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EverQuest: Return to Everquest Part 2: Crafty Devil



  • RPGPorksterRPGPorkster MelbournePosts: 77Member

    Quite true.

  • phantiasmicphantiasmic jacksonville, FLPosts: 38Member

    I think anytime you post anything about the older mmo's old players come out of the wood works and remember those times... and that is not a bad thing.

    I remember being the first one in my guild to finish the rogue epic weapon quest, it took so much work and help from guild mates that it was such a rush to complete and the whole guild was there, it meant something.

    Also remember 12-16 hour raids haha, these days a 2-3 hour raid seems like a lot. I recall raiding PoF (plane of fear) and dying at zone in and having other guilds help get corpses, naked zoning in using monks and shadowknights to feign death pull mobs away so we could get in and rez.

    Or raiding plane of hate and having to scoot along the zone on the wall way up high so you didn't aggro and cause a mass pull due to pathing of mobs.

    Camping the Oracle for the Oracle Robes in the ocean on an isle, camping FBSS for the haste it had, 

    Crowd control, as someone else stated was cool in old EQ also. Enchanters were amazing at crowd control. Or using a monk or shadowknight to break up groups of mobs using chain feign deaths working together 2-3 players bringing in 1-2 mobs at a time.

    I like the SOE model though honestly where you pay monthly and can play ANY of the games they have, I have been tempted to do that just for the variety if I wanna try other games. NCSoft should do the same.

    - I have played Everquest, DAOC, Shadowbane, WoW, Aion, Rift, SW Galaxies, Planetside and Guild Wars (all expacs)

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