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Your thoughts on this game?



  • AIMonsterAIMonster Apopka, FLPosts: 2,059Member Uncommon

    Originally posted by carrie01

    Just so everyone knows, being able to change your job class on the fly isn't this games only innovation. This game also has guild towns that are created and managed by your guild. Players can also shop in your town, and this earns your guild a revenue. This system is designed to be crucial to the games economy. Crafters will help supply the guild and adventurers will earn guild fame. Personally, I find this an intriguing system.

    It also has many dungeons (not just a few here and there designed to be repeated over and over again) that are genuinely difficult, something that is pretty rare in a free to play.  You'll get a quest to do the first dungeon within about an hour of play and each zone contains 1 or 2 dungeons (3 and 5 man respectively) so you have the option of party play throughout the game.  There are world bosses too designed for about 10 people.  Most of the fights are tank and spank, but they have a few extra mechanics like having to time a stun or your tank will die instantly or the boss will heal themselves and overwhelm you.  It's interesting that a free to play actually has dungeons that are challenging. 

    The item mall so far has nothing too empowering offered in it either and everything except maybe random dyes is tradable.  Mall prices seem very reasonable and if you really want to enjoy the game AND be competitive you likely could get by with less than $5 a month plus a small initial investment ($15?) for a couple more bag spaces, about a third of a pay-to-play MMO.  It also makes a great game for hardcore MMO gamers who find they have a lot of free time after clearing end game and waiting on content on their respective MMO since there is enough challenging content here to keep them interested.

    It does seem to be getting very grindy (having hit 40 with a single class which is the max in beta) and there is a lot of repetition later on, though you at least have options of solo play or party play and you can play for a brief period of time and make progress.  The game also does a horrible job of explaining it's various systems to you, and you can easily screw up your character and slow your progression making poor choices (particularly when it comes to what you spend your gold on, which you'll find difficult to manage at higher level).  The community isn't bad for a free to play, but if you plan on grouping with PUGs expect to get grouped with people who have no clue what they are doing and fail a lot (Clerics, stack your HoT and keep it stacked for god's sake) and people who you can't communicate with because they can't speak English well.  As stated the maps are fairly small too, and the game is fairly linear in terms of progression.


    Raptr link because it's the cool new trend:

  • joeyac02joeyac02 Tonawanda, NYPosts: 25Member

    I must say im super impressed, I booted this up yesterday for the first time and ive been glued to it. Took me a few to figure stuff out but now that I got the hang of it im really enjoying it! Deff worth trying for those of you who are wondering!

  • xmentyxmenty SingaporePosts: 683Member Uncommon

    It feel like a WOW( anime ) versions. I really enjoy playing the game but once I reach lvl 35 everything go downhill. I am not sure whether we have to grind repeatable quest to hit lvl 40 cos there is no more normal quest giver to be found. The CBT is only at lvl 40 while the endgame lvl is 65. Its fun to play for a F2P game.

    Pardon my English as it is not my 1st language :)

  • WhySoSeriousWhySoSerious Detroit, MIPosts: 140Member Uncommon

    I like it quite a lot. I'll be playing open beta, so for now I don't play much. Don't wanna get burned out before they do a character wipe.

  • ArthasmArthasm LoznicaPosts: 780Member Uncommon

    Uh, oh. I just said goodbye to this game. Ok, I could insanely farm hundreds of mobs for crafting items that is only mob drop. I could farm kill-kill-kill-kill quests to get some gold to buy some receipes for materials and for craft. Also, some gold I earned invested in AH to buy some mats I've missing.

    Guess what - crafting can fail... *facepalm*

    Goodluck to everyone who will stay to play this "game".

  • jado818jado818 Sierra Vista, AZPosts: 356Member

    Game is incredibly smooth and bug free... shocking compared to most mmo releases these days.



    Well done anime style graphics.. doesn't look like it would require a super computer to play but still visually appealing.


    Some of the cuteness can seem a bit over the top at times..


    like a loading bar that has a sheep running across it to kiss the sheep herder


    or people riding around on cartoony alpaca's xD


    You can change your job/class on the fly which is nice if you get bored of playing a job.. you won't feel stuck in it


    has some hand holding features like auto run to quest npcs as well as the messages that pop up above them showing a quest is active.


    I'd say give it a shot if you are bored.. only a 1.9ish GB download.. game play is smooth fast and fun...


    I haven't seen the pvp but the game has diablo style point and click mechanics.. not too sure how intricate it can become with that.

  • negacrowbarnegacrowbar Los Angeles, CAPosts: 149Member

    I have been a little on the meh side when it comes to MMOs lately and ever since my return to WOW after Cataclysm (and my departure by the end of the month) I have been wandering aimlessly trying to either get back into games (DDO, AOC, COH, Champions, Aion, etc.) or diverting to other styles like Terreria and Minecraft. I have also diverted to console playing with Infamous 2, Dragon Age, DCU online, but nothing has make me stick around or want to consider playing for more than a few days.

    I thought it was that I was burned out, but it was much deeper than that. I was looking for a community and not a game. I think that is why I enjoyed WOW for so long, playing late into the night with people who were enjoyable and not so much for the game itself. Each time I try to go back to WOW, it just doesn't work because we all can agree that the community is no longer the same.

    So I downloaded Eden Eternal to give it a shot. At first, I did not want to like this game. There was nothing new under the sun that I couldn't find on any other game. I played for a few minutes and logged off.

    Next day, I decided to give it another shot. I started as a mage and switched to a cleric. Played a few and logged off. Later that day, I logged back in and developed my character up to the point where I came across my first group dungeon. I tried it solo and died. I logged back off.

