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how do we get the 5 diamond for the proffession quest?

drbaltazardrbaltazar drummondville, QCPosts: 7,856Member Uncommon

ya i mined one but i ran out of pick and the one i baught arent to proper model.any know if it is a specific node that drop then

copper,tin?ty for tip!



  • NL-RikkertNL-Rikkert schagenPosts: 124Member Uncommon

    If you open your quest log ( default button 'H' ),

    you can check a box to track your quest (showing it on the rightside of the HUD (Heads Up Display).

    Close your quest log and left click on the tracked quests objectives on the rightside of the screen,

    Now a map should pop up which will hightlight the location of the objective (shown as small coloured circles).

     If the map does not open you can press 'N' by default to open a transparent map, press 'N' again to close it.


    Hope this helps you or any other gamer onwards.

    If you have more questions about this game or any other game feel free to contact me.

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