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Forsaken World: How do you like it?



  • SovrathSovrath Boston Area, MAPosts: 21,639Member Epic

    Originally posted by StarlightJun

    Originally posted by afhn2110

    Originally posted by StarlightJun

    It is ok for f2p game. I have a vampire hooker lv 11 now. I like the auto find for quest and npc becaouse if i didn't have that i get lost a lot! I am going to play some more but I am not sure how long.

     Are you seriouos about the hooker?  Can you really do that in the game?


    No I was joking about my character looks like a hooker.

    well, they kind of do. But the best type of hooker! high priced, high concept!

    I've tried the game and kind of like some of the over the top artistic concepts. Like the vampire hookers and the totally '80's bards.

    I'm going to see how high I can get without the need to buy anything from the cash shop.

  • StarlightJunStarlightJun Honolulu, HIPosts: 56Member

    Originally posted by Sovrath

    I'm going to see how high I can get without the need to buy anything from the cash shop.


    Me too. I am playing because it is free and i am not going to buy anything.

  • chaod1984chaod1984 Lindenwold, NJPosts: 271Member

    Im up to level 27 with my Stoneman Protector and really loving the game.  It's free, I can level without grinding mobs, I can do instanced dungeons, I can craft and I dont have a need for the cash shop (yet).   im in a guild that has alot of good people in it as well.  Might be my home for some time.

  • BMoorBMoor Boston, MAPosts: 202Member

    This game has me hooked for the past month.

    I currently have 2 level 37 Priests.  I started on the European PvE server but moved over to the US East PvE server in order to take advantage of the daily events, especially God's Trial which is held during prime time for me.

    God's Trial is actually 121 mobs (6 statues * 20 mobs each status + 1 final boss).  However, since it requires a party, I usually play a part in defeating at most of 61 mobs.  The battle lasts between 20 to 30 minutes and for the amount of character experience gained in such a short amount of time, it's relatively much less of a grind than most of the F2P games out there.

    Henry's first 10 errands also gives a good amount of character experience and can be completed in 15 minutes if you're lucky with the random tasks.  Additional rewards from it include reputation (Dream Emblem on the 5th and the 10th completion), a cash shop item on the 10th completion of the day (World Flute), and a random assortment of other items (ie. Memory Lotus for use when AFK)

    At higher level instances, it's definitely more than "tank & spank" unless one likes being spanked by the bosses.  I've seen quite a few tanks attempt to spank a boss only to be hit by the boss's Blade Rebound skill and be spanked back.

    I haven't spent any money on the game so far but after being in a party last night with another character in an adorable maid outfit, I'm sorely tempted.  It's only $3 or $4 for the permanent dress, not including shoes, hair, and privates.  Or maybe I'll just continue saving enough ingame money to trade for cash shop currency (Leaf) for it.

  • apocalanceapocalance Jacksonville, FLPosts: 1,073Member Uncommon

    My 2¢

    I've played this past weekend and I have:

    17 Assassin
    18 Vampire
    20 Bard
    21 Protector
    22 Mage
    22 Warrior
    25 Rifleman

    I hate that it takes 7 days to delete a [level 1] character. Other than that, I have no complaints about the class or race system in this game, I accept it for what it is.

    At this point, I feel like the attacks are too few and far between, I also feel like I'm eating up too much mana, especially in instances.

    Pots, pots, and more pots. Starting off with 50k health and mana pots is a bit misleading unless they're easily replaced. The other pots I've found have been quite useless. I see there are leaf purchasable pots like the ones I started with, but that's real money for pots. So is that the sink in the game that's ultimately going to have me giving PW my real world currency?

    Pets. Pets. Pets? I can only have two active pets, but I can store inactive pets. I actually like that every class can have a combat pet and that they actually help, but are they required for soloing, later on? I need to research pets a little more.

    I made my first fortification to a level 18 (blue) dungeon dropped rifle. The process was pretty straight forward, but I read up on it just in case (thank you wiki).

    The quests are generic, but not horrible. If I take the time to read some of the story going on, it's decent. The Barren/Nicole quest chain was interesting enough. I'm sure there are others.

    The faction choice (sanguine, lion.., treehuggers), whatever they are, don't seem clear. It feels like they're race based, but anyone can choose any of them for the faction coins that you get early on. That should be more clear when it comes time to spend those.

    Overall, I'd say if you're not currently paying to play a game, give it a try. It's free and it's decent. I don't know how the PvP works in this game, if it's only World PvP or how world PvP works; I saw an "Arena" event going on, maybe that's more PvP stuff, dunno.

