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Forsaken World: Five Things Forsaken World Does Wrong



  • rojoArcueidrojoArcueid GinnungagapPosts: 8,390Member Rare

    Originally posted by thamighty213

    Pay to Chat is the best system ever introduced to F2P titles IMO.


    Whilst of course those who are dedicated F2P players will hate it,  it is a godsend to those who do spend a little money and spend more time ignoring F2P players than they do actually playing.

    Players are far less likeley to abuse people in chat etc if they have paid a little money for the privelage whereas a total F2P player will do and say what the heck they like as whats the worst that could happen - they lose a free account.


     that doesnt happen in PWE games, even with the pay to chat in world chat, every time i log in to PWI and FW theres always a bunch of idiots spamming nonsense crap for hours in world chat as much as a free to chat game does.... it sure controls gold seller but not other players from getting annoying

  • ormstungaormstunga sthlmPosts: 736Member

    btw, the guy wielding a hammer in the 3rd pic looks abit like a Chaos Space Marine lol... if that's something they're aiming for art-wise I might be interested ;)

  • Hellfyre420Hellfyre420 Oakland, CAPosts: 861Member

    PWE makes pay to win games.. Thought everyone knew this.. If you're looking for fair pvp then look elsewhere.. They ruined Heroes Of The Three Kingdoms which had some of the best pvp elements and mechanics in place at launch, only to be ruined and cost real money months later.


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  • KyleranKyleran Paradise City, FLPosts: 23,994Member Epic

    Items I can agree with:

    Point of interest routing - if travel in the game is that boring, you've built a bad game.

    Pay to Chat - Sort of agree, though I have been in this system and it does cut down on annoying people in world chat, so I'll go both ways on this one.

    You must buy your respecs - I normally hate when there's anything in the cash shop (even fluff items) that you cannot earn any other way in game, so this is a big negative in my book.

    PVP Buffs in Cash Shop - Even though I'm willing pay for these, it tends to be a much larger investment than a normal MMO sub might cost.  You mentioned 100.00, in Runes of Magic people routinely paid 400-600 US for decent gear, and rumor had it there were a few players who sank 8K US into their gear and they truely were in god-mode, I remember one mage that could easily fend off 6 decently geared level 50's....was just stupid and ultimately the reason why I left the game.  So this is a total deal breaker from where I stand and would never consider playing.




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  • Zandora2018Zandora2018 Edmonton, ABPosts: 240Member

    I played in CB2 - CB4 and all i can say it was fun til the CS came in. F2P = P2W 90.99 % of the time. Then ppl QQ about games that cost you $10-15 a month and you have to grind for gear. There is a no win in MMO's any more. PPL want to spend 2-3 hours get gear and lvl, then ppl pay $$$ to hit the WIN button in F2P games. I'll take my monthly fee game and just work with what i have. F2P games where they put the "Win" button in the CS = fail imo. Now if you can buy different zones added power sets like CO , DDO , ect then maybe its ok but still no way to make a MMO to make everyone happy

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  • NightkinNightkin BudapestPosts: 47Member Uncommon

    A game with a monthy 9 - 15$ is cheaper than an Asian free to play game. Not just cheaper... better. My problems with Asian games:

    -Ugly graphics

    -Boring quest (kill 15x collect 25xy, etc..)

    -0-24 farm or spend 100$ in the item mall

    -Kiddish monsters and NPCs

  • ArthasmArthasm LoznicaPosts: 780Member Uncommon

    An entire game doing all the things wrong... If you wanna trully enjoy game u must be f2p - force 2 pay...

  • Xero_ChanceXero_Chance Salina, KSPosts: 519Member

    The part about PvE not being competitive between players is dead wrong. A player's reputation and gear has a lot to do with whether or not they get into dungeon teams at all. Players who haven't shelled out extra money for upgrades risk alienation and exclusion from most heavily team-based PvE content. This content is a must-do for any mid-to-high leveled player who wants to get their hands on any gear at all.

    Are you going to choose the tank with no cash shop upgrades over the one who has them all?

    Of course not. In most cases that would be suicide and I'd bet my bottom dollar that the late-game content is designed so it's only possible to complete if you spend some money on upgrades.

