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wich one will be f2p 1st?

odinsrathodinsrath louisville, KYPosts: 814Member Uncommon

wanted to take a poll on wich title will go f2p..any of theres 3 is very possible..seeing sw:tor could very much flop loseing a ton more subs and rift doing the same..anything is posible what do you think?


  • TimukasTimukas TallinnPosts: 693Member

    {mod edit} Let me guess - you are bashing SW:TOR here in particular? Correct me if I'm wrong.

  • junzo316junzo316 Raleigh, NCPosts: 1,700Member Uncommon

    GW2.....oh wait......

  • odinsrathodinsrath louisville, KYPosts: 814Member Uncommon

    not at all ..anything is possible..there have been other aaa mmo's that have came out and utterly flop..its possible ..but prolly not till later down the road

  • odinsrathodinsrath louisville, KYPosts: 814Member Uncommon

    Originally posted by junzo316

    GW2.....oh wait......

    lol ya..i almost put that in there haha

  • PhryPhry OxfordshirePosts: 8,336Member Epic

    was wondering what kind of a time frame we're looking at here.. 10 years.. 20 years..  ... for F2P to happen for any of those.. i would think you would be waiting at least 10 years with a heavy probability.. of .. it isnt ever going to happen ..  .. as for GW2. image wouldnt that mean they'd have to start charging a sub first.. image

  • TimukasTimukas TallinnPosts: 693Member

    If you are being honest here, then I toss a wild guess. WoW might be first because of old age and growing competition. Rift on the other hand is built up as a grinder which would make conversion to f2p quite easy. I cannot see TOR going f2p anytime soon but there is EA involved which could go even uglier with monthly sub and extensive cash store. I really hope that TOR will be pure p2p game because that way every single punk and social degenerate doesn't have access to it. 

  • odinsrathodinsrath louisville, KYPosts: 814Member Uncommon

    i voted kind of a flip of a three sided coin really..imo any of these are very possible going f2p within 1 1/2 - 2yrs

  • xKingdomxxKingdomx SydneyPosts: 1,541Member Uncommon

    If SWTOR could very well is WoW gonna lose a lot of subs? GW2 doesn't really count since its B2P, it will take some, but not the hardcore crowd yet.

    Chose Rift since the devs likes to listen to player's opinions :P

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  • ChilliesauceChilliesauce MelbournePosts: 559Member

    Originally posted by odinsrath

    i voted kind of a flip of a three sided coin really..imo any of these are very possible going f2p within 1 1/2 - 2yrs

    Opinions are great thing isn't it? one can say just anything ridiclulous and don't even need to give any reasonable explanation. 


  • odinsrathodinsrath louisville, KYPosts: 814Member Uncommon

    ya was kinda thining on both sides ..wows side seeing it wouldnt lose much subs if sw:tor flops or new mmo's

    and sw:tor doing great and sucking wows / rifts subs within a yr or 2

  • CalmOceansCalmOceans BergenPosts: 2,437Member Uncommon

    They're not good enough to go F2P.

  • KaeriganKaerigan None Of Your BusinessPosts: 689Member

    Originally posted by CalmOceans

    They're not good enough to go F2P.

    I'm curious, since you're obviously on some sort of F2P crusade (considering your posting history), what games are "good" according to you? And before you start accusing me of anything, the only MMO I currently play is LOTRO, without a subscription.

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  • SulaaSulaa nPosts: 1,324Member Uncommon

    You kinda miss option in pool.


    Something like : e)any of the three ,at least not soon and f) just let me see results


    So pool imho is flawed.


    If I really had to bet , I would bet on Rift if it take too big subscription hit after Swtor/GW2/Tera/Archeage release.

    WoW - I have mixed feelings. That might be very risky. WoW going f2p will take alot of players from other f2p games for sure though I doubt it would help them get back majority of players from Swtor/GW2/Tera/AA.


    Swtor - I don't think so.


    Besides I view OP post as troll like. It is more like pushing his own personal views that are not argumented in OP and starting commotion and controversy.

    Just my personal oppinion.


    What I find really interesting is to see what changes will happpen to F2P business model after more games go F2P and competition will increase alot.

    Another thing to consider is if losing "fresh effect" of f2p model on western mainstream players will have any meaning or not and if yes how big?

  • LanfeaLanfea EssenPosts: 222Member Uncommon

    (definition of f2p in this context: unlimited trial time with heavy restrictions and the possibility to charge extra content and/or buy  a full access premium account)


    wow - why should it go "f2p" as long as they have millions of subscribers in the eastern hemisphere? even if numbers of subscribers will fall down under 1 million global, blizzard would make more money per month without going f2p.

    rift - same here. as long as you have a good number of subscriptions there will be no need. sure, its difficult for us to estimate how many subscribers a mmorpg really need to be more profitable than with a "f2p" model. games like rift i guess will be around 25.000 to 50.000?

    sw:tor - and the same arguments here. my best guess is that this game still will have around 100.000 subscribers in 5 years, more if bioware/la are smart enough to come up with enough feature which will guarantee longevity.

