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Atlantica Online: First Impressions With Ripper X

SBFordSBFord Associate Editor - News ManagerThe CitadelPosts: 21,186MMORPG.COM Staff Epic

Atlantica Online is one of the first games to give a fresh look at turn-based strategic combat. In today's exclusive video series, Ripper X gives his first impressions on the free to play MMORPG Atlantica Online. Check out our Atlantica Online: First Impressions with Ripper X feature.



  • grndzrogrndzro Reno, NVPosts: 1,117Member Uncommon

    FTLOG let the game die....the developers showed their true colors when they added stamina. I was in beta 1/2 and was delighted with the game so much I planned on spending money on costumes to support it. Then they added stamina and I lost all interest.

  • WhiteLanternWhiteLantern Nevada, MOPosts: 2,732Member Uncommon

    Originally posted by grndzro

    FTLOG let the game die....the developers showed their true colors when they added stamina. I was in beta 1/2 and was delighted with the game so much I planned on spending money on costumes to support it. Then they added stamina and I lost all interest.


    Ummmm, stamina is gone now. Move along.

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  • Redline65Redline65 Cypress, TXPosts: 486Member

    Will you marry me? LOL

    Do many people still play Atlantica? I played for about 4-6 months when the game launched and got to level 50-ish before getting bored with it. Seemed to get a bit grind-y getting new weapons and armour. Might have to go back and see what's changed. I remember it having a cash shop with those random item boxes for $10 that people would waste money on, and complain on the forums when they didn't get anything good.

  • itchmonitchmon west islip, NYPosts: 1,782Member Uncommon

    can anyone else not get the game's official website in anything but spanish and portugese?

    RIP Ribbitribbitt you are missed, kid.

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  • LanfeaLanfea EssenPosts: 222Member Uncommon

    well, i wish there would be some more games out there with the combat system of atlantica online. i like this round based group action, especially the tbs-system (the closest combat thing in todays mmorpgs to the original pen&paper (a)d&d spirit). until level 90-100 everything is fine and a player gets everything he needs to survive and to have fun with this game, but then ... atlantica online turns out to be a 'pay to win' game. not only in pvp in pve aswell unless you want to grind 24/7.


    for example:

    while you get the adventure licence pack (teleportation/autobattling/healthcheck - well, everything very useful for a player) and blessing (+ attackpower/defence/experience) licences in the beginning as gifts a player won't miss them later on. to puchase both of them with a 1 month duration in the cashshop you have to pay 20€ / 30 $.

    some mercanaries you can add to your group (and very powerful ones) you can buy only in the cashshop. they might have only a slight inpact in pve and make grinding easier, but in pvp they have a huge significance.

    and the cashshop itself ... pure gambling. lets say you want a nice mount (adds attackpower and defence to you). to get it you have to buy one box for 10$ but the box does have 9 other possible items (but less much valuable than the mount). so with you 10$ you only bought a 10% chance to get the mount you want. and thats only on the paper.


    i played until lvl 120 (not the lvl cap) and spend around 150$ without doing pvp. we had about 50 active people in our guild, all over lvl 100 and the majority of them spended 50$ a month in this game. well, atlantica is a very nice game, but also the best example that f2p is a big illusion.

  • Z3R01Z3R01 NYC, NYPosts: 2,426Member Uncommon

    Atlantica is one of the few good F2p games.


    Waiting on:

  • LashleyLashley NorthumberlandPosts: 587Member Uncommon

    turn based as in like final fantasy!? gotta check this out!

  • SkuzSkuz WorcesterPosts: 1,014Member Uncommon

    I grew bored to death of the grindy gameplay & seriously overstretched storyline that is increddibly linear that goes through it. Ultimately there just wasn't enough variety in the game to keep me interested.

  • jayartejayarte LancasterPosts: 450Member

    A very entertaining review, Ripper X, thanks.  The game looks interesting enough for me to give it a try.  Liked the turn-based combat, reminded me of my early days of rpg'ing with FF on the ps2 ^.^

  • WolfhammerWolfhammer KetteringPosts: 761Member Uncommon

    Ripper !  Why is an Englishman trying a fake, supposedly cool, street wise American accent FFS?

    Talk properly !

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