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Todd Howard not interested in Elder Scrolls MMO



  • EsherdonEsherdon Andalusia, PAPosts: 44Member Uncommon

    I could really see this working in a Minecraft esque way. Not a bad idea at all.

    "Onward to adventure".

  • VenekorVenekor hgfghfg, GAPosts: 62Member

    Originally posted by 4getting2009

    Originally posted by Adamantine

    Originally posted by Venekor

    That's good and I agree with him, Elder Scrolls should stay what it is, like what KOTOR should have done.

    This statement makes no sense whatsoever.

    KotOR was a short series of two games that was long dead years ago.  KotOR1 was created by Bioware, Canada. KotOR2 was created by Obsidiant Entertainment. Neither of these companies has any control over the question if KotOR3 is produced.

    TOR has, at best, a certain similarity in the name. As a game, its completely different. The company that creates it is a THIRD company, Bioware Austin.

    The only true link between KotOR1+KotOR2 and the new TOR is Lucas Arts and the Star Wars setting. But there are tons of Star Wars games out there.

    So yeah, what the hell are you talking about. Its like saying that Dungeons and Dragons Online killed Baldurs Gate 3. Nope, thats not what happened.

     You would be wrong on the point of  real connections. You realise Revan, Malgus, and the descendants of Bastilla (and possibly Revan)  Are all driving plot points in TOR right? This is KOTOR Online. KOTOR 3 is extremely unlikely. While developed by different bodies they are all portraying the same continuity. (KOTOR1 > TOR being the strongest link). Lucas Arts will decide if KOTOR 3 is produced.

    Also of Note:

    Obisdian Entertainment (formerly Black Isle Entertainment) has a history on working with Bioware's engines (Icewindale using the Baldur's Gate Engine)

    I just wanted to see a single player KOTOR with a proper story personal to you and that plays like Mass Effect. Instead we'll get a WoW clone with a weak story to get you to the level cap. I know they keep feeding us the bullshit line of it being KOTOR 3,4,5,6 etc etc. I've followed games all my life and just know this to be a bullshit statement. From what I've seen of the leaked gameplay, it's basically WoW gameplay with annoying cutscenes you do not want to watch while you're playing with your friends. 

    Just give me KOTOR 3...

  • honourswordhonoursword MarsPosts: 82Member Uncommon

    Originally posted by Adamantine

    Originally posted by honoursword

    I don't know why everyone is so against it, [...]

    Because I cant play many singleplayer games, but only ONE MMO.

    So yeah, I prefer it if MMOs are kind of, well, special. To me, TES is a very generic fantasy setting that has no specific advantage over any other fantasy setting. And the idea of having a ruleset like the one of TES in a MMO is a nightmare to me.

    But it seems they are not straying away from the single player game anyway what with Skyrim coming out in November so as long as the single player game doesn't suffer why so against it? Just don't play the MMORPG that would probably be made by Zeni Max Online and not Bethesda. I stated before it could be a totally different story line unrelated to anything we have seen so far.

    I can understand people who think it is a bad idea and just say "look I don't think it would work" which is fair enough, but people saying "this is the best news ever" and "awesome decision Todd" just doesn't make sense to me. Why be against creating an MMO that some players want and doesn't really effect you in any way?

    I think if they did do it most people would play it anyway, I wonder how many people said a big no to a Warcraft MMO those many moons ago?

  • luckturtzluckturtz Miami, FLPosts: 422Member

    Closed minded thinking,Elder Scrolls would make a great MMO the world is great setting and they can create a great scenario for MMO if they choosed but a better use for the Elders Scrolls IP would be a  Online RPG aka Corpg or MORPG like Vindictus,Global Agenda,Borderlands or Guild Wars 1.

    Imagine if the cities and selected areas where Online lobbies areas where you could meet up with people to do dungeons or quest,sell stuff,socialize,fight other players in arenas,etc.I am 100% percent sure anybody who played a mmo and played a Elders Scrolls game at point hasn't said i wish i could do this with somebody.

    Making it a full mmo would lose you are Hero in your own story but making "lobby MMO" keeps as the Hero in your in your story and lets you play with other players and aviod all of crazy stuff like ganking and having to balance spells because they are too powerful.Would having people running around in the cities in Elder Scrolls and being able to take four people out to do a quest be the worst thing that could happen?

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