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Aion: Anniversary Events, PvP Update & Reactivation

SBFordSBFord Associate Editor - News ManagerThe CitadelPosts: 22,982MMORPG.COM Staff Epic

NCSoft and the Aion team have revealed a plethora of new information about the game in celebration of its second anniversary.

Beginning today, players can participate in the Ascension Festival and take part in special developer live events.

Former Aion players can also jump back into the game thanks to the Reactivation Event. The event gives players a chance to check out all of the changes in Aion in its first two years. Reactivation kicks off on September 22nd at 5:00 pm PST and runs through 5:00 pm on October 2nd.

With regard to the upcoming PvP update, developers said:

The first, Arena of Discipline, will allow for one-on-one deathmatch battles between like-minded Daevas; while the second, Arena of Chaos, supports free-for-all bouts on a grand scale for the indiscriminate Daeva looking for glory! Additional content in 2.7 will consist of a large-scale, 48-person instanced boss fight in Padmarashka’s Cave for those seeking an epic boss encounter as well as new armour and weapon sets.

Read more on the Aion site.



  • SukiyakiSukiyaki Posts: 1,443Member Uncommon
    Hmmm 2.7 live on October 19th.
    That means next K-Aion Upgrade should be coming to PTR within the next few weeks either.
    "Hey I ignored all the fun content and played this game like a hamster because it was possible just spending long enough time in the wheel. Why are games so boring X-clones these days and can't be more like X? Im going back to grind repeatable tasks in X and hone my skills with some dice roles, waiting 14 months for the next paid content patch."
  • augustgraceaugustgrace Cottonwood, CAPosts: 624Member Uncommon

    Got to play a bit this afternoon.  I had fun and they threw a lot of free stuff at me, but I'm not ready to immeadiately forgive and forget.  NcSoft has earned an opportunity to convince me they're ready to pay attention to their western subs, but they are going to have to put in some work.

    Regardless of how it turns out, I'm having fun right now and I appreciate the opportunity to revisit a game that I think has tremenedous potential.

  • DoozerglueDoozerglue Glendale, AZPosts: 40Member Uncommon

    What's the old saying... "burn me once shame on you; burn me twice shame on me."  Too many games coming out to give NC Soft another chance... at any game, and yes that includes GW2.  When I wrote NCSoft CS about 20 months ago and told them I was thinking of quitting Aion and why (botting, lack of content, no end game ) ... I basically got a "don't let the door hit you the ass."  That won't be forgotten and they won't "earn" another chance from me. So I'm good waiting for something new from someone else.   

  • kingsatanaskingsatanas quebec, QCPosts: 31Member

    i agree with doozerglue this game alrdy got his chance and didnt take it this game have no end content and nothing to do no talent tree at all they will be better if they got f2p cause no one wanna pay for a game with small endgame content

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