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General: New Images from Unnamed MMO Released



  • DyraeleDyraele Tucson, AZPosts: 200Member

    This company really has a sense of humor, love it. Here is another job posting:

    Seasoned Explorer

    NCsoft is looking for an experienced and daring adventurer to act as consultant for our Carbine Studios team on their top-secret project.

    To be considered, the candidate must have:

    • Excellent cartography skills, especially on newly-discovered terrain

    • A healthy appetite for danger (or at least the desire to actively seek it out)

    • The ability to outrun something the size of a bear - or larger. Usually larger.

    • Experience being cryogenically frozen (This is a big plus).

    Daily responsibilities include dramatically posing on mountaintops for snapshots, showing coworkers how to read maps, and motion capture sessions of being attacked by something the size of a bear (if you're lucky).



    To apply, please send a cover letter and resume with references (of your ability to outrun bear-sized creatures preferably) to

    AKA - Bruxail

  • IrachtusIrachtus VeendamPosts: 16Member Uncommon

    looks like an robinson crusoe mmo like that movie

  • DerapDerap Cranbrook, BCPosts: 18Member Uncommon

    Wow.... very interesting, looking forward to see what this is all about

  • StyijStyij phoenix, AZPosts: 186Member

    Originally posted by Yellowman26

    personally, I would like a decent space sci-fi where you could visit planets, explore a universe. (even if the planet in question is only so big that it basically ranges from a small city to a small village. I had my fill of fantasy (wow/warhammer, I loved you both, but it was time to call it a day). Im still liking my sci-fi space ships (yes it is eve) im looking forward to my alternative reality (secret world) not on the SWTOR hype train, would like something different.


     SyFy with exploration focus would be really cool and not to mention refreshing.

  • StyijStyij phoenix, AZPosts: 186Member

    A Maro Project based MMO would be cool as well.

  • Holyavenger1Holyavenger1 CanadaPosts: 598Member Uncommon

    Originally posted by Wolfhammer

    Well i'll certainly be watching out for the trailer with great interest.  Lets hope it's an MMO hybrid of Starship Troopers, mixed with Tablula Rasa !


    My thoughts exactly. Hopefully more of the former than the latter.

    The Black Death - Medieval Plague Survival Sandbox.
    Chronicles of Elyria - Dynamic Story-Driven Sandbox With Permadeath.
    The Repopulation - The Sci-Fi Sandbox. 
  • BleakmageBleakmage Plattsburgh, NYPosts: 174Member

    Originally posted by TweFoju

    i am only interested if we can fly freely on the open space and then land on the planet seamlessly hahahahah


    Wouldn't that be nice? Going from space and flying down through the atmosphere in re-entry, ects. . .

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