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DC Universe Online: MegaServers Breathe Life



  • YamotaYamota LondonPosts: 6,593Member Uncommon

    Originally posted by Gravarg

    DCUO was a failure since 1 second after midnight when the game launched.  It's still horrible, SOE takes way to long to fix things, they always have, always will.  Luckily I didn't waste my money on this game (I learned my lesson the first 4 times SOE did a moneygrab, aka released a game I would like to play).  SOE is in it for the money, they sold many boxes, retained some subs.  They don't care as long as they make money.  Other than PS3 I own nothing of SOE.  And I won't buy anything with SOE on it, even for PS3, just stick to CoD and MoH and zombie killing and GT5.  Any SOE game is horrible.
    I've played on a friends character for maybe 20-30 hours since launch and this last time I got sick.  I'm not sure if it was the nachos from taco bell or DCUO, but I was out for like a week lol.


    SOE produce tripe, always have and probably always will. As a comic marvel/dc fan this game was a huge dissapointment. I mean with a name like DC Universe one might expect a little more than this tiny MMORPG.

  • kreakrea NetherlandsPosts: 205Member Uncommon

    I did like the game alot at release but it takes soe way to long to fix things even realy simple buggs , sometimes it feels like soe just doesnt care at all about their games very weird.


    I think the game could have done well if they did keep on their montly content patches or lower sub price , but now they even asking for money for mini expansions thats just wrong . Realy dont get how this company can survive when even simple ppl like me see they are doing it wrong on all sides.

  • NergleNergle Okemos, MIPosts: 253Member Uncommon

    Problem with this game is it wasn't well thought out in the form of DC comics.

    I should have been able to choose green lantern corps from the start ("a Ring") with light powers and gear to match "again, this is not CO or CoH". The green lantern release is their last hope, if it doesn't bring folks back (comic lovers and lore masters) as well as those who want a MMO fix, they may as well stick a fork in this game along with the other fail ass titles.

  • grafhgrafh chicago, ILPosts: 320Member Uncommon

    Originally posted by Paithan

    Originally posted by grafh

    Originally posted by Paithan

    Originally posted by grafh



    You didnt like the game, we get that. And you didnt think it was worth a monthly fee, which is fine.  But what is there to really go so worked up for?  Atleast for the money spent you gotten a couple of weeks of entertainment, which is more then most single games can say, look at Crysis 2, good game, costs the same and was barely 2days of game play.


    So you come to the forums when a company is still trying to keep their tittle alife and get angry at it. I find that highly amusing.

    But dont get me wrong, I dont care about SOE or any company for that matter. I have my own disapointments from DCuo and various SOE games, just as I have them from every mmo I ever played , heck even the ones I still DO play.

    But Im sorry to say to me you look like just another bandwagoneer bashing for the sake of bashing.

    i think you misunderstood me. im not bashing the game nor am i angry at all. the game was fun while i played it. im only portraying my views on the game as compared to rift and wow as you said. did my caps lock about the monthly fee make u think that i was bashing? or angry?

    bashing would be: "this game sucks", " dont play this game its terrible", " i could get 3 retards and make a better game"..  This would be bashing. But stating your personal thoughts about how you saw a game is not bashing as long as its not extreme.

    The fact that you assumed i was angry, or that i was bashing, means that your reading comprehension skills need a little work.

  • stargherstargher KellokoskiPosts: 1Member
    Make it free to play and people will ignore all issues and keep playing.
  • therain93therain93 Winthrop, MAPosts: 2,039Member Uncommon

    Originally posted by TUX426

    Originally posted by Daffid011

    Why work so hard to avoid calling this what it is, a server merger.  Merging servers was the right thing to do, because there were not enough players left to make a healthy game world on the existing servers.


    That being said, I don't think a server merger is breathing life into a game.  A server merger addresses the problem of to many players leaving and consolidating them into a smaller number of servers to create as much player density as possible.   Unless there is a comprehensive solution to resolve the problems that caused players to leave in such numbers that servers mergers became necessary, then the mergers themself are just a temporary solution to the problem. 

    The problem was never that the servers were empty so people left.  The were many other problems that caused players to leave and the result of that was the servers became empty. 

    Mergers are a positive first step, but done by themselve they are really meaningless.  There needs to be something very significant in addition to it.


    Maybe the next step will be "mini servers"...they can limit the number of people playing to just like 2-3 at a time, force you to group and it'll have a que to enter so you can 'feel' like it's super busy...and by not playing and just waiting, the content will last longer. No more 1-30 in a weekend! It'll take MONTHS with mini servers!!!

    *cough*this is why queues are 30-60 minutes long*cough* ( ' ;

  • proponentproponent boston, MAPosts: 92Member

    People are leaving this game by the masses since the merge.

  • Harbinger1975Harbinger1975 Mechanicville, NYPosts: 233Member Uncommon

    Originally posted by proponent

    People are leaving this game by the masses since the merge.

     I'm not trying to sound like a negative Nancy, but do you have proof of this?  And please use something other than XFire's stats.  They've been found to be unreliable.  In truth I'm interested to see if the game really has taken a harder nosedive since release.


  • ThekandyThekandy Henne stationsbyPosts: 621Member

    So server mergers are bad, i mean it's much better to leave people thinly spread over a myriad of dead servers, what kind of loser makes sure their players can actually play with each other?

  • frank01420frank01420 Fitchburg, MAPosts: 1Member

    I don't know if this review is based on the PC side of the game but I can tell you from the PS3 side we're getting the shaft.  When Sony pulled PSN down the PC still were playing until SOE went down.  Since then SOE has done many things for the PC side yet leaving us over on PS3 wondering what we did wrong.

    The Megaserver has been up for almost three weeks now and has been trouble for most since we were able to log in.  Server shutdowns (both announce and unannounced), freezes, chat/mail down and more that have driven many to angry triades on the official PS3 forum for the games.  Last week while PS3 users were enduring night after night of shutdowns the PC users were testing the new Green Lantern DLC on their stable Megaserver.

    Granted the HoD, Watchtower & safehouses are very alive with people but we have a hard enough time trying to get into alerts, duo and such because of shutdowns and queues that can be long.  All the PS3 users seem to want is the same thing that PC users are getting a very stable game & loving.

  • Cyberdeck7Cyberdeck7 Fingerlakes area, NYPosts: 239Member Uncommon

    Originally posted by frank01420

    have driven many to angry triades on the official PS3 forum for the games. 


    It must be really hard to keep up the anger while trying to type big long posts from a gamepad.


    lol - just trying to lighten the mood.

  • fhrostbytefhrostbyte Augusta, GAPosts: 1Member

    The hack would have driven me out, had I not quit well before, simply because of the repetitiveness. Yes, I know every MMO has a degree of repetition, but not NEARLY the level of DCUO. I've put 3x the hours into Rift I put into DC, and have yet to repeat an instance. In DCUO I repeated several of them a few dozen times.

    DCUO has one of the absolute best (by far) character appearance systems I've ever seen in an MMO, and being able to just straight-up fly freely is an absolute blast. I was saddened to see DCUO fail to such lazy/cheap content-development, poor bug-checking, and REALLY bad PR (but hey, since the hack, I bet no one remembers how SOE promised beta keys to every pre-order and never delivered to most).

    It breaks my heart to know the next several REAL MMO's will probably not have nearly as cool of a character-appearance system as DCUO.

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