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Sony Breached again?



  • VrikaVrika FinlandPosts: 3,721Member Rare

    Sony Ericsson Canada and Sony Music Japan were also hacked, souce:

    It looks like also Sony Music Indonesia got hacked:

  • BeezerbeezBeezerbeez ChicagoPosts: 261Member Uncommon

    Wow.  I hope these hackers get what's coming to them.  Better yet, maybe they can bring down al the credit agencies of the world a la Fight Club :)

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  • HoplitesHoplites SpartaPosts: 463Member Common

    Originally posted by bigelectron

    I almost loled when I read the title...then to find out its just a third-party server in greece somewhere and only like 8k accounts were taken was kind of dissapointing.

    Surprise!  Sony fails again to protect global customers.


  • helthroshelthros Miami, FLPosts: 1,449Member Uncommon

    Man this is crazy. Sony and Microsoft are expected to drop the price on their consoles in June too.


    Actually Xbox is supposed to do the drop first to put pressure on the playstation. I was going to buy a PS3 when the price dropped but hell not anymore.


    I want to play online Fifa :(, but I refuse to buy another Xbox so it can red ring on me 5 times in the next 2 years.

  • TeknoBugTeknoBug Vancouver, BCPosts: 2,154Member Uncommon

    Originally posted by helthros

    I want to play online Fifa :(, but I refuse to buy another Xbox so it can red ring on me 5 times in the next 2 years.
    How old is your XBox console? Units from 2008 and newer has a much lower RROD rate, mine hasn't RROD'd once since I got it in Oct 2008. My friend's XBox is from 2005 and it hasn't RROD'd on her yet, lol.


  • WarmakerWarmaker San Diego, CAPosts: 2,234Member Uncommon

    I think it's funny that despite a system has been out for several years already a well known problem such as the RROD is STILL present.

    Talk about lazy QA.  Or corporate greed in getting the same people to buy the same damn console again... and they do buy it again... and again! image

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  • Deron_BarakDeron_Barak Portland, ORPosts: 1,136Member

    Ire for a companies development decisions aside this is criminal activity.  This is what Sony gets for being part of a court case against hackers I guess.  I cannot wait to see these hackers arrested and paraded around before being put in prison as a deterant to future scumbags.

    Just not worth my time anymore.

  • daelnordaelnor Manteca, CAPosts: 1,556Member Uncommon

    Originally posted by Ceridith

    Originally posted by strangerdang

    Couldnt happen to a nicer many games they have turned around and made flourish, so many already flourishing game they have nourished and tended to...and always sticking with their games though the rough patches.  So many wrongs to their customers righted....SOE "the noble" company.
    all this was probably some pissed off SWG fans realizing their 5 year plan to destory the company that destroyed their game.
    not sure theres a game company that has pissed off more of its customers...

    It's far more likely it was one of the many hacker circles they caught the ire of by going after the PS3 jailbreak, the timing makes sense.

    If it was pissed off SWG fans, it would have happened years ago.

    don't forget...this coincidentally started happening a couple weeks after they laid off all those DESIGNERS and PROGRAMMERS.  Just sayin...


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