  • nyxiumnyxium Posts: 1,226Member Uncommon

    The autopilot thing puts me off. Meh, least it's F2P.

  • PSevennPSevenn Stara ZagoraPosts: 6Member

    5 is not enough

  • booboofingerbooboofinger Tampa, FLPosts: 96Member Uncommon

    I don't mind the pay to chat at all. As long as it's global. It's probably the best way to keep the spammer quiet.

  • Athena_StarfireAthena_Starfire AucklandPosts: 213Member Uncommon

    Well, considering the fact that the game just ripped me of US$20 I'm somewhat biased. Put 500 leaf in the 'leaf exchange' for 95Gold, says it completed, transfered to 'in bag' hit the button, back to game, 95Gold no where to be found. If the support was anything like in 'Perfect World' game I can kiss that money goodbye. Other most major annoyance is 'World Chat' that you are FORCED to see all the dribble of people bickering and not have the option to close the window or otherwise block it.

  • MMOtoGOMMOtoGO Freeland, MIPosts: 630Member

    Most of the observations given in the article are very understandable.  I can say that some of the cash shop points are likely quite shocking to the P2P player.  For example, the "pay to chat" at first glance seems like an obvious money grab. However, this is actually quite useful in making sure that chat is filled with mostly serious players.

    F2P is a model that is here to stay and growing rapidly.  There aren't enough gaming dollars available to have multiple subscriptions.  

  • VyethVyeth Fayetteville, NCPosts: 1,459Member Uncommon

    It's interesting.. I haven't ever taken a F2P as "srs bznis" enough to feel like I had to pay to compete, people get so upset about it but that is the way it is designed. When you pay 15 bucks a month to subscribe to that other game, you have a huge advantage over the guy who hasn't and that is the fact that you can actually play the game..

    Money will give you an advantage in just about everything you experience in this society and that is why we work so hard for it..

    The way they look at it (and a whole lotta other "entrepreneurs" out there) if you want it bad enough, you'll pay for it...


  • aRtFuLThinGaRtFuLThinG MelbournePosts: 1,265Member Uncommon

    Originally posted by Axeshun

    Originally posted by Shroom_Mage

    The Pay to Chat feature is little more than a way to allow PWE to profit from gold spammers. MapleStory had this feature, too, and it's probably second to none when it comes to bots and spammers.

    Originally posted by Axeshun

    And I realize that this wasnt covered in his article, but what the hell is wrong with the camera/movement relationship?  WASD movement,  but A and D straffe?WTF?  And there is no way to change it?(to my knowledge) And u have to manually turn the camera with the mouse for every minor turn or else you toon will be facing you.  Total fail in controls. 


    I'd be surprised if you couldn't change your controls, but WASD movement (with A and D as strafe) is pretty much the way it's played. Using keys to turn is FAR too slow in almost every case, and even if sped up, it doesn't offer the accuracy of a mouse in any circumstance. Most games do not default to this, and it is always the first thing that I and many, many others change. Defaulting to a more practical control scheme is hardly "total fail".

    Using A and D too slow to turn?  Thats a first....  Ive played way too many MMOs to list and I can only recall a couple that were defaulted to this broken control scheme.  And most of the majority of them had straffe and turn options such as Q and E strafee A and D turn W and S for foward and back.  That is pretty much the standard.  

    But by the look of your other comment, I guess you are a blind defender of FW so nvm.


     I don't know what level you are pvping at but none of gladiator level pvpers in WoW or top pvpers in WAR that I know ever uses keyboards to turn - you map A and D to strafe so that you free up Q and E keys for mapping quick stun/crowd control/escape moves. Using Q and E for strafing is very wasteful.

    Also, you are basically just ripping on the person that you've just quoted for no apparent reason then that fact that he is saying what true for most top level players and that you don't like his opinion. He didn't eve mentioned that he likes FW or that he even plays FW in there.