  • VultureSkullVultureSkull LONDONPosts: 1,774Member Uncommon

    :None of them

    Option is missing from your selection.


  • Fir3lineFir3line LisbonPosts: 767Member

    why would WoW ever go F2P?


    They rolling in the money, with millions of subs. Whether ppl want to admit it or not, nothing is ever gonna stop WoW, until it stops itself, i.e. stop adding more expansions/content and Blizzard moving on to another game with same features and updated art/content/continuation of IP.

    Ppl like that hamster wheel way to much

    "I am not a robot. I am a unicorn."

  • KabaalKabaal Edinburgh, ScotlandPosts: 3,040Member Uncommon

    None. WoW already makes Blizzards wads of cash and TOR is set to do the same for EA. Rift, despite it often being on sale, seems to have a healthy subscriber base.

  • EQ2ThanosEQ2Thanos PrestonPosts: 57Member

    I have been banned from this site for saying that the 2nd option on the list will be F2P.I still voted for it though:).I can't  mention its name because any of my posts that mention the word r..t seem to get deleted.

  • SagasaintSagasaint Miami, FLPosts: 461Member Uncommon

    without a doubt, WAR will bethe  first to cave in

  • rojoArcueidrojoArcueid GinnungagapPosts: 8,389Member Rare

    since this thread is full of opinions, ill share mine...

    i voted for swtor just because it wont have innovation... all the same again with sci fi disguise.... and i wild guess WoW would go f2p only if their sub base drops down below 1  million players.... and thats far from happening.....

    rift was claimed by ppl that it was gonna steal lots of wow subs,.... and wow is still kicking butts like a pro... so i doubt swtor will have a big impact on wows playerbase...

    just my opinion here

  • BoltonsquadBoltonsquad RotherhamPosts: 328Member Uncommon

    I voted all, the room for P2P games is getting smaller and smaller and it's only a matter of time before every game is going the F2P "Cash Shop" route.

  • tiapherestiapheres elizabeth, NJPosts: 74Member

    Originally posted by Sagasaint

    without a doubt, WAR will bethe  first to cave in

     You sir are prob most accurate. With WoW in close  second followed by Aion then Rift then SWTOR. I think EQ2X is going about thier item shop better than AoC. As always the market will follow SOEs model. Hell F2P were considered failures until Free Realms. lol, F2P is the new AAA.

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  • GormokGormok memphis, TNPosts: 379Member

    This poll is bias against ToR, Rift, and WoW purely the OP does not like any of three and wishes to push his opinion on others. There are other MMOs coming out about the same time or after ToR, yet they are not listed in the OP's poll. TERA, PRIME, ArchAge, TSW, WaR, MO, Darkfall, Final Fantasy 14 and numberous other titles have the potential to become free 2 play. All of the upcoming titles have the potential to flop as well, yet they are not apart of the OP's poll. I don't include GW2 because it is not sub based, but it does have the potential to flop as well. I therefore dismiss the OP's poll as a troll at best.

  • HaegemonHaegemon Anaheim, CAPosts: 267Member Uncommon

    UO, EQ, DAoC, WAR, MO, DF, EVE, Perp., FFXI, and I know I'm prob missing 1-2 more that would have to fall first before any of the three you listed would realistically be in jeopardy.


    Though, just like SWG, I can easily see UO/MO/DF/DAoC just getting shut down if they each don't have the independant earnings to justify the development costs to make the switch.


    WoW is still very profitable. It can hemmorage more monthly subs that most of those listed games have current, active playerbases, and still hold the #1 spot by like a 7mil margin over Aion (citing the jun.'11 update on that mmogdata chart).


    SW:ToR is a Star Wars game many more Star Wars fans are interested in playing than ever were going to play SWG, and Star Wars is still a strong enough franchise to pull a good healthy living out of things.


    Rift, I mean, they're doing so terrible they just had to announce details of their 4th major content patch and unveil their big multi-platform/includes a TV show tie-in project being developed with sci-fi channel. Oh wait, thats not doing terrible at all...

    Lets Push Things Forward

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  • thinktank001thinktank001 oasisPosts: 2,133Member Uncommon

    Nexon stated they only made 46.62 million from US players last year.  I think they are considered the highest revenue maker in the US under the P2W payment model.

    Comparing to subscription :

    ~260k subscribers @ $15/month  

    ~389k subscribers @ $10/month


    WOW will never be P2W unless blizzard decides they want to push a new game.

    Rift is already making almost 2x what the best P2W game is making.  I don't see them switching unless they take a huge subscription hit.

    SWTOR, I doubt it will switch in 1-2 years, but it's game design is very similar to DDO.   It might make sense to switch over after the intial rush of customers.

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