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SynderenSynderen athensPosts: 6Member

when start closed beta???



  • C0MAC0MA Houson, TXPosts: 522Member

    weeks ago?

    "Sometimes people say stuff they don''t mean, but more often then that they don''t say things they do mean"

  • SynderenSynderen athensPosts: 6Member you know when start open beta???


  • MMOtoGOMMOtoGO Freeland, MIPosts: 630Member

    I went to the website last week and made an account and started playing...I don't know if it's open or closed, but I didn't have to wait to play.

  • ZoterixZoterix City, ALPosts: 20Member

    The web link doesnt work >.<

  • BonchonBonchon ManilaPosts: 11Member

    Most probably the CBT will be this coming December based on the countdown in their teaser site..


  • chargiechargie PasigPosts: 16Member

    hmmm... thanks for the heads up...............

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