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Runescape: Citadels and the Future of the Game

SBFordSBFord Associate Editor - News ManagerThe CitadelPosts: 23,008MMORPG.COM Staff Epic's Adam Tingle recently had the opportunity to travel to the Jagex offices in Cambridge to chat with Senior Game Designer Chihiro Yamada and Senior Content Developer Ash Bridges about Runescape. Adam has the inside scoop on recent additions to the game and about what the future holds. Read on! What is the most impressive Battleground design you have seen so far?

Chihiro Yamada: I did see a very nice single-player, puzzle dungeon. At the moment we haven't made it very easy for people to share maps, so a lot of it is done so using YouTube. We have been told about some very cool stuff, but some very interesting games have emerged and some really cool designs.

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  • BelegStrongbowBelegStrongbow Pasadena, MDPosts: 289Member Uncommon

    I players this game 10 years ago when i was just a youngster.  It might be time to drop by and give it a wirl again.  



  • tochicooltochicool LondonPosts: 153Member

    I keep going back to it...

    30 minutes in every 3 months


  • meilirsmeilirs Artesia, CAPosts: 32Member Uncommon

    The new update sounds good but what is crying out for development is the Runescape/Jagex customer service. You literally cannot email, chat or talk to customer service in any way. If you have any problem that can't be solved by filling in a form on their website then it's hopeless.

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