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Hows Beta?

DaftDaft placerville, CAPosts: 133Member Uncommon

Im downloading it right now just seeing what people think?



  • ZolgarZolgar Glouster, OHPosts: 533Member

    I've played for about an hour now, and so far, it's fairly decent.


    My main complaint is with the keyboard controls and not being able to reconfigure them. I hear a gamepad makes the game much better, which makes sense because it genuinely feels like it was meant to be played with one.

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  • TheIllusiveTheIllusive HelmondPosts: 196Member

    I agree although I switched to playing on a gamepad and that works very well. The game is addicting actually and surprised me with how fun it was.


    I do have complaints though:

    - It stays REALLY weird to have no custom layout/skins whatsoever... EVERYONE looks the same =P Even in the cashshop you are limited to "hats" and "Coats"

    - Even though the controls are "good" with a gamepad it is still quite annoying some times. I hope the option to configure controls is on the way.

    -isn't the game "too easy" ? Even on very hard it is very much doable. Most likely because it's first zone ?


  • hazyhazy Pembroke Pines, FLPosts: 89Member Uncommon

    I have played a total of about 5-7 hours so far and reached lvl 10. I really enjoy the game so far, the person before said you can't customize your appearance but thats not actually true you can get what are called costume items and they do make you look different. I am using a gamepad which is great so far but unfortunetely like people have said you cannot configure the controls only use their defaults, but I am using xpadder and it works perfectly. The game is pretty simple in the low levels but thats to be expected.

    There's item crafting but its done by either collecting items dropped by mobs or "dismantling" weapons and armor you find, then you pay the blacksmith to make items for you with those materials. The quests aren't complex by any means, they're really more to give you a reason to fight through the different dungeon levels. However the dungeon levels are short so its not too tedious. I like the game so far, there is PvP but i don't know if its active in the beta (it might be I'm just not sure).

    The art style is one of the things that drew me to this game to begin with, the characters and enemies look like anime so if you like that type of thing you will probably enjoy the graphics. The effects are nice and I think this game would run well even on older less powerful computers.

    Thats about all I can say at the moment but so far I would surely recommend this game to anyone thinking of trying it, it's free so you really can't go wrong giving it a shot.

  • scotty899scotty899 townsvillePosts: 166Member

    im enjoying it. it has its fair share of bugs but thats because its a closed beta of well on a controller to.

  • Innocent11Innocent11 KemiPosts: 1Member

    Wall of text ahead, only read if you want to know info of the game and my opinion. Also, I felt like this post was appropriate for this thread as it does tell how I feel about the beta, but the post is just a bit longer. =P And yeah, I have lots of free time and I'm bored.




    I've been playing this game for 1-2 weeks and I think it is kind of fun really. At least, I've managed to play it for more than 24 hours without getting bored, unlike usually in most mmos.

    The reason for that is possibly, the fact that it is a beat-em-up game. Most mmo games seem to have the same old battle system where you just stand and keep clicking quick slotes and when you have used them, you wait for them to reload and then use them again. That crap bores me to death. Beat-em-up is more action based (of course) and you don't have to wait all the time in it to attack again. It also requires skill ( it isn't just simple button smash, in Rusty Hearts at least).

    PVE is pretty fun in my opinion. The dungeons have 4 different difficulties which are normal, hard, very hard and blood mode. Each difficulty needs to be unlocked and it is quite easy to do that really (except blood mode, but it isn't too hard though). From normal to very hard, it is pretty easy to solo, but blood mode is really difficult. I myself tried it on the most difficult map possible, by myself and I died three times and I think I am a player of average skill at the very least. However, it seems entirely possible to solo, if you have better gear.  It is something what was designed for party play though, and is more fun for casual players in party and for more hardcore players too I think. I just wanted to state, if you are a soloer like me, it is possible for you to do blood mode, as long as are good enough. Also, the more difficulty, the better gears and exp you get in dungeons. From my experience in blood mode though, the rewards were pretty dissapointing, but I've only done it once of course.

    I can't comment on PVP as I haven't tried it. I'm not really a PVP fan.

    Rusty Hearts has a stamina system which is largely hated by gamers. I myself too, think that it is mostly just a bunch of bull crap, even though I don't really mind it myself. It isn't bad to have one though, keeps maniacs from playing the game all the time.

