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Worth A Try?

KatodyKatody Kansas City, MOPosts: 30Member

I know it's been said, but I like cute RPGs. I'm just a bit skeptic. I suppose all F2P games have a bit of a negative side and review of course, but can someone point out pros and cons?


In your opinion, worth trying?

Thanks :)




  • Karnage69Karnage69 Phoenix, AZPosts: 303Member Uncommon

    I've played Eden Eternal up to about lvl 37 or 38, you eventually run out of quests and have to do repeatable quests that give crap for exp. Not to say there are not more quests, but they only get you about 1/4th the way through each level and you have to grind beyond there.


    The dungeons are actually kinda fun and I find it refreshing that most dungeons are 3man and a few harder dungeons are 5man. The rewards are actually good too. The boss fights are nothing special, but each boss has a "break point".


    Break points add a little something to the game, since everyone can be every class. Break points are basically a weakness. If the boss has a weakness to say, lightning, have someone use lightning attacks over and over until it breaks. When they break, they stunned briefly, but the point is that they have an increased chance of dropping better loot.


    Other than that, the game is really nothing very special. It has crafting, but generally by the time you get your stuff crafted, you have out leveled it and can find better from dungeons or random drops.


    I give it a 5/10 over all and i've played about 80% of the MMO's on the market.


    Conclusion: Try it if you are bored, it might be entertaining for awhile, especially if you have a friend or two, since several dungeons are only 3 man. Other than that, it's not worth your time, there are other/better MMO's out there.

  • scragcatscragcat long beach, WAPosts: 94Member

    for me.........

    pros -

    *Really well made graphics and world design is pretty good too    

    *Using what ever weapon you want..even dual wield maces as a priest/mage

    *Switching Classes on the fly (out of combat) *Some classes you have to level other classes to unlock

    *Guild villages

    *No idea who, what or why..but it is just plain fun most of the time

     *Looks like some very cute races are being added

     *Avatars are super cute looking (apart from the Clerics hat on male characters!!!!!!!!)


    cons -

    *Agressive advertising to get you to buy stuff from their cash shop (most of the globals from staff are "buy XXX!!"

    *Pretty much a pure grind monsters game and it got boring (for me) at higher levels grinding 10000000 mobs due to running out of quests (unless you count repeatable and guild quests which are "kill XXX of XXX" types of mobs

    *No real customization of looks...each class has like 7 or so looks that you unlock as you level and only can change the dye color of the clothes


    Go for it...definately worth trying as if this were a "generic korean grinder" it would probably be right up there as one of the best ever.  (and if you really hate it at least you can prolly use your account details for Hello Kitty Online which is kinda fun also lol)

  • JacobinJacobin Toronto, ONPosts: 812Member Uncommon

    Its a pretty standard grinder FTP MMO, but it has a few things going for it:


    - You kill normal mobs extremely quickly as in 2 hits for many classes thus you are constantly kicking the crap out of everything which is fun. Combine this with the plentiful and cheap pots and there is basically 0 downtime meaning constant action.


    - The quests are the standard kill x and collect y but by right clicking on the quest log it automatically runs you to the appropriate area so you get to anywhere you need to go quickly and easily without having to spend time studying maps or searching for things.


    - The class change system is brilliant because you can change to any class you have unlocked and still fight at your current level of content meaning you don't have to repeat anything if you want to try another class. It also makes getting good groups much easier and provides some customization since you get stat boosts that you can use with other classes.


    - The dungeons are very quick, some bosses are fairly tough but its mostly tank and spank.


    - Character progression is very quick but slows down a lot in the mid 30ies. The nice thing is that you can switch to other classes as you grind and level them up quite quickly.


    EE is basically a grind FTP on steroids as everything is simply much much faster than any other mmo Ive played. A lot of tedious stuff like slow killing, long travel times, searching for stuff, long dungeons and repeating content for alts is not present making the gameplay very smooth. Its easily the best free MMO ive played by a huge margin.

  • DaduHulkDaduHulk Miami, FLPosts: 28Member Uncommon

    The OP stated the key word. This thing IS very cute. The Alpaca, your char, even the monsters are cute. ANd I have to say the interface works well and the game play is smooth.

    I am still at L33 and classes at L25 or so, and still find quests to do. But they are running thin.

    Cans : spam on chat (can be ignored), spam on your in-game mail inbox (2 clicks to delete each one), spam every where. BOT checks all the time while you play (ugh!). And then, suddenly, you might get banned. Seems the company is at war with bots and they are willing to sacrifice players along the way.

    If you want cute, you have to try this. ;-)

  • ArmaniDevilArmaniDevil Montreal, QCPosts: 83Member

    If you're a fan of being banned for no reason whatsoever as a paying customer, then this game just might be what you're looking for.


  • Soooo... Since your banned from eden... Are you just gonna bash the game on everybodies thread?  Go play something else and let us "none cheaters" play the game.

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