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Looking for guild (Any server)

eveismeeveisme beulaville, NCPosts: 69Member

Hey I am new to silkroad online so I have not had a chance to get my character to a high lvl yet :D.  So if any guilds are willing to take me in please reply back.  I am willing to move to any server and I am american just to let you know :D.  I also would prefer euro expansion but if you are chinese then I will go that :D.  Thanks for looking at this have a great day...



  • NabeelNabeel London, NYPosts: 10Member

    Hi, my guild is a lvl 4 guild on Xian called AkatsukiX, we power level regularly and we speak english.

    We wil gladlly welcome you as long as you're active.

  • GalaxoGalaxo BucharestPosts: 389Member Uncommon

    Come join us on the server Azteca here is a legit union

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