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Second Life Recently Asked Questions.

RenoakuRenoaku Posts: 1,420Member Uncommon

There have been a lot of questions about Second Life people have asked me a lot especially close friends from Second Life, and Teens as well parents are possibly concerned about their kids, and Second Life, and I will say them all here.


So here are a list of the concerns people have asked me.


1. Is Second Life safe for 16 Year old Kids, or Teens?


From my own experience as a Teen User on the Teen Grid, I will say no now more than ever. Linden Lab recently Merged the Teen Grid, and the Adult Grid with each other. The reason it is not safe for teens is that no one who makes a Second Life account has to verify the account.


Teens also have no Idea if they are talking to an adult or not, as Second Life does not display adult to teens, or any of the such.


So your Son/Daughter could be in a PG area, and lets just say that a internet stalker could get information from them, including their RL Info, even without them giving such information it is possible for a person who knows what they are doing to become their best friend, Lie, or use scripted methods to track down close to where they live in Real Life.


Teens can also get access to adult rated content in Second Life, and there is nothing restricting teens from this in SL, the only thing that prevents such is a simulator being rated mature, or adult, or their Market Place sales being listed as adult, but sometimes adults do not always flag their items as adult, and a Teen can buy these items.


So for example a stalker on the internet could make an account with totally false information, and use a free Wi-Fi spot to stalk kids, get RL information, and who knows what else, when it comes down to the Police to ever find out anything it is hard to track down then, and could result on an unsolved mystery. I for one try to make people aware of this, and as a user of Second Life, I knew a lot of under the age of 18 residents because  I was on the Teen Grid with them back in the day, and at times I saw harassment coming towards them, which I did my best to help them out, as they enjoy Second Life, but since the grid merge it did open a lot of issues with this.


2. Is my privacy safe in Second Life.


No your privacy is never safe at least not for now. Linden Lab has allowed privacy violations in Second Life for who knows how long. There are two systems in Second Life one is called, (CDS) Client Detection System, and the other is called (ZF Red Zone) Both these systems are used by a wide number of residents, and many will not know they are being scanned, but they Log information like IP Address, Avatar Name & Key, Operating System, and Client. This information is not consented on, but as long as media is on people can get it, and right now Linden Lab has still not removed, or done anything about these systems in Second Life. I have been all over it myself for an entire year if not more to try to get them to remove such, but they refuse to even though it is a violation of the community standards, and TOS.


3. Do you own anything in Second Life?


I have been violated myself as a resident of Second Life since 2008, Linden Lab told me by phone many times before I ever purchased my Estate that I owned my Land, and that no one could take it away from me for any reason because I owned it. They also made claims that I owned everything I created in world, and held Intellectual Property rights over it, which was a lie. Linden Lab recently banned my account from Second Life for a third time without giving any actual reason for such, and based on the evidence I have found myself and from all my logs there is no reason for such, and they have restricted rights to what they claimed I owned, and created in Second Life as a resident.


Under Linden Lab's updated Terms OF Service they claim they can ban, suspend, or Terminate an account at any time for any reason, but back in the day when I created my account and started creating content of any kind it was a different TOS, residents who even made an account from 2003 are forced to accept a totally new Terms OF service to even access their creations which they were told they owned and had rights to, as well as people who own Land.


The correct term Linden Lab should use when they buy sell Land to a user, as well as any items, is that they are giving you a (Lease) to the software for your creations, and your Land, which Linden Lab at any time can take back from the user, but instead they use the terms (Buy, and Own) which is not right to false advertise a person into thinking they own such.


This is why Linden Lab has a lot of legal issues open, and I myself if I do not get a response from Linden Lab saying my account, and all data has been restored then I can say that I will find my legal rights from their claims and get every dollar I have put into Second Life back, as well as possibly more since they have destroyed a lot of things I have created, as well as certain code which Can’t be recovered.


I am not the first to complain about such as if you check the MMORPG forums, and do a search about Second Life there are a lot of legal claims about this game, more than any other game I have ever played.



Linden Lab has claimed many times that I own the content I have created, Own rights to that content, as well as Owned my land. They never at any point said the term Lease which means that I did not own it but was leased it by Linden Lab. The legal issues start when this company makes claims to users who buy entire Estates for $300 a month or $200 a month for a grandfather region and puts $1000 USD down just to buy the simulator, and makes the claim they own it when really they don’t as Linden Lab can take it away from them at any time with or without reason under their TOS.


When I myself made my first account I was never Required to accept a Terms OF Service, and I was also not required to accept it in Game when I went to login, however after they updated their TOS the first time I was required to accept it in game when I went to login it was on a Accept the TOS, or you can’t access your virtual property which you own in Second Life, or your own creations.


Now the way I see it LL can honor what they have told me and give access to all my data back and stop playing games  changing their TOS every single time a legal issue comes up, or they can pay for the damages to all my residents who were renting Land from my Estate in game which they all Lost RL money, and they can pay for all the content I have created in Second Life, and lost as well as the money I have put into this game on my Land, it is really their choice, and really I do not even feel like playing SL myself with all that goes on, but I do want what I have paid for for almost 3 years which adds up to way over 7,000 + USD in cash.



