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Recent views of Clan Lord

EirianEirian Fair Oaks, CAPosts: 6Member

It seems that while some people want to post about CL, doing it in old threads is a no no, so here's a new one.

I started playing a bit over a year ago, and while some of the criticisms I read here are accurate--about the sounds and graphics, mainly--I'm kind of amazed to rread the old praise and find that it's still true, and to see that people who joined even more recently than I, say similar things.

It is a small community, and mostly very friendly and helpful.  There is little in the way of a solo game, and no pvp. There's also no level cap, and new content has been added steadily since the game started in 1996, so the gameworld is huge!

A number of players have evolved into gms and content developers.  There are lots of other cool things but rather than repeating, I'll just add the links below.  If you want to comment or question though, do it here, so you don't raise an old thread.  ^_^

A thread about how quirky and fun it is :)

A thread about whether it's worth the fee.

There's a blog  reporting in-game events and news. It also has links to a lot of other resources. Just google Thoomcare Media--can't link it, I'm afraid.... :P against the rules, I'm told.

Feel free to add other thoughts!



  • frlifrli ZurichPosts: 3Member

    Originally posted by Eirian

    A thread about whether it's worth the fee.

    Fee has changed since though. A new account is still $14.95, no monthly or yearly fee afterwards anymore. Free to play, free to pay.

  • EirianEirian Fair Oaks, CAPosts: 6Member

    Yeah, I think the additional character slots are now the only thing you can pay for, beyond the 14.95.

    Thanks for noting that.  :)

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