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Trying out the game a few Questions

KwanseiKwansei HyogoPosts: 334Member Uncommon

Hey all,


Have been playing MMORPGs since 1999 (not that really means anything credible), and finally decided to try out FF11.  I am wondering a few things though...

1) Are servers sill international in that population mainly consist of US and Japanese players? I lived in Japan for about a decade  and have no major problems with the langauge, and my missus is a Japanese national and I am hoping to get her into the world of MMORPGs. I am hoping we can find an enviornemnt with both Japanese and English players and I hear this is a good game for it.


2) How dedicated must play times be? I remember in EQ giving 30 mins notice before logging off was standard and tyring to find a replacement as well. Wish I had as little responsibilites as I did back then... Is it possible to easily 2 box my wife's character (or her mine) in case of toddler agro? Can we get stuff done in 2-3 hours of playtime? E.G. can we slowly and casually enjoy all the content?


3) With reference to Q#1, can anyone recommend a good sever with a mix of Japanese and US players? Does the game support both language fonts (I assume it does)? We are looking for a nice family guild setting hopefully bilingual, but eh, that's wishing for a lot.


4) Also any recommendations on a good starting class (es). My guess is I will be testing the waters first for a month or two before my wife joins.



Cheers much and thanks in advanced!




  • ExilorExilor Las Palmas de Gran CanariaPosts: 391Member

    Since no one answered I will have to use my limited knowledge of the game (and bump the thread in the process)

    1) Yes, they're still international. All of them.


    2) You could, I've witnessed exactly that: a guy grinding on his own with 2 chars he controlled. The chars were dancer and thief if I memory serves. And he didn't do it bad at all.


    3) This I don't know, but since they're all international I'd think all the servers have their fair share of US and Japanese players. To type japanese characters you have to use Windower AFAIK.


    4) I started as a Red Mage and i wasn't half bad. I've also seen that class recommended as a starting class on several places.

  • VulkyVulky BadalonaPosts: 11Member

    1) Servers are populated by people of around the world equally (usually), since you know both languages you shouldn't even worry about which server you pick as most people do, as some servers have more japanese than others.

    2) A shit load of daily playtime was needed before but now things are a bit easier, you could do most of the content only playing 2-3hr a day, but ffxi is a slow game so it is perfectly possible that those 3hr are spent just looking for a party (even more these days as everyone is doing engame). Just try to get in a friendly LS with people to party with and that will help you get to level 90 asap. You can dualbox 2 characters (even triobox or quadbox) but the characters must be in different POL accounts as only one client can be logged in an account at the same time.

    3) As I said servers have people from everywhere and if you know both languages you shouldn'd mind about the population being 50/50 or 60/40 (never gonna be more than 60/40). The game supports both fonts but to write in japanese you probably need a japanese keyboard. (Maybe you can try with microsoft IME idk)

    4) Anything you like, you can change jobs at any moment by going to your house so it's not really important. If you want to be a mage level up blm or whm first, if you want a dd go for war or mnk (whichever you choose you will have to use the other one too because at level18 you can have a subjob and this means leveling other job to aid the main one).

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