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What happened to Ys Online? :(

So a few days ago I learnt that I game Ive loved since I was pretty young has an MMO! I watched some videos of YS online and got really interested.


Now however I see that the game appears to be dead! The offical site doesnt work and no where else seems to have taken up the game.


Problem is I cant find any information on it. What happened to Ys online? Was it out for long, if ever? Was it any good?



  • nomssnomss albany, NYPosts: 1,468Member Uncommon

    Yea I've been wondering the same. I thought it was coming to US. But then it dissapeared.

  • OnigodOnigod Noord-HollandPosts: 756Member Uncommon

    all versions of the game are being shutdown i readed the reason for it somewhere but currently cant find it.


    the game wasent worth to be live in my opinion anyways it i tried it and quitted it asap.


    edit: prisontale 2 comes from the same company and their version of the game is also shutdown.

  • CartooNCartooN LondonPosts: 3Member

    Thats a shame, so it was a company fall rather than just the game that fell :(.


    I would still have liked to try it, just because I was a fan of the series in general.

  • rojoArcueidrojoArcueid GinnungagapPosts: 8,384Member Rare

    as far as i know YS online is ip block and NA cant play it, same for priston tale 2 just FYI... now if european servers are shut down then it sux, i wanted to play those 2 games really bad :(

    what a shame suba games had the PT2 teaser site on Coming soon for like years

  • CartooNCartooN LondonPosts: 3Member

    I guess its time to give up then.

    I searched some cache versions of, all it brings up the webpage host.


    I think whats frustrating me is no one really knows what happened T_T.



    Ive found out that the Japanese version of the game is still going. But its IP blocked so I wont be playing that version.


    Also apparently netmarble were working on a EU/NA version of the game but they havent updated in a while.

  • ArtheusArtheus ThursoPosts: 1Member

    Heres the information I have at present incase someone is still interested.

    YS online was released by Key2Play for the European market, the developers letting on at all if they will ever do so, cjinternet (who are also running netmarble as far as im aware) forced full ip restrictions on the key2play version, only people in EU could play it. This alone led to the games downfall. The game itself was very similar in style to Lineage 2 and all in all was fun to play.

    There was a very large amount of interest from the US community in this game however most people from the US never got to set foot in the online version of this great series. The IP block meant that the ingame population was not large enough to sustain the game and thus it closed. A global version would survive quite well I believe.

    Current Status:

    Netmarble still hold the rights to publish this game and are not letting on at all if they will ever do so. They did have it listed on the site at one point under thair games selecter the same way they do with prius. A small teaser page is still live on the netmarble site but as stated earlier, they are giving no indication as to if they will release the game to the global market any time in the future.


    Would love to see this game come out globally as it really was fun ^^

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