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Star Wars Galaxies: Shutting Down This Year



  • McGamerMcGamer C.S.T., USAPosts: 1,024Member Uncommon

    Once again the legend holds true. Anything that SOE touches, fails.

  • Acebets70Acebets70 Millbury, OHPosts: 265Member Uncommon

    The worst part is that he is commenting on a game he knows nothing about... Back to WOW  you go...move along

  • kain4kain4 sonoma, COPosts: 8Member

    Originally posted by Grand_Nagus

    Originally posted by kain4

    Originally posted by Grand_Nagus

    As bad as the NGE was, it has been confirmed the game was losing 10k subs a month prior to it happening. So while the NGE was an obvious fubar, the preNGE game wasnt doing very well either.

     i already replied to this but i forgot to quote it so people would understand what i was talking about.

    swg only lost sub at that rate after cu. before cu swg had the record number of subs out of any mmo at the time before wow.


    Maybe, maybe not. I highly doubt SWG ever surpassed EQ. Either way, the point is the game was in decline before the NGE. Sure, it was SOE's fault, but the NGE isnt what sent the game downhill. That was already in progress.

    you are right, nge wasn't what sent the game down hill, it was the cu

  • KyBoKyBo Fort Wayne, INPosts: 140Member Uncommon

         And so it is that a flawed game meets a flawed end.  The sad fact here is that due to the free game time for long gone SWG vets, the servers are actually fairly busy right now, and many returning players seem to be enjoying the current state of the game.  The irony, and where the flawed ending arises, is that a game that was decimated in 2005 by a joint decision between LA and SOE to "fundamentally transform" the game to play like WoW, managed to survive (barely) another six years only to be killed by LucasArts in order to usher in a new Star Wars game that COMPLETELY copies Blizzard's model.

         Here's hoping that LucaasArts and EA learn a lesson with TOR that should have been obvious with the decline of SWG: that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over again and expecting a different result.  SOE took a major hit to its reputation with the NGE, but LA escaped the historic debacle relatively unscathed.  LA then took the same idea of reskinning WoW with Star Wars over to BioWare.  BW not only bought into it, but hired the likes of Dallas Dickenson and others who were instrumental in bringing about the NGE.  EA then bought up BW, bringing truckloads of cash to pour into this awful plan.

         Soon, SWG will be gone, replaced by a game that has been designed to succeed where SWG:NGE failed.  No amount of polished graphics, voice acting, story, or snappy animations (and TOR's animations still look terrible compared to SWG's preNGE animations) will cover up the fact that the entire game has been designed to mimic WoW, just like the NGE. 

         The only good that may come of this entire situation is that SOE may decide to save more money by turning out the lights out on John Smedley's employment along with the SWG servers, and that EA dumps Dickenson and the rest of the NGE fugitives they hired six months after TOR launches, when the subscription chart trajectories are ironically more similar to that of SWG's a few months after launch rather than  WoW's.

  • djnexusdjnexus Detroit, MIPosts: 677Member

    I knew this was coming..... thats why I didnt bother to start playing again. With the release of the new Star Wars game it was ineveitable that this was to happen.

  • djnexusdjnexus Detroit, MIPosts: 677Member

    One other note this is why they dropped there all access pass to $19.99 because there games are lackluster anymore. Vanguard is on the chopping block next which then leaves only Everquest and Everquest 2 left. I dont see Sony surviving the next couple of years unless they can make Everquest next a real success and do it right and go back to the oldschool. GL Sony youll need it.

  • DinendaeDinendae Pekin, ILPosts: 1,264Member

    Is anyone truly surprised about this announcement?

    "Oh my, how horrible, someone is criticizing a MMO. Oh yeah, that is what a forum is about, looking at both sides. You rather have to be critical of anything in this genre as of late because the track record of these major studios has just been appalling." -Ozmodan

  • RagnavenRagnaven Flora, MSPosts: 483Member

    Is it bad if I cheer and shout yay?

  • mad-hattermad-hatter Posts: 239Member Uncommon

    It's sad to hear but figured it would happen eventually.  Too bad to see this one go before Vanguard or 90% of the crappy mmo's out right now.  I still resubbed every few months or so to check it out.  Don't even care for the flames but I'd like to see this new project that they are working on, I'm sorry I know they ruined this game up and down but you know, they know what they did wrong, clearly, and I got a good feeling that through the rampant flaming they received from the nge that they know what they have done wrong and know what to do with something new.  Call me crazy but find me another game that offers half of what SWG offers and we'll talk.  Granted it's not the most flawless game out there but seriously take a half hour out of your life and write down the things they offer in this game as it is now, then, compare it to today's mmos.  Sure they tried to clone the pop. games but they still had things like an amazing crafting/housing system and a great community, can't forget space either fun as hell.  Too little too late unfortunately.

