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Which comes first: Science or Technology?



  • entertowinentertowin WienPosts: 5Member

    Well for me I chose Science........because I analyze my teachers opinion that the technology came first because of the early man that he said early man only uses tools to survive but the big thing is they did not know anything about science! If we based our theories in science but I believe in God of course.......But let’s talk about my answer that science came first........well for me i study that the early man doesn’t have brains! they didn’t know that they are already doing for example about the fire......I think the fire came from a thunder strike, that strike a when the early man saw the fire they are curious about they will try to discover it until they brains started to improve, so my main point is the early man doesn’t know about anything about what they are doing like they don’t know about the scientific terms........well there is some reasons why tech first before science........Well SCIENCE FIRST!!!!!


  • accountingsaccountings Lone Jack, MOPosts: 5Member

    None of them comes first, because each needs the other to succeed and prosper, are important both science and technology needs to help scientists discover things and the United Nations mask. Also technology needs to use, or buy you will find that the warehouses full of computers that no one but other scientists can use. if not to buy scientific equipment and technology companies will fail and have no money or to develop new fuel technologies. And there was no technology scientists could never complete a thorough investigation.

  • ronaldoburnsronaldoburns Crystal River, FLPosts: 2Member

    Science and technology is a term of art used to encompass the relationship between science and technology. It frequently appears within titles of academic disciplines (science and technology studies) and government offices (Office of Science and Technology). for me it's technology and because in the early stoneage, man uses tools like rocks and woods to make a fire, make weapons, and other tools. Tools like these are considered as tehnology that’s why technology came first. It's a fact. Just like what the other stated, "More examples of technology happening with out the knowledge of science can be found like mummification thousands of years ago withe the Ancient Egyptians and how steel pans where made by persons of no harmonic scientific knowledge in the Caribbean. But how does one come about supporting scientific laws but through the use of technology....i would like some examples of case where science as occurred without any use of technology to support it." Technology would still develop WITHOUT science. On the other hand, science would have a hard time developing without technology. In the earliest years, cavemen have their own technology. Spears = technology. Science did not exist in those times. Cavemen did not research how to make a spear, it's practicality. If you would search the meaning of technology,

  • Hypernia009Hypernia009 HanoiPosts: 4Member

    Its technology......because, before they invented science some "nomads" or our so called ancestors developed lots of technology before like the axe, axe is one of the technology that help our ancestors live in the past they use it to gather and hunt foods. 


  • creatives11creatives11 berlinPosts: 5Member

    I think Science. because in your going to alphabeticalize it  Science will be first followed by Technology. sounds crazy but its true. just logic..imageimage

  • freeatlast12freeatlast12 StockholmPosts: 5Member

    My proffesor told me as well as google. science comes first because they are right. and also if you have any question just type it imto you google search bar. so simple

  • GTwanderGTwander San Diego, CAPosts: 6,035Member Uncommon

    Here's something to ponder;

    The concept of numbers/math - science or technology?


    I think it may be the ONE thing where technology created a science. This is because numbers don't exist, it's an abstract idea, a logic tool, and It led to the many sciences depending on it.

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  • beyorself11beyorself11 Austin, TXPosts: 4Member

    technology. due to it's demand. I can still remeber that my dad told me that technology comes first because it is part of the science that deals with studying tehcnology

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