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Diablo 3 Says No Offline For You? And A Real Money Auction House? My Thoughts, Whats yours?



  • crazynannycrazynanny PopowoPosts: 173Member

    1. This isn't MMO, just a lobby game. Play one and You'll know the difference. But in short: Your game - Your rules. And to answer someone question - You can set up a game make a password and play it as single player as no one will join without password. Or at least this is how all lobby games I played worked.

    2. Blizz doesn't sell any items. This won't give them incentive to create content(or in this case game) around it.

    3. Online only is I guess to make hacking/duping harder as You hide a lot of code. And of course to deal with piracy too.

    4. I'd call a Blizz greedy if I didn't play whole SC2 campaign on guest account 100% free.

  • sirphobossirphobos Posts: 619Member Uncommon

    No offline play is not surprising since Starcraft II was basically the same way.  It doesn't affect me at all since even in Diablo 2 I would still play online even if I was playing by myself just so I could use the same character(s) as when I played with friends.  Just create your own game and password protect it and don't give out the password.  I'd imagine D3 will probably even have some nicer way to play by yourself.

    The online auction house I don't care for at all, but since I only really plan on playing by myself or with close friends, it doesn't affect me at all since i won't be using it.

  • Bama1267Bama1267 Waterloo, NYPosts: 1,847Member Uncommon

    Originally posted by heerobya

    Originally posted by Aethaeryn

    Originally posted by Silver_Leaf

    I'm so glad there's no offline play. Still, wish we had more than 5 players per game. 16+ at least.

    Why would someone be glad there is no offline play. . did it bother you?  Would me sitting at home playing a game bother you?  I just don't get that. 

     If you then take the character online into a competitive environment, then yes, yes it would.

    True, I do not understand why the just simply say "you can play offline, but that toon can never go online" and be done with it - offline and online characters, let people be "inconvenienced" by having to make two characters if they wish to (or are forced) to play a combination of online/offline play.

    But, logically, I see why they are doing things this way.

     Wasnt that more or less what D2 did before. You play on closed If all you wanted to do was play online. You play on open If you wanted to play offline at times with the option of playing online?

  • 69Cuda69Cuda none of your fucking bussinesPosts: 251Member

    Originally posted by heerobya

    Originally posted by Onigod

    i was really looking forward to this game but the graphics the gameplay and the rulesets in the world make it like a hybrid between WoW and diablo.
     and now this i will not be playing Diablo 3

     I'm sorry but your signature made me laugh.

    You are not fooling anyone, despite your reservations you will very, very likely be picking up a copy of D3 when it comes out.


    Sure, now you may not pre-order the Collector's Edition or even pick a copy up on launch day, but down the road sometime you will play this game if you are indeed "really looking forward to it."


    This is true of many, if not most, of the haters that have been filling these forums with their mindless, illogical forum rage.

     I haven't picked up SC 1/3 yet. Not going to either and I waited years for that POS to come out. Pass on D-3 and no I wont be picking up this POS down the line either. Its wow lite. It looks like wow lite seems to be shaping up to play like wow lite etc ect. Even the runes are looking too streamlined blah blah I digress.

    Online all the time to play any version ....Check

    Cash shop .....Check

    No mods........Check

    Pass, and picks up Torchlight 2...   Check


    And I am not a Hater. If it didn't have the online only I would probably get it. T2 is being made by the original BlizzNorth D2 guys anyway. More like what I fell in love with game wise anyway ..fuk it.

  • AmanaAmana New York, NYPosts: 3,912Moderator Uncommon

    There are already TWO open threads on these subjects.

    Discussion of the online requirements:

    Discussion of the AH:


    Please do not create duplicate threads, especially if it's just to add a promo for your video. Just post in an existing thread. Locking this.

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