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This game is fun.

RavingRabbidRavingRabbid Virginia beach, VAPosts: 1,153Member Uncommon

**no cash shop discussions please**

Just started playing this game 5 days ago and I'm hooked. The game is fun and the amount of tanks to train and upgrade is fun! Its fun just reading the various stats on tanks. When playing you really have to know your role and how your tank is used in various situations. did a really good job with keeping things as historical as possible. Games are fairly quick. Balancing issues are decent.

The only drawbacks are:

1. There are few tactics used in the quick matches. There is some but not a whole lot.

2. From my experiences forming tank companies is usless as it takes too long to que into a game.

3. if you play with a friend and he/she is using upper tier tanks and you are using lower tier tanks you will rarely affect the upper tier ones. You are actually a liability and pretty useless unless your scouting.

*** penalizes the Raving Rabbid for using an overpowered weapon on his tank! The plunger!***


All my opinions are just that..opinions. If you like my opinions..coolness.If you dont like my opinion....I really dont care.
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  • DomestoDomesto Faraway, CAPosts: 110Member

    Come back after you reach tier 4 and let us know what you think.


    Also, there is nothing historical about this game except maybe the way the tanks look.

  • NaowutNaowut GroningenPosts: 662Member Uncommon

    Define fun.

  • drewbicusdrewbicus Walpole, NHPosts: 8Member

    Are you guys kidding? This game is very attractive, compelling to play, and best of all, it makes teamwork so advantageous that it's almost a requirement.


    I can see how lone wolf type players would get discouraged, though, because it's not a "solo deathmatch" kind of thing, and trying to win by hulking out will just get you embarassingly dead.

  • MurashuMurashu Ft Rucker, ALPosts: 1,385Member Uncommon

    I've played a few matches a night for several months now and WoT is excellent for a F2P game.


    The matchmaking system is my biggest complaint. I typically play with a friend and when we group up we are almost always thrown into higher tier matches even when we use the same tier tanks. It's no fun being in a Tier III tank competing against tier VI or VII tanks.


    Those who spend money get a slight advantage, but it is not impossible to win as a free player. Rushing ahead of the pack, sitting in once place too long or not using proper cover will kill you faster than a noob who bought his tank and ammo with RL cash.

  • KabaalKabaal Posts: 3,042Member Uncommon

    Regadless of what the others say.

    I played the game with a mate on the other side of the word when the beta first started early last year. We had at least 8 months of fun before the grind got to us. Its all subjective and we had tonnes of fun. The only reason i don't have much fun when i try to play it now is because we were on it so much throughout the whole process. Been there, done that mentality.

  • Cirn0Cirn0 MosCOWPosts: 162Member

    Yea, I wish they'd finally add some game mods (which is super easy, but being wargayming and waiting for online to drop to get players back is no go). Even now, finally being able to play with a friend without having to pay (took them long enough), its still the same boring game moe again and again. And all we get in patches are cardboxes with different stats and country flag to grind our ass for.

    IZI MODO?! Ha-ha-ha!

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