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EA/NFSW restricting login to Micro Transaction users only

tiapherestiapheres elizabeth, NJPosts: 74Member

Tried to login today after the latest patch, and got a login error stating the servers are under high traffic and only Micro Transaction Users are getting priority. This is a lie as you get kicked after the error prompt. There is no queue there is nothing about priority, if you havent purchased from their cash shop you can't login.

This after they finally fixed thier resolution bug that made the game unplayable for anyone using a high end graphics card. They took months to fix that bug and now they do this. I am done with EA/NFSW.

I have been a subscriber to every major MMO on the market past and present and also a user of F2P models and cash shops for around decade and a half, and this game has been the utter worst dissapointment in all my gaming history. My word of advise is to avoid this game like the PLAGUE.

Fatetaker Voidwalker
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  • defector1968defector1968 Nar ShaddaaPosts: 428Member Uncommon

    mmmm i tried to login yesturday and today and i get the msg that the servers are down


    but my worries for EA is the Toro, i have a BAD feeling about this!!!

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