    A little later, I went back on and joined a group and got wiped. I logged off.

    The next day, I went back and switched to my warrior and moved to the next zone. I began raising my mage, cleric, warrior and then discovered the ranger. It was quick and fun. I found places to buy dyes and began playing with my color schemes. Then went back to that dungeon, found a group and wiped. I logged off again.

    The following day, I found someone that would run me through that dungeon, a level 35, I think he was a Bard with a mech robot as a pet. He ran me and a mage through and I cleared that dungeon. I started completing the book quests and search for more books. I then gauned the theif class and couldn't find any daggers. In my travel for daggers, I joined a guild and spent twenty dollars in the Item Mall for some legacy daggers and some backpacks.

    So, what is my point?

    I have found a sense of community in this game that had not excited me in a long time. The interesting different character transfers are wonderful becuase I can become a healer for group and then solo with my ranger or theif and truly pound. The grind is not as bad as most games because the spawn rate is insane. The servers I have been on have been extremely packed and I have never had a problem grouping. There is no need to wait for a tank or a healer as anyone can assume the role at anytime.

    I have found myself liking this game even though all my MMO sensibilities are screaming this is nothing new.

    Maybe I am not looking for something new, but something that reminds me of those glory days when I played til the sun comes up with a group of people who I actually looked forward to seeing day in and day out.

    Eden Eternal might just be the cute little go to game until the AAA's are released later in 2012. It is extremely polished, easy to grasp and has the feel of everything that works in themepark games. I am finding myslef drawn to it each day which is unusual in toady's flooded market.

  • RhianneRhianne Chicago, ILPosts: 58Member Uncommon

    Thank you sincerely, Negacrowbar. 

    I have been the same way for a long time. I went back to WoW in Cataclysm also, and had what sounds like identical results. I've been playing other games because I needed something, but there has been nothing out there that I truly enjoyed.

    Your post was just what I wanted to hear. Maybe EE will work, maybe it won't. But with luck it may be just what I'm looking for. And it beats waiting 23 months for the next AAA game to come out and be another disappointment.

  • xlr8spdxlr8spd Eastepointe, MIPosts: 13Member

    Eden Eternal is a nice and fun enviroment that kids AND adults might enjoy. After the latest update of the warlock class and the raise of lvl cap, it has been often laggy. I'm a higher lvl in eden eternal and the combat speed stays the same as you get higher lvl. I also agree to some of the people who said it gets boring doing the same thing over and over again in the same map. If the game speed dropped a little bit then this game would lose allot of players. I love the fact tht there is a class change. And the variety of different classes and the unique"ness"


    Eden Eternal is a great MMORPG in my opinion. This game is something to try out. But, I must warn those who are planning on trying this game out, when u get to lvl 36. Expect a major increase in grinding. The grinding gets boring now and then but soon there is going to be much much better pvp. 3v3.  I can't wait for htis game to continue, I'm hoping for more ways of transportation in this game. Also, for people who said that they wish there was more than 1 map that they can quest in. Well there is, at lvl 50 u have access to another questing map on a different continent. Which gives you 2 places to quest. What I love of this game the most really is the fact that u can change class and the imagination of this game.


  • redpinsredpins Clovis, CAPosts: 147Member

    I played it. I didn't like the content gaps for 35+. I felt cheated, and as a result quit at 40. It's a game you need to devote some time to grinding. It was fun, but sadly I don't have the time to grind. If I go back, I'll throw down a couple $$ to catch up.

    I struggle not with life, money, emotions, and world, but against old mindsets and selves to be proven obsolete in a age and time of rapid changes. Go create fun, so you can have fun.

  • uncletomauncletoma Santa Margherita LigurePosts: 159Member Uncommon

    Game is nice and amusing around till level 40 (or quick less), but after that point is pure farming:

    1) repetable quests

    2) guild quests (if you are in a guild)

    3) AoE farming (bard over all)

    4) don't play alone but create or join a  "share xp and quests" party

    5) lotta spamming on world chat and in game mail

    6) some chanels (Aquamarine server) are hard lagging

    But, with those bad points, this game is good:

    1) good and polite community

    2) well done anime MMO with few bugs (today on Veninfang i had lotta "you cannot see your target" errors... with my target close to me. And isn't nice if you are one of the damned healers!). BTW this is my first anime MMO

    3) fast 3 and 5 men dungeons (only spend time in order to find a good tank *_*) instead "2 hours dungeons" such as other MMOs

    4) it's totallly brainless, and i like it: perfect summer MMO!

  • l1k3m1k3l1k3m1k3 JakartaPosts: 5Member

    This game has all my needs of F2P requirements:

    - FREE permanent pet (from quest)

    - FREE permanent mount (from quest)

    - TRADE Cash-Point using in game currency (right now there are many players selling their cash-point at [1 cash-point : 1 gold] rate)

    - Loyalty Shop, you can buy some Item Mall only items using Eternal Point (you get 2 free points of being online for 2 hours)


    Been playing for about 5 days (4 hours per day, so the total time I spent in game is ~20 hours), and I already at level 45 without even paying a single dollar (while the level cap is at 55) and I currently have 500 gold (spent most of it by maximizing all Regular Skills on 2 classes). The leveling in this game is VERY FAST even without using boosting item from Item Mall (you only need to find group which have same goal as you and do questing and dungeon-ing together).

    Unlike Dragon Nest which I played up to level 17-ish. Because of loading screens I finally quit the overrated Dragon Nest, and playing Eden Eternal instead.

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