    Happy gaming!


  • Sketch1Sketch1 MontrPosts: 1Member

    Ok I have a level 33 bard and level 27 vampire.

    I have been downloading many F2P games lately trying to find a good one and I don't think this is the one.

    Unlike most gamers,I like grinding (killing mobs) I'm not a fan of quest quests and quests.I really couldn't care less about the story.I have a lot of time in my hands and I play a lot.However I don't feel like my character is making much progress.

    The game itself feels way too "superficial",they bet a lot on their graphics to sell.I like the graphics,because of the costume designs wich are pretty much the only thing I like about this game,it looks unique compared to others.

    Okay,granted I like the pet system too.It's probably the only thing that kept me going...leveling up to get a cool new pet or mount.

    The music gets annoying,the fighting gets boring and repetitive.I also really hate the fact that you can't just sit down and recover your health/mana without having to consume an item.You often run out of potions.I can accept anything but of all the games I've ever played, this one is the hardest to level up in.After doing a long quest with "nice" experience I barely saw any difference in my EXP bar.It's really deppressing and feels like you'll never level up.

    Also the game is quite confusing,I'm not new to mmorpgs but when I first played FW,I got lost.

    You get a bunch of items that are "useful when you're higher and/or richer" it feels like they exist just to pack your stash bank full to make you want to buy bank extension items and stuff.Honestly,I think FW is a game they made to make money.I might be getting a little deep here but it doesn't have soul,as I mentioned before,it's superficial.

    Well,that's my opinion.

  • drbaltazardrbaltazar drummondville, QCPosts: 7,856Member Uncommon

    ok i never passed level 5 and the way i see it this one of the best title out there.i dont mind to pay but paying wow to be bored?been there done the graphic movement were a bit asian for my taste but it was beta maybe there is a wasd option and all these day !my question :could any supply end game video of pve or whatever there is,pvp video would also be nice and if there is a pvp raiding option that is another end game video i would like to see,player tend to be camera shy it looks like .end game or very very close to not 75 % of the way there lol.just to have feel of the pace.also could you tell me the most balanced and populated server ?ty!

  • jihashijihashi Cedar Falls, IAPosts: 136Member

     If you want a game where the scenery and character design look good, not overly bright (hence my belief that they are trying to appeal to the kids with ADD, since bright colors hold their attention longer), and the characters don't have disproportionate bodies. Then go for this. It's got a great stroyline that you can follow. There is grinding just like in every other MMO out there, there isn't one where you don't grind something out folks. The weapons don't look impossibly huge, and the armor looks functional, even on female characters. I have been playing since closed beta, and I can tell you that's by far it's better than most of PWI's games. For example, the auto walk (for the most part) is more intelligent, and will take you right where you need to go. Though not all quests have that function, many more of them do.

  • FrodoFraginsFrodoFragins Manchester, NHPosts: 3,506Member Rare

    I decided to download FW once I realized I had no interest in returning to my Age of Conan level 34 F2P character.


    I really like the art style, and yes it is very derivative of WoW in certain areas.  Leveling to 25 was extremely fast with their 3x EXP boost.  Things REALLY slow down after that.  I'm currently level 33 and it takes forever to move the exp bar.  Green quests and mob kills give tiny experience.


    I can't continue with the yellow quests because they require me to level my socialite job and there are only two ways of doing so.  You can run a perfume quest but I'd need to use one of my three world chat flutes to advertise and there's no guarantee I'll find anyone.  There's also randomly given "wish quests" and if you run the "life in the harbor" daily the maximum number of times each day you'll probably get 3 of them.  It takes a total of 20 of those to reach level 2 as a socialite.


    That means my main questing has halted for at least a week because of some side job they didn't tell you was so important.  I found out when the quest giver told me the skills I'd need for it.


    The instances I've seen are simple tank and spank.  The problem with the auto join feature is that it doesn't always get you a tank or proper healer.  That's always fun.  My marksman goes through his mana at a ridiculous clip, way too mana hungry in my opinion.


    I think it has great potential, but I don't relish spending months trying to reach the level cap.  It seems the best thing to do is a handful of dailies and if you're online the god's trial instance of which you are limited to two runs in a day.  I'm not sure if I'm supposed to be buying XP potions to speed the leveling, but using my XP scrolls really only seems helpful in the god's trial.


    With all of that being said, I have enjoyed the game but I don't imagine I'll stick it out to level 50, let alone the cap of 80, if the leveling remains this dreadfully slow.

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