  • King_KumquatKing_Kumquat Orlando, ORPosts: 492Member

    Originally posted by Dinendae

    Is anyone truly surprised about this announcement?


    The King says:

    HA HA

    Will develop an original MMORPG title for money.
  • kain4kain4 sonoma, COPosts: 8Member

    Originally posted by mmonooblet

    More people played AFTER CU, so you "vets" need to just get over yourselves. This game sucked from the beginning, the updates helped but it was never a good game.

    Of course EA and LA wouldn't want people to confuse SWTOR with this unfinished pile of garbage.

     lol nice try but no, when cu hit, swg listed a record 150,000 loss in the first week and hemoraged at an average of about 1k every week after untill around 2 months in where they started gaining subs back. then they hit with nge which knocked the subs down to a total of just under 100k subs. let me put this in perspective for everyone. at it's peak swg had a player base of around 500k active subs. after the cu on a single friday night it was reported that there were only 10k playing server wide. you and your "more people played after cu" just got shut down. and for those who will say "omg raging vet you should of payed the game in cu/nge and found out how much better it was etc. etc." i played even after cu hit and after nge hit and have been playing to this day off and on, the only saving graces in the game is the exploration, the bounty hunter missions, and the cool people that i'v known for years because of the game.

    i understand that people are tired of vets crying and i'm sorry; But to us this game was the greatest mmo we had and ever will play for many reasons you can read anywhere or listen to just by mentioning swg to a vet. did it have it's problems? yes it did but what game doesn't? on a different tact reguarding your post, a few games that sucked in the beginning and still do fo everyones enjoyment.

    World of warcraft-Pvp sucks and is skill-less

    Rift-weak wow clone

    Everquest-didn't suck but all i can say to describe it is mediocrity

    Age of conan-i shouldn't have to explain this one


    now those of you who read that and are about to post "OMG I LOVE THAT GAME YOU ARE SO WRONG IDIOT" remember this is my opinion that i am free to have which is my main overtone of my entire post; To quote cory taylor "dig what you dig. Don't take any fools madness, dig what you dig"

  • OlgarkOlgark BostonPosts: 341Member Uncommon

    about time this died. Its been dying since the NGE hit it a few years ago.


  • could have been avoided if SoE wasnt sooo stubborn to not make a pre-nge/cu server over the past few years....

  • WolfwaysWolfways NewcastlePosts: 5Member Uncommon

    For the past few days i've been thinking of returning to SWG :(

  • synfulsynful las vegas, NVPosts: 14Member Uncommon

    Dont put to much faith in E/A lets not forget what they did to EARTH AND BEYOND !!!!!!!

  • m240gulfm240gulf San Diego, CAPosts: 460Member Uncommon

    HAHA, see ya suckers!

    Although, I'm quit surprised this game has been around as long as it has after the CU, but I suspect that was due to more of pride on smeds part then it was for the game being a success.

    I Reject your Reality and Substitute it with My Own!

  • MMOrUSMMOrUS great yarmouthPosts: 414Member

    Originally posted by remyburke

    SWG will forever live in the annals of MMO history for what not to do to during a game's development cycle.


    And ironically CCP seem to be following the same path, wonder how that will play out.

    However it's sad to see the MMO that brought me to my current guild (who I still remain with after 8 yrs) disappear, though I have the feeling it's to free up valuable resources  for EQNext and Planetside, well thats my speculation anyway =).


  • daarcodaarco GavlePosts: 4,497Member Common

    Ten Years since i first read about SWG, it was my first MMO. Feels weird its gonna shut down.

    Dont think the future for sandbox MMOs looks even darker now.

    Good luck to that new "WoW Star Wars game".

  • AzureblazeAzureblaze Cotati, CAPosts: 130Member Uncommon

    Originally posted by niceguy3978

    Originally posted by erictlewis

    Me and SWG parted ways a few years back due to the NGE,  anybody who did not see this coming has a skewed since of reality.  The truth of the matter was most of the folks left a long time ago.  The rest kind of wound up on starsider.
    Oh well I figured they would wait until swtor nailed them I guess they had the since to see they no longer had the player base.

