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Global Agenda Elite Status for only $7

CoffeeBlackCoffeeBlack Wiscasset, MEPosts: 15Member

Combine one of these 30% off coupon codes with the 50% off sale on their Online Store ( and you will be able to get the Elite Agent status for around $7. Be able to level twice as fast and get twice as many tokens and credits, plus end-mission loot for a low, one time price.

[Note: These are one time use codes, if one doesn't work then try another]

You will be ready for the soon to be released Recursive Colony Expansion that is currently being previewed at PAX, their biggest expansion yet and completely free.












Notable additions with the new patch will include:

-New Open Zone with several instanced missions, quest chains, mid-high level content, vendors, social spaces

-New enemy bots – encountered within Open Zone as well as instanced missions

-Daily Repeatable Quests – for solo agents and teams. Some quests take place in zones, while others send teams into Recursive Colony hive nodes and ruins. These quests include new 4-man defense Raid missions – now available to smaller groups (1-4) at lower levels (20+)

-New Dyes, Flair, and Trails – rewards for winning missions, completing daily quests,  rare bot drops, others given via achievements

-New Pets – new pets available as rewards and crafted items.

-New Blueprints – for consumables and mods

-Easier crafting – components now within the zone, to help with leveling crafting skills

-New High/Max/UltraMax missions entering the Spec Ops queues

-New PvP Map – Push Dust will be entering the Merc queue from Beta

-New PvP Acquisition/CTR Map – Colony Caverns will be entering the Beta Queue

-Revamped Intro Missions – Tutorials now include class-specific elements to help train new players

-Some quests now affect the state of the world (example – Brownouts in Dome City…)

-Ability to transfer between different Open Zone instances (and VR Arena)

-Open Zone cross-instance chat channels

-Disconnect to Character Select Screen without re-login

-Improved Vendor Item Previewing




  • zastrophzastroph UranganPosts: 242Member

    It is a pity their web site does not work properly. I really enjoyed this game, but have now stopped playing because of the state of their web site!

    I went to check out the elite package, and it asked me to log in, so it could bill me. It said nothing about price. I am not interested in buying any thing (elite package or otherwise) if I do not know the price, and am not interested in logging in, to find out that the price is more than I am willing to pay, but I already owe the money becausee logging in signifies that I agreed to pay. The is no information about if my assumption on this is correct.


    Another thing, is their forum does not work. entering log in details does nothing except reload the same page with not even an error message. Clicking on the log in link, takes you to a log in screen, that lets you log in, it says that you are logged in, BUT, when you then click on the link to go back to the forum, you end up being not logged in and back at the same forum page that refuses to let you log in!


    They don't seem to be interested in private messages either, I sent an email to their contact email addres, but no reply!!!

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