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so are the stores gona be open for the 12 20 2011 release?? hows the early access gona work if we pre ordered the physical copy??


  • keithiankeithian Los Angeles, CAPosts: 3,097Member Uncommon

    1) Why wouldn't the stores be open? Its a Tuesday. Im sure stores like GameStop will have some kind of an event like they always do expecting people to line up at midnight or something.

    2) When you preordered you received a code which you should have plugged into Biowares site. That guarantee's you early access. They haven't released the details of how many days that is or when you can download the client. Once you get your physical copy, you'll just plug in the code that comes with the game type you ordered and continue playing.

    Here's a more formal response from Bioware:

    We don’t have any new information regarding Early Game Access to share at this time. We know everyone is very excited about the release date announcement (we are, too!) and that you can’t wait to get in the game! The beginning of Early Game Access will depend on a number of factors, including results from our Game Testing Program and Pre-Orders, but there will be multiple days of access. Please make sure you’ve read the Pre-Order FAQ to stay up-to-date on Early Game Access information!


    There Is Always Hope!

  • nixvaldeznixvaldez denver, COPosts: 14Member

    thanks mam

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