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Why did Hellgate London fail in the first place? And why the Relaunch?



  • ikyle620ikyle620 Campbell, CAPosts: 41Member

    Originally posted by sonicbrew

    I been testing games for 35+ years

    That's so completely relevant, because beta testing for pacman is relevant to hellgate server stress testing.

    According to, the meaning of a beta-test is:

    Computers:. a quality-control technique in which hardware or software is subjected to trial in the environment for which it was designed, usually after debugging by the manufacturer and immediately prior to marketing. Compare alpha test.


    Under that definition, a server stress test can also be a beta test.

  • JuicemanJuiceman Prescott, AZPosts: 167Member

    Hellgate failed because they tried to charge MMO fees for an action RPG.  Some others have stated this, I figured I'd reiterate it to make the point more clear.  I'd say if there are other reasons, the sub-fee for better weapons and such is the main one.

    I'd say it was a pretty good Diablo style 3D action RPG, pretty fun.

  • rik666rik666 anonymousePosts: 69Member

    Originally posted by Juiceman

    Hellgate failed because they tried to charge MMO fees for an action RPG.  Some others have stated this, I figured I'd reiterate it to make the point more clear.  I'd say if there are other reasons, the sub-fee for better weapons and such is the main one.
    I'd say it was a pretty good Diablo style 3D action RPG, pretty fun.

    u didn't had to pay, i think it's all because they had a badstart,

    but u learn from mistakes.

  • RammurRammur spokane, WAPosts: 575Member

    If i remember right the jack ass in charge layed everyone off quit ran off to work for ncsoft and then flagship fell then they started up runic games which is producing the torchlight games.

  • insaneblade8insaneblade8 carmichael, CAPosts: 1Member

    i played helllgate till day i logged in & site was gone with.


    Game Wasen't bad it's Just it had alota bugs , The Devs didnt fix much or cared seemed hence a bad company. but was fun sure was repeatish but had alot off good stuff i just hope T3 can atleast Do better because it is a good game i still have a unopended CE copy LOL.


    Now TR i'd like bacck cause that game was way to much fun & had a good playerbase sad they shut it down as well a HG:L


    2 games that were good despite the bad crap people said who only watch Video's of it but never played.


    cant rate a game till you spend 2-4 weeks on it.

  • CoffeeBlackCoffeeBlack Wiscasset, MEPosts: 15Member

    Originally posted by crunk001

    I missed to play that Game when it was first released. Got scared away by it's horrible Rating and so on...
    Maybe anyone here played it: Why did Hellgate London fail in the first place - and why is there a Relaunch now?


    It wasn't really bad, in fact it was actually pretty fun. It had two main  failings though, they launched too early with way too many bugs (most of which they did fix, anyone who says they didn't obviously wasn't there during it's last days) and horrible business management with one of the worst pricing plans I have ever seen. They basically created a game that was in essence Diablo (considering both games were made by most of the same people it's not surprising) with a modern setting and a third/first person perspective, they gave you the base game (a full single player and multiplayer/co-op experience) for a one time price, just like buying any other old school RPG and then they mess up by charging a monthly fee to access what was basically just an expansion pack.


    By charging a monthly fee they did what a lot of American games did, they took a game that wasn't really intended to be an MMO and put it in direct competition with the bigger subscription MMORPGs out there, specifically WoW. Before the company folded the game did launch in the Korean market (after most of the major bugs had been fixed) and it did really well there, but the damage had been done. Flagship closed it's doors and mortgaged all of their properties to Hanibitsoft who had been doing the localization for the Asian market. They relaunched Hellgate as a F2P game after the dust had settled on the ruins of Flagship and have been supporting and continuing to develop new content for Hellgate (including a new secion set in Tokyo) and Flagship's other unreleased property, Mythos (which is closer to the traditional Diablo formula). Mythos is also in preperations for it's Closed Beta release in North America right now and is being localized here by RedBana , you can sign up for the closed beta and check out the game at


    In the end, Hellgate Global really isn't a relaunch, in truth it never really went under it just switched markets for a while. I played the CBT and am happy to say that it is still the same Hellgate, with some improvements, one major one being that the character models aren't as ugly as they used to be.


    Flagship's collapse has become so notorious in the industry because of the potential they had when they first launched, in the end though it wasn't all bad. The dev team they had working in Seattle on Mythos turned around and started their own company, you may know them as Runic Games, creators of the hugely successful Torchlight and the highly anticipated Torchlight 2 (they also contain members of the original Blizzard North team who created Diablo 2). If Flagship didn't fail, then Torchlight would probably have been just Mythos, which didn't look to be as good and seems a distant cousin to it's current encarnation.


  • EmhsterEmhster MontrPosts: 916Member Uncommon

    I played at launch. I enjoyed it a bit, but after a night or two I was getting more and more annoyed with lag and bugs. Horrible horrible start as I wish some companies would have learned from.

  • xKingdomxxKingdomx SydneyPosts: 1,541Member Uncommon

    Originally posted by zWolf

    Originally posted by Rednecksith

    ... and the idiot known as Bill Roper ...

    you mean THE Bill Roper, as in Legendary Bill Roper founder of that 'lil ole company' called Blizzard?  The guy that made Diablo?  The guy that was a huge part of World of WarCraft?  that guy?


    um.... idiot?  I think not.  HellGate might have had some mistakes, but one tarnish an idiot does not make.


    a few tidbits from the wiki on Bill:

    ...played a key role in the success of the WarcraftStarCraft and Diablo franchises...



    Roper has worked on the following titles:[12]

    The last two/three games completely dismantles his entire CV :P

    I still don't understand why he would leave a company he started and succeeded so well. He started Blizzard right?

    How much WoW could a WoWhater hate, if a WoWhater could hate WoW?
    As much WoW as a WoWhater would, if a WoWhater could hate WoW.

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