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Stephen & Damion on rested xp, Daniel on Huttball, and Georg posts some stuff

StephenReid General Discussion -> Confirmed - Rested XP will be in the game


Originally Posted by Bobiefatt View Post

Some people seem to think you get XP while you are logged out.

This is not what it means.

Like the above poster said, you get double XP for a few quest if you log out in an inn for a good day (24 hour) or something.

It's something like this. In our case, right now, you become 'rested' when you log out in a cantina.

I'm afraid I can't recall the exact specifics on numbers, but when you re-login with a 'rested' character you gain XP faster up to a certain amount, then go back to the 'normal' rate.

I'll try and get Damion to elaborate. As always, we're testing features like this, things will no doubt change, get tweaked, etc.


DamionSchubert General Discussion -> Confirmed - Rested XP will be in the game

To shed a little more light on how the system works right now: you earn Rest XP by going to a Cantina. You continue to earn Rest XP over time if you are logged out, provided you log out in a Cantina. Currently, Rest XP is capped at (meaning you can only accumulate up to) roughly a level's worth of experience.

As long as you have Rest XP, you earn double XP from any creature kills. Rest XP does not contribute to other sources of experience (completing missions, exploration, codex discovery, etc).


DanielErickson General Discussion -> New Announcement at Games COM! HUTT BALL! MUST SEE!


Originally Posted by Threadnought View Post

Why the **** are Imperials and republicans playing a game of football against each other?

That's the question I have for DE and his writing staff.

Hey Folks,

Totally fair question. I wrote Huttball personally and gave it my big stamp of approval. Huttball came from a request by the pvp team to have a mode that could mix sides in the event of unbalanced factions. So it's not Empire vs Republic playing insane death sports, it's anyone who wants to win some prizes and flex their muscles going to Nar Shaddaa, gambling center of the galaxy, and blowing off some steam. Story is important but so are alternate, setting-appropriate activities that give some depth and variety to the world and the gameplay experience. There is a crazy Hutt that likes running huge arena events for his amusement. Your choice if that's the way your Bounty Hunter enjoys spending his downtime.

Hope that helps,

Daniel Erickson


GeorgZoeller General Discussion -> "If you can quest with the other faction, why can't you guild with them?"


Originally Posted by Alvronde View Post

Kinda simple question, "If you can quest with the other faction, why can't you guild with them?" Or am I wrong?

Thanks for reading

You cannot quest with the other faction. The quest content between the factions is 100% different.

I guess that answers your original question as well, right?


GeorgZoeller General Discussion -> Good Interview with TenTonHammer & SWTOR Creative Director James Ohlen


Originally Posted by LauZaIM View Post

Oh, so /say with opposite faction is gone now?

That's still there. What was removed was the ability to talk in general chat between factions, and mostly because it was confusing.

Let's just say that there was some awkward situations on Hoth where people ended up meeting to fight a world boss only to realize at the meeting place that they were different factions.

It's funny when that happens, but it was creating a lot of confusion as well.


GeorgZoeller General Discussion -> The Eternity Vault Still isn't Heroic


Originally Posted by NeonLights

Let me make this clear. I think the Eternity Vault looks like a lot of fun and I'm looking forward to playing it. However I think some design decisions from what we've seen in EV footage go against how BioWare is selling TOR.

This is taken from Video Documentary #4. This quote comes in at 1:16 in the video.

In the footage we've seen for the Eternity Vault we see multiple heroes beating down on a 30 foot Rakata. I don't care about Star Wars canon. I don't care if it's possible to grow big with the Force. If it works to make the game fun I'm all for it. What I do care about is the glaring difference in design and what we're being told is very different from what we're seeing in the game.

So according to the developers, the Eternity Vault isn't heroic. It could be fun, but it doesn't fit that iconic and heroic Star Wars combat.

The Operation looks fun, don't get be wrong. However this is a criticism I have to point out. Maybe the first Operation is made to be familiar to everyone coming in. Still the lingering question I have remains, will we ever see Operations that actually stick to the combat design of the players fighting off larger numbers of enemies.

Was anyone else here sold on this game based on the "iconic Star Wars combat" BioWare has been telling us about for the last three years?

Nobody ever said 'every single fight you do will be against unbeatable odds' either.

And, let's not forget, you haven't seen the entire Operation.


  • KabaalKabaal Posts: 3,040Member Uncommon

    I'm fine with everything that has been said in the various quotes but just thought i'd point out that George's reason for the cross faction general chat is completely different than previous statements, the previous ones probably being more accurate. People will be people. Glad to see they've left /say in though.

  • AvatarBladeAvatarBlade BucurestiPosts: 757Member Uncommon

    That Hutball thing seems quite fun, also /say working between factions and general chat not seems like a good idea, thinking of it in terms of "in general factions use different radio frequencies to communicate". Maybe adding being able to /w too with the other faction.

  • AzureProwerAzurePrower AustraliaPosts: 1,531Member Uncommon

    Nice information there.

    One of the things that bothered me about WoW was not being able to communicate with the other faction. Some times you had friends on the other side, and if you want to play on your opposite faction character, you were cut off from communicating with them entirely (RealID was also a poor efort on Blizzard's behalf to fix that).

    /say and /w I welcome. General chat not being shared is understandable and common sense.

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