    I think that if they still have vanguard going then SWG could still stay affloat.  I have a feeling this has more to do with Lucas not renewing the license with SOE.  Or at least not at the reduced price that they had been running it on for the last few years, especially with KOTOR coming out, why would they feel the need to?  I have a feeling it wasn't SOE's decision.


    I agree with this..

  • ReklawReklaw Am.Posts: 6,495Member Uncommon

    It's a strange feeling, just a couple of day's ago I activated my 45 day's of free play, though didn't have much time to get really into it yet.

    But regardless the issue's the game had/has in both pre-cu, the CU and the NGE, Star Wars Galaxies is still the only MMORPG that I personaly felt was what I think a MMORPG should be, obvious without the issue's but knowing the magnitude of the game, the feature's, the options, the content, no MMORPG has even come close to the experiance I have gotten from SWG.

    Shame we have certain wanna-be gamers on this forum that salut the closure of the game, but then again it shows that certain people have this "me me me" mentality and don't give a d### about other gamers who might have enjoyed or still enjoy the game.

  • Snaylor47Snaylor47 Des Moines, IAPosts: 962Member

    Originally posted by Wharg0ul

    Originally posted by Snaylor47

    Originally posted by Wharg0ul

    Originally posted by Snaylor47

    Originally posted by Wharg0ul

    Originally posted by Snaylor47

    Originally posted by Acebets70

    Wow, just Wow   pretty much summed up why they did the CU/NGE...

    Yeah because compared to WoW, SWG is a... is there anything worse then a piece of sh!t?


    Sales, ratings, and numbers prove me right.

     Actually, compared to WoW, SWG in any of it's forms is a glittering diamond.


    By your "logic", McDonald's is the finest eating establishment in the world.

     What's that....can't be bothered to actually try to back up your baseless claims??

    Why am I not surprised?

    No its just what you said there was so incredible idiotic that words could not begin to descripe.


    I could sit here and list off websites and game magazines that praised WoW, I can also show you user rating from wow that put SWG to shame. 


    But after you made that statement I relized nothing I say will show you that SWG was a complete waste of gaming codes.

     Have another Big Mac.

    What a well thought out response to my post.


    Normally I would say go back to SWG but you know.

    I don't care about innovation I care about fun.

  • IsawaIsawa Middle 0 Nowhere, ORPosts: 1,051Member Uncommon

    "I could sit here and list off websites and game magazines that praised WoW, I can also show you user rating from wow that put SWG to shame."

    lol appealing to the masses to compare WoW to SWG is hilarious :) I remember SWG being buggy as hell, but quite enjoyable since my toon mastered several professions and explored the worlds before retiring as a Master Weaponsmith, building up a reputation for my weapons, having folks to rely on for materials - other than what my machines were gathering, hosting free weapon giveaways (was making some of the best blasters and sledges), crafting best weapons possible for random beginners, and then changes were introduced.

    Played WoW back in the day too, it was decent, but I never really had to think to play or felt like my character was anything special or had any role in his world. I guess simplicity rules ;)

    SWG was dead to be long ago, finally adding the headstone I see.

  • JeauseoffJeauseoff Standish, MEPosts: 36Member

    I don't care what anyone says about SWG vets being 'whiny LOL!1!!!!' and needing to 'get over it ROFLMAO!!!11!', when a game like pre-CU / NGE SWG can make national news because someone unlocked a feature, (i.e. their 1st Jedi character slot,) let me know.

    While you're at it, if you can tell me when that same game has such strong outcry from the playerbase about drastic changes made to the game that they leave en masse to the point where THAT also makes the national news, I'll be more willing to take your 'get over it LOLPWNED!!1!!!' comments about the 'whiny L2PNO0B!!!!1!!1!!' SWG vets more seriously.


  • bunnyhopperbunnyhopper LondonPosts: 2,751Member Common

    Originally posted by Wharg0ul

    Originally posted by Snaylor47

    Originally posted by Acebets70

    Wow, just Wow   pretty much summed up why they did the CU/NGE...

    Yeah because compared to WoW, SWG is a... is there anything worse then a piece of sh!t?


    Sales, ratings, and numbers prove me right.

     Actually, compared to WoW, SWG in any of it's forms is a glittering diamond.


    By your "logic", McDonald's is the finest eating establishment in the world.

    Actually no, in it's NGE form it was merely a broken and unpolished version of WoW, with a good space flight sim tacked on.


    Seriously, the level of delusion some (soon to be ex) swg players have is flabbergasting.

    "Come and have a look at what you could have won."

  • benasatobenasato zohar modifierPosts: 193Member Uncommon

    Strike up the band!!


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