    Keyboard controllers are perfectly fine in my opinion. If they aren't fine for you, use gamepad.

    On to the script, I like the storyline somewhat I guess, it isn't anything special, but more interesting than usually in other mmos. It was a good idea to have three characters from which to choose, instead of having an own character. It is more interesting and enables more story lines. Also, you can customize your character's appearance with clothes, hair dyes and weapons to make yourself different from others.

    The characters is the one thing what I love about the game. Well, Angela atleast. Angela's character is great, I love her rude, selfish and confident personality and the fact that deep down, she is just honest and hard working person. She seems a like complete copy of Marisa personality-wise and it feels like the creators actually copied her, but I don't think they actually did that of course. Marisa is my favourite Touhou character by the way and also my favourite character of all games/media.

    Frantz seems to be your emoish hero I guess. Emoish is not exactly the right way to describe him, but I don't feel like telling about him that much and he does seem kind of emoish to be honest. He isn't a bad character though, it is just that Angela completly overshadows him.

    Now on to Tude, he seems like your laid back hero who takes everything on his own pace. Not exactly unique character, but none of the other characters are unique either. Angela is kind of unique, but there is Marisa like I said before. Well, they don't have to be unique to be good characters. Anyway, Tude too, is completly overshadowed by Angela, but he is somewhat good character I guess.

    One thing what is awesome in the character part is the fact that NPCs have personalities and this is the first time I've seen that in a mmo. Some of the NPCs are just pure awesomeness, better than both Tude and Frantz as characters haha. So far, Pamela, Patricia, Gina and Mayor Tracy have been awesome. Other NPCs are mostly decent too.  They aren't exactly unique, but I have to give the creators two thumbs up for the character part.

    The interactions between the characters are great, sometimes even hilarious. Rusty Hearts is actually the first mmo to make me laugh with it's dialogues. However, they don't seem exactly "fresh" for me, but they are well written though, can't complain about it.

    About the art, what is with all those big boobs? Where are my cute, flat-chested lolies? Seriously though, it would be nice to have some cute loli character in the NPC cast, or actually as a playable character too. Who cares about realism in a fantasy game anyway? Well, of course they might add a loli character, but somehow I doubt it.

    Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah, the art. Aside from those big boobs on all female character designs, the designs for characters/monsters are pretty good I guess. I want one of those Maid dolls for myself by the way, preferably a non-combat version.

    Animation in the video scenes is good I guess, though still in need of improving. It is just a closed beta though, of course. Movement in battle could be a little bit smoother maybe, but overall quality is good. There are bunch of bugs what hinder battle, but they should be fixed later. Same with other annoying things in battles (temporal invincibility).

    Music is another really nice part of the game. All the dungeon bg music brings decent atmosphere to battles and music in town is pretty good too. However, there could be some more tracks and that would be a big plus in my book. For the voice acting, there isn't much to comment about as there is very little of it. Just some war cries here and there. Don't know about Tude and Frantz, but Angela's voice actor could be better. (She isn't horrible, just not that great).

    Rusty Hearts is a F2P game so of course it has Cash Shop. For now there are bunch of clothes selling and some item packs too. I haven't checked them out well yet, but the clothes looked pretty nice. You can also see in what categories they are going to sell stuff and it seems they are going to sell pets, and I really don't like the idea of that in this game (do you need to add pets to every damn game PWE?). Anyway, here is a retarted part of the cash shop what I haven't confirmed myself yet though:

    The cash shop items are only temporal. WTF? I can understand that in some type of items, but for something like clothes? Eh? Eh? Ehhhh!? (They might change it to permanent on the full game from what I've heard though, but it sure will suck if they don't).

    Anyway, overall, Rusty hearts is a decent game so far. Nothing awesome in my opinion, but good. Nice to see something with different battle system, once in a while.

  • ElementoElemento McAllen, TXPosts: 62Member

    lol.. this person is trying so hard to make it sound like he doesn't work for this game

  • AbyeAbye GelsenkirchenPosts: 53Member

    I appreciate that it tries the action combat formula, but to be honest, it is very slow and clunky compared to the likes of Devil May Cry or Bayonetta. One button combos with a tacked on finisher are laughable in a non-mmo action game so trying to push it into the market as action game is futile.

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