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Forestia Online!!

AmunetAmunet Sunrise, FLPosts: 136Member
Another MADLY Fun Korean TOTTALY Free MMORPG.  I'm at the momet searching for a way to tell everyon ehere how to sign up, download,  play, etc. For now, if your pup for the challenge of finding out for yourself, be my guest!



  • UrsaboiUrsaboi Pembroke Pines, FLPosts: 82Member

    i installed forestia on my comp. i just need to c how to sign up. i translated the sign up page using

    we shuld all work together and find out what all the special korean requirement thingys mean.

    oh yah i almost forgot: for the part where its 2 boxes seperated by - when u click tyhe thingy next to it u got to TYPE IN SEOUL, BUT IN KOREAN. JUST USE THE TRANSLATOR TO TRANSLATE IT INTO KOREAN. the only part i didnt know how to fill out and the part that i think was keeping me from finishing signing up was the line under the 2 box lines.

  • squeeesqueee Austin, TXPosts: 722Member
    Is it just me or are all Korean game made by school girls that never got over the hearts and SailorMoon phase; except for priest of course.

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