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Union_of_Powers Recruiting

RMPRRMPR Oliveira de AzemeisPosts: 6Member

Everyone have the power to make their own dreams become true. United we can make another dream together with all the powers inside of us.

I'm the leader of the guild Union_of_Powers, level 4 with a guild town, unfortunally i've seen almost all my guildmates give up and i dont want that, want put this guild up and for that i want rebuild the guild, trying all the ways to recruit other people. People how have the spirit to make this guild the best.

If someone is interested in the game and the guild too, join , because we all together can do this.

Server: Emerald

Channel: 4

post a reply here or pm me in the game



  • AeroangelAeroangel Atlanta, GAPosts: 493Member Uncommon

    I'm giving this game a go so I might join, what is your in game name? 

    FFXIV, TERA, LoL, and HoTS
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  • RMPRRMPR Oliveira de AzemeisPosts: 6Member

    Originally posted by Aeroangel

    I'm giving this game a go so I might join, what is your in game name? 

    Nickname: RMPR

    Server: Emerald

    I go be online almost all day today, just whisper me or send me a pm and I send you a invitation for the guild, thanks :)

  • TeiseikunTeiseikun spokane, WAPosts: 6Member

    RMs english isn't all that good and he is kind of randomly on/off line.


    if you find a guild in the guild list and select it there is a "seach guild" button near the top right... click that and it should tell you what guild members are online... just send one of us a whispher and we will invite you.



    also as an added note, about 6 weeks ago the item drop rates in almost every map dropped to nearly nothing... the drop rates are better now.

    that is the main reason people have quit the game.

    in my opion the drop rates are no where as high as they should be and they need to raise the drop rates... the GMs insist that there was no drop nerf but what ever it still need uped.

  • RMPRRMPR Oliveira de AzemeisPosts: 6Member

    Is mean of you saying that about me without know me.

    Yes, my english is not the best but i understand very well all the persons I meet in the game, and about my on/off in the game is because now i work, only can play 2-4 hours a day in the week, and almost all the time in weekend.

    I understand you dont like, but i dont give up... good luck for you and try get more informations before talk about anyone.

  • TeiseikunTeiseikun spokane, WAPosts: 6Member

    that wasn't an insult RM >.<

    i ment it might be hard to get a hold of you to get in the guild...


    and i do know you im in the guild...... im still hoping that they will up the drop rates. 

  • RMPRRMPR Oliveira de AzemeisPosts: 6Member

    Kia? :O

  • TeiseikunTeiseikun spokane, WAPosts: 6Member

    lol, yes


    how did you know?.... i didn't even say any thing about how hott Asian girls are.....yet.

  • RMPRRMPR Oliveira de AzemeisPosts: 6Member

    drop rate :P is easy to remember too

    and sorry i thought you was other person by the message

    and btw we go have 1 event this weekend, is not a great event but is one idea for the guild grow :)

    take care ^^

  • EverketEverket MiddenheimPosts: 244Member Uncommon

    You guys still around? I just started on Garnet, but the server seems kinda meh and dead. I am tempted to start over and would welcome a guild.

  • RMPRRMPR Oliveira de AzemeisPosts: 6Member

    hello Everket, we still around :D and you is welcome to the guild. I will going to sleep now but you can ask to someone online in the guild to put you in. I think you know how to check the members online in the guild atm, but anyway i will say to you, press G -> Find Town -> Towns and look for Union_of_Powers there, you will see some button for check the members in the guild, press it and whisper to someone, if you see Lockheed, KawaiiPanda, xsnowx, Yamini, Kikari online try this first, if you dont saw them try anyone else, wish you can have fun in Eden in Emerald server and enjoy all the time in the guild.

    Best Regards


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