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Is this game like a Medieval total war online game

eddieg50eddieg50 Tolland, CTMember Posts: 1,685 Uncommon

it sounds exactly like that which would be a good thing



  • furidiamfuridiam lincoln, ILMember Posts: 137 Uncommon

    I am afraid not. Game is quite lacking atm and needs time for patches to get it up to par. Do not get me wrong though when I played it was fun when it worked.

  • RelytDnegelRelytDnegel PerthMember Posts: 261 Uncommon

    Well yeah it pretty much is but it is very new and needs some polish. I'm playing at the moment though and it is very playable with all the game-breaking issues being resolved already. Only been playing 2 days and I'm definately not bored or angry about the state of the game. Hopefully they keep up the good work and get it to an awesome standard.

  • AdvancedTechAdvancedTech New York, NYMember Posts: 165 Common

    It's a really good game. The devs really listen to the playerbase and are extremely active on the forums. There are some bugs but they listen and patch them quickly, releasing updates often as I hear.

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