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Poll : MMO hype (TSW vs. ArcheAge vs.TERA vs. Blade & Soul)



  • AlotAlot BredaPosts: 1,948Member

    ^The poster above me is slightly hyped.

  • gaeanprayergaeanprayer Somewhere Out There, PAPosts: 2,335Member Uncommon

    My vote is Blade and Soul. Even though I have some concerns about it, I still see it doing well over here. It's been getting a lot of positive feedback so far from asian testers and sneak-peakers. My second choice was Secret World. TSW would actually be my first choice, but I don't trust Funcom. They really don't have a good track record with games. I think their biggest success was Anarchy Online? And that's not really saying much.

    It's a great premise, and if they pull it off it'll definitely pull their name out of the dirt. I'm just doubtful that they can. I'd like to see it work though, what they're promising sounds pretty nice.

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  • KuppaKuppa Boulder, COPosts: 3,292Member Uncommon

    Wow, TSW is leading. Didn't expect that.



  • HrothaHrotha -Posts: 821Member

    What is "Blade & Soul"?

    And.. "ArcheAge is THE GREATEST mmorpg ever made EVER in the history of MMORPGS."

    How can you claim something "THE GREATEST EVER MADE IN HISTORY OF MMORPGS CAPITAL LETTERS OF DOOM" when it isn't released yet? You simply can not.


  • PsychoPigeonPsychoPigeon UnkownPosts: 565Member Uncommon

    Originally posted by crunk001

    What is "Blade & Soul"?
    And.. "ArcheAge is THE GREATEST mmorpg ever made EVER in the history of MMORPGS."
    How can you claim something "THE GREATEST EVER MADE IN HISTORY OF MMORPGS CAPITAL LETTERS OF DOOM" when it isn't released yet? You simply can not.

    Obviously you're not meant to take it seriously

  • BelightBelight wichita, KSPosts: 73Member

    Well, there are people who have played the ArcheAge beta, that has no NDA, which is always a good sign in my eyes.

    The beta footage looks better than most released games I've played recently.

  • FigureFigure Bloomington, ILPosts: 128Member

    Originally posted by Kuppa

    Wow, TSW is leading. Didn't expect that.

    TSW really has the best chance I believe at being a sleeper success.

    I mean, the recipe is all there.

    -You have a company which has quietly gathered a small, but devoted following. A company that the rest of the industry thinks isn't capable or will screw things up which means that people will start from the 'lowest' point in evaluating the game, making any innovations seem even more spectacular.  "You mean Funcom did this?  Didn't they screw up AoC?"  This will produce the desired reaction by players and reviewers alike.  "Top game you aren't playing but need to drop what you're doing and start right now"

    -Constant ititeration by experimenting with other games in their line to lead up to this defining moment. (sounds a lot like WoW, experimenting with different flavors in WoW and making an RPG for the first time, but never releasing it as an exercise to understand the genre)

    -Innovation, and ballsy innovation at that.  You'd think, after being marked as 'Failcom', they'd be willing to release a 'traditional' mmo with a fantasy setting, classes, levels, raids ect to keep it safe and at least mildly profitable.  They broke all of those things.  This takes some guts.  Especially when you have obvious WoW clones such as Rift doing so successfully by simply copying and pasting WoW then starting from there for improvement.

    -Brand Name Developer.  Tornquist, just.. Tornquist.  Like Garriot before him, this man has developed a cult following stemming from Anarchy Online, another quietly successful game that was plagued by bad PR. (thanks SA btw)


    It's easy to be a modest success right now simply by playing it safe.  The winner in business though is the one that changes the game.  Either TSW will be a massive flop, or grow into a massive success.  Either it will inspire the reaction "wow this is new and different, but better!" or "wow, this is just too different than what I'm used to, pass."

    Currently Watching: TSW. << Very Eager for a Beta invite. Have experience with Beta Testing.
    Not personally a big fan of raiding or current pve endgame mmo philosophy. Nothing wrong with it, I just sort of burnt out on it.
    Hardcore raider in wow from Launch to.. about 7 months ago.
    Currently Playing: Champions Online.

