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Get it out of your system: The MMORPG venting thread

neodavieneodavie Portland, ORPosts: 278Member

Okay so I've been following this site for a few years and on the whole I really enjoy the topics that people talk about and find discussions relatively civil (at least as far as internet discussions go) and on topic. But let's face it, sometimes we just don't like a game, sometimes we think a game is trash, still other times we have all at one point or another passed negative judgement on a game either before it's come out or without playing it.


Maybe we've said something in other topics, and maybe that unfounded statement lead to a banning of some durration, who knows. The point is we all legitimately hold viewpoints that others might consider obvious trolling and are unable to express those thoughts. I think it's time that we had a thread that allowed, nay, promoted the fine art that is internet trolling. With all that being said, I humbly propose (if the mods will allow it) a venting/trolling thread. Consider it something to just get the hate out of your system and be able to go back to more legitimate threads with an even temper.


Now I think before we start there should a few ground rules:

Firstly, we should obviously observe's Rules of Conduct especially with respect to not personally attacking others.

Secondly, you cannot get mad at other people, seriously this is just for fun.

Third, if you hate on a game you have to mention a game that you like as well (so people can hate on your game).

And finally, try to have fun. Seriously this is supposed to be lighthearted (even if you really believe what you're saying) and if it just spirals into personal attacks I'll just request the thread be deleted.


So everyone get your flame-retardant suits on, and cinch those nostalgia goggles on tight because we're goin' trollin' in this thread.

Originally posted by GTwander:

How are you an MMO? Or any of us for that matter?

I say we strike all users from the site for not being MMOs.


  • neodavieneodavie Portland, ORPosts: 278Member

    I'll get us started.  I'll start by saying what I like, which is RIFT. I like the invasions, I like the rift's that open in zones, and (god help) I even like the instanced PVP. I like the visuals of the game (which are much nicer than some other 7 year old franchises) and I find the game to have a lot of character even if you have to search a bit for it. The class system is much more open than I'm used to, yet isn't so open that a new player is completely baffled as to what to do. Even though I haven't gotten to end-game yeat, the new patch looks amazingly promising and exciting with intricate raids that just look plain fun.


    Now for the bad.

    Oh man I wish people would shut up about TOR. It seems every website, even sites that traditionally have not cared about MMO's, are wetting themselves over every bit of info that comes out about this game. I think its story concept is hyped to all-hell and ultimately will affect the game very little (especially endgame). 

    Another point is the "epic" fights where you and four other players just mow down wave after wave of NPC's with the addage "Having 25 people take down one mob isn't heroic". Really? Because I think pooling the collective strength of 25 people to kill one ridiculously powerful mob is much more epic than mowing down drones a-la Dynesty Warriors style.

    The art direction? Yawn. I mean it can probably run on peanuts which is good, but with so many games looking so much better, why would I want to play this game? Especially considering that I could just play KOTOR that has similar graphics and was released 8 years ago.

    Lastly I hate, HATE, the bounty hunter class. Would someone please find the memo that said "make all bounty hunters look like Boba Fett and we will profit greatly" and tear it up? Look, we all love the Fett man, but do we really want a class that should be as varied as bounty huters all look the same? What about IG-88, or Dengar, or even Bossk!? They all had unique looks about them. And don't feed me this Mandelorian crap, there were other races that were bounty hunters durring this time period that would have different looking armor that might actually be cool.

    Oh and the gameplay looks exactly the same as every other MMO out there.


    Come at me brahimage.

    Originally posted by GTwander:

    How are you an MMO? Or any of us for that matter?

    I say we strike all users from the site for not being MMOs.

  • AmanaAmana New York, NYPosts: 3,912Moderator Uncommon

    Venting and/or dicussing games, even expressing negative opinions, are perfectly fine in the forums, as long as there's something to back up opinions and doing so does not derail a thread. "Trolling" or discussing moderation on the forums is not permitted.

     Locking this up.

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