreVolgore Posts: 3,827Member Epic

    The game offers in Trion's webshop are very very misleading.

    Sometimes they do contain the additional 30days, sometimes not (usually special offers). Sometimes the standard edtion says that the gametime is not included, but the CE doesn't say so -although at that time the CE does not incl. 30 days as well.

    Then with these special offers, if you actually click "buy" you get forwarded to another page suddenly displaying a different price.

    From the very start of the game prices and desciptions in Trions shop have been confusing, mixed up and changing from one page to another. They even had their sub prices wrong several times. People had to wait and see how much their credit cards got charged in the end. The CMs do not answer any questions regarding all this.

    I suggest to not buy the game there, but check out Steam, d2d or Ebay where the 30days are included and you can even save ~10 bucks. Do not support that mess Trion's online shop is until they get their stuff fixed already.

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