  • chaod1984chaod1984 Lindenwold, NJPosts: 271Member

    Originally posted by arieste

    As far as I'm concerned, FC has made the best MMO ever in AO and the best-looking MMO ever in AoC.  Can't wait to see what they do next.   Flawed launches don't bother me nearly as much as dull unimaginative games that most companies with "flawless execution" seem to be making.

     You read my mind...this is how I've always felt.  FC is one of the best at making MMO's that are good, immersive and innovative.

  • VesaviusVesavius Posts: 7,825Member Uncommon

    Originally posted by nblitz

    Originally posted by redcap036

    Originally posted by Meowhead

    I feel so lonely being the sole person who is looking forward to B&S that much!
    Then again, I'm probably the only person with multiple Hyung-Tae Kim artbooks and posters. :<

    I guess liking this guy's art makes me an outcast from truly tasteful MMO lovers who enjoy things like TSW and Archeage more. :(

     Your not alone, very much looking forwards to B&S as well.


    Me three! I was majorly obsessed with the characters, even before knowing who the artist was or that it was drawn for a game. I can't sit still. So many great looking/sounding games to be released soon! I'm excited for all of them so I won't pick 1.


    lol B&S is borderline porn, but thats ok! Porn I hear is very popular!

    I just don't trust NCS after how they launched Aion... but IF they deliver then I would give it ago.

  • SlyLoKSlyLoK Sugar Grove, VAPosts: 2,129Member Rare

    ArchAge for me..

    TERA? I think they have already had to merge half of their Korean servers.

    B&S? Nah.

    TSW? Funcom? No thanks.


  • rudbarrudbar LjubljanaPosts: 67Member

    Its ArcheAge for me. Currently, everything about this game looks great or sound great.

    Well se if it delivers on its promises.

    Played: SWG-FFXI-EQ2-Aion

    Anticipated in order of Hype:

    Not enough info, but looks promising:
    Blade & Soul

  • COMYYCOMYY Mount Sterling, KYPosts: 5Member Uncommon

    Blade & Soul, cause of the graphics.

  • AuxiliaryAuxiliary SpijkenissePosts: 90Member

    Right now it is Tera, Blade and Soul looks pretty damn good, but there is nothing known about a Western release yet. ArcheAge and TSW are most likely not up my alley.

  • parrotpholkparrotpholk Leland, NCPosts: 3,275Member

    Archeage is the only one I am looking forward to.

    I will never give Funcom money again, Tera is already stuggling in a market that it was targeted to and B&S has never interested me in the least.

  • KendaneKendane Las Cruces, NMPosts: 225Member Uncommon

    Both TSW and Archage will probably be wait and see how they do.  The combatin Archage seemed kind of meh, but the idea of building your own cities is pretty cool, I just hope they implement something for abondoned houses to disappear or even decay.  I didn't care for 20+ AoC so again its wait and see how it does.  Tera really didn't interest me much and I never even heard of Blade & Soul until now.

  • SenadinaSenadina San Diego, CAPosts: 896Member Uncommon

    The Secret World sounds like the MMO I have wanted for years based on the real world/paranormal/horror setting alone. Add classless, levelless, appearance only wardrobe, 3 factions and the room to personalize your character seems immense. Then top it off with story and puzzles and this is my dream come true. IF they can pull it all off. Fingers and toes crossed.

  • PalebanePalebane Tucson, AZPosts: 3,225Member

    Funcom is one of the best hype companies out there. Not sure that's a compliment though.

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  • MadimorgaMadimorga Atlanta, GAPosts: 1,920Member Uncommon

    Originally posted by Blutmaul

    TSW - I expect the most, setting, skill system etc.
    ArcheAge - i feel will possibily from the mix of elements cast out many players who do not revolve around pvp and its questionable how much world shaping is really into it.


    This is exactly why I answered TSW and not ArcheAge.


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  • VengerVenger Posts: 1,295Member Uncommon

    I'm going with TSW.  I am a bit concerned about Funcoms track record though.  Archage ffa pvp turned me off to bad too I really liked its planned features, Tera looks interesting but I'm not really hyped about it at all and don't really know much about B&S at all.

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