4. Questions Content Creators ask all the time, Is my work Safe, and really Protected?


1. Your work is not safe, people can Copybot, Clone your work any time they please on this grid, which Linden Lab does nothing about I myself since 2009, have been fighting big groups of Copybotters, and people helping them in Second Life for over a 2 years, as well as some of my own works stolen by theft in Second Life. You can DMCA report any of your work that is stolen in Second Life, and abuse report people you suspect to be stealing content, but the fact is that it can't be stop for any reason, or by any system in Second Life even if it claims to do such, or protect.


2. Copybots, can clone entire avatars from any simulator in Second Life, including sandboxes, Clubs, or any place not protected by any copybot system. Alternately there are a ton of people who make Second Life accounts, and go into a store with legit viewers, get IP logged, and such by any spyware systems, and will buy out Fat Packs of Skins, hairs, or any other item. Then they go to their Own Simulator, or Land Parcel, and Export/Copybot the entire fat pack giving the XML out for everyone to download public on the internet, and anyone can import it as much as they like. Even if Linden Lab follows abuse on a DMCA, and can remove a bunch of stolen items from the grid, as long as that .XML file is on the internet, all they have to do is come back with a new account, use a VPN, or illegal viewer, and import the file again, at which point LL can't track this unless the user files a DMCA on the content.


The Problem is that Linden Lab should inform users of this who create items on their website about it when they register an account before they ever create any type of content, but Linden Lab fails to inform people of this.


Other Grids are not safe either, I have an account on many other grids like Second Life, and the Copybot works just the same over there, although they take better measures to help protect your content on the grid, I will say that it is still possible to steal, but at least grids like Avi-Nation actually take steps forward against content theft, as the person who owns the grid itself, is a Content Developer themselves in Second Life.


5. Gambling in Second Life is it legal?


In my opinion Gambling is not legal, but Linden Lab allows it because they are calling it a game of Skill, such as Zyngo, or Wheels which you pay RL money, which is Linden Dollars to play the game. Anyone can start up a casino in Second Life, and simply make their game a Game of Skill, and it is legal to play so LL says. I personally for one do not gamble because I have no idea if these games are rigged or not, I can't see the Code, it is not open sourced, and I do not trust them as they do not have licenses to run the games themselves, and like I said anyone can open up a Gambling shop as long as it is a game of skill which allows you to Bump up the wheels after the Spin for the jackpots, and Zyngo is allowed.


6. Is Second Life Worth Playing?


This is the question you have to answer for yourself.


Second Life is one of the best creations ever made, and the social interactions are really good, as well as a lot of creations in Second Life, however these are the reasons I have listed above that would possibly keep people from playing it, and I would not recommend any parent letting their kids play this game at all because of the fact that it is easy for pedophiles to get their RL information, and interact with kids without them ever knowing it, but at the same time sometimes Teens who are 13 or even 12 years old I see playing this game and being really annoying on the MIC screaming, yelling, and talking trash to everyone around them, and that is not something we want either.


Also I talk from experience because I have been around on the grid since 2008, and I was once 17 years old myself playing in Second Life.


While Second Life Itself can be the Ultimate Social Experience, and the best game, Linden Lab has turned this game upside down in my view, and restricted everyone's rights in this game which we all once had, or by Linden Lab they claimed we had. I will also say that Second Life can be the most abusive Social Experience as well when it comes to Griefers, and groups, that do illegal activities, or try to get you to do something that is wrong.


In General Second Life can have a lot of Drama, and people can also file a lot of abuse reports on you which can result in your account getting suspended/banned without reason, I have seen groups of people do this as well before.


Again this post was put here because a lot of people are asking about Second Life, and if it is safe for kids, as well as information about the game, and as a 2008 resident I have said this, I also have said this as a 2008 Teen Grid Resident.


If anyone has any similar situations, or experiences on this grid, as well as opinions, or stuff that should be added to this list this would be a good place to share them, because I am sending this topic to a quite a few people who asked these questions to read, and share with others.



  • jinxxed0jinxxed0 Posts: 841Member Uncommon

    Some of that makes it seems like you havea grudge against LL or SL. But I do agree to a certain point. If I had kids I'd never let them play SL. Even when they're adults. I'd never reccomend this to my family either as they'd most likely use it as a social network rahter than as a tool for being creative.


    I'd reccomend it to my friends if they were the creative type like myself, but they aren't and just prefer everything already done for them (you know the types. they just hit random a few times when creating a character in  various videogames). But for anything besidee creating and making money I wouldn't reccomend this to a normal person. But because the people who dont create stuff and use this game as an actual "Second Life" are the ones buying my products, I hope more people play SL.


    As for having safe content, you can't get stuck on things like that. Thats just life. People that copy/steal content lack the ability to make any real use out of it. because theey lack any creativity in the first place.

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