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State of the game?

s1fu71s1fu71 fair oaks, CAPosts: 220Member

I've not played the game since it first released. CoV did not exist at that time.

I originally quit because the missions seemed so repetitive. After a while, you were still just fighting thugs. They were just Thug I, then later Thug II, and so on.

I did not really feel like a hero. I never ran into supervillains to fight at that time.

Has this changed at all? Does it still have that repetitive feeling?

Thanks in advance.

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  • ET3DET3D Posts: 260Member Uncommon

    When I played my scrapper (only level 50 I have), I only got to feel like a real superhero around level 40. That's when you already have the signature power of your power set and you get missions against real supervillains. Then you really feel like a superhero. (IIRC the game ended at level 40 when it started, so all that stuff wasn't there.)

    Still, there's enough of that earlier on. There are enough different groups of enemies even at the low levels that you won't feel it's Thug I and Thug II. That said, when I played (and I'm not an active subscriber), I still felt too squishy at the low levels to feel like a real hero. Still, you can now get temporary travel powers as low as level 5, which makes quite a bit of difference.

    Regarding the repetitive feeling, it depends on what you're looking for as a player. Certainly from level 20 on there are enough interesting stories. For me that's what made the game not feel repetitive. There are also randomly assigned missions you can get, which helps variety. If you're just looking at maps and enemies, then yes there's quite a bit of repetition.

    Of course there's now the CoH and Going Rogue content which provides even more variation.

    So the short of it is, you should find the game a lot more varied than it was, but I can't tell if it will be varied enough for your tastes. It certainly think it would be worth checking the new stuff out. If you don't feel like paying then wait for Freedom to arrive.

  • LeaphLeaph Farmington, MIPosts: 8Member

    The mechanics of the missions have not changed much.  If you are not in to reading the mission text then yes, the missions are extremely repetitive.  As for feeling like a hero, around level 22 crafted enhancements start to have a significant affect on your hero. If you pay attention to what you are doing you will most likely see a substantial increase in the abilities of your hero.  If you are not in to crafting or don’t want to bother with the enhancement system then you will most likely feel gimped.  If you don’t mind waiting the game is going to offer free to play “soon”.

  • hardiconhardicon jackson, MSPosts: 358Member

    Hi, i just recently came back to the game after a several year break and yes the missions are still pretty much the same although this aint no different that running the same dungeons on wow, rift, lotro or any other game imo.  what brought me back was finally some end game content and a way to progress your level 50 character other than go roll a alt or farm missions for money to buy new invention enhancements to make your character better.  The incarnate system allows you to significantly make your level 50 character alot better and more powerful, which was enough to bring me back to what has been my favorite game.  so to me its not all that boring now and ive even gotten into leveling a few alts when i got tired of incarnate trials.  there are currently three trials in the game with a fourth one being added next issue so that will cut down on the repetitiveness of running them all the time.  there are currently plenty of things to do in this game and i am having a blast plus with different zones to level in you dont always do contact missions repeatedly.  i recently rolled a new toon to play with a friend that started the game and we made it to level 20 by doing radio missions, safeguard missions, and the new positron task force and havent even touched a contact in the normal zones yet.  so yes there are plenty of ways to level up and they have made it  a point imo to put you up against enemies that are alot tougher than hellions or skulls normal gang members although the early levels have enough of those low level minions to deal with but the outcasts are a group that use superpowers to fight against you, although they are limited like fire bolt and stuff but it is still different that being shot with a gun repeatedly which we all know guns dont hurt superheroes.  to me it was a great time to come back to the game, lots of new stuff to do and lots of old stuff to catch up on.

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