  • RammurRammur spokane, WAPosts: 575Member

    I like the pay to chat kills the gold spammers they dont over run the game like they do 90% of the f2p title

  • LeviCGLeviCG Charleston, SCPosts: 13Member Uncommon

    There is false information in this feature list. You get a free respec, it's called a Talent Compass. Everyone gets atleast 1 for free. You don't have to use the auto route feature if you do not wish to do so. It's simply there for convenience. As you start getting higher leveled 20+, you even get quest that don't allow the auto-route feature. There's also several ways to obtain "world flutes" other than buying them from the CS. I question the author of this feature list about his actual level before writing this article? Also, there's several several several forms of instruction on how to's. There's not really any info overload. Concerning the "Shards" you can obtain them through normal questing and monster slaying. Please get a little bit more experience before "defining" a game.

  • OurielOuriel SkopjePosts: 73Member Uncommon

    Even the pay to chat doesn't help when there are tons of idiots posting on the world chat(I don't like to use offensive words, but there are seriously many idiots there.)

    The crystals in the cash shop are used for adding gems to your gear and are only obtainable via cash shop(I haven't seen a vendor that sells them.) Other thing to know for the game is that the Mastery and Resistance trainings are game breaking. There was a post on the FW's forum and the price was calculated how much money it will cost you to max out the Mastery and Resistance training. The price was 24800$ and that is a huge price. 16800$ for the mastery training and 8000$ for Resistance training. With 248000$ you can buy a car.(Need clarification on this, don't know if the price is correct.)

    Other thing the writer didn't mention was their unoptimized engine. The game's engine seems like it's not reaching the CPU and thus the players with good PC's have low FPS from about 10 to 22 FPS on a top notch machine.

    The game is also repetitive and it's very dependant on God's Trial dungeon. The God's Trial dungeon is a dungeon that gives you a experience. The dungeon is opened twice a day can be done once a day. If you haven't done the dungeon in the last three days, the dungeon stacks and you can enter it thrice in that day. The God's Trial will give you a full level, but that depend on what level you are.


    The problems with the F2P games is that they are more expensive than the P2P games. In the P2P games you pay 15$ or 12.99€ and enjoy the whole game without to have a game breaking items, while on the F2P side you can spend more than 100$/€ a month and even more in a year.

    Other thing I have noticed about the companies who publish most of the F2P Asian games often times they have a cash shop that ruins the gameplay and it's PvP and PvE. Lucky that Riot Games is an exception.

  • AxeshunAxeshun the internet, VAPosts: 82Member

    Thnx artfulthing, but r u blind? he quoted me I quoted back....its in ur quote text reply......

    And Gladiator WoW pvpers lmao.  Its called MACROS and gaming mice.  Thats actually what many use, but what do I know u r the guru of STRAFFE. lol

  • TuchakaTuchaka san diego, CAPosts: 468Member Uncommon

    open chat with the unwashed masses is for morons anyway but charging for it bad idea

  • TheCrow2kTheCrow2k Adelaide, AKPosts: 953Member

    [quote] So who knows, maybe this sort of item will disappear after enough testing.  But I wouldn’t hold my breath. [/quote]

    Not if they make money out of it.......

  • lthompson94lthompson94 Memphis, TNPosts: 194Member

    Originally posted by Axeshun

    Thnx artfulthing, but r u blind? he quoted me I quoted back....its in ur quote text reply......
    And Gladiator WoW pvpers lmao.  Its called MACROS and gaming mice.  Thats actually what many use, but what do I know u r the guru of STRAFFE. lol

    Lol sorry man but turning with your keyboard is no way to stay competetive.  Yes, they are called macros... and mouse turning.  No decent player uses keyboard to turn... but good luck with that.
  • newbismnewbism newyork, NYPosts: 39Member

    I've been playing this game as if it were my job since its release.  Right now I'm level 56 (cap is 60) and there are only a few on my server that have reached 60.

    Here are my thoughts.  

    First of all, the entire games economy is fueled  by cash shoppers.  The'res two currencies, one is tradeable.  The tradeable currecny is basically created from an item in the cash shop. 

    Even though the tradeable currecny is based on real life money, NON ZEN buyers can get by very easily selling things on the auctionhouse.

    You can actually get everything you need from the cashshop this way.

    However, when you look at the details of the games setup, you will notice there is almsot an infinite number of limitations and aspects of the game created just to get more gold from you to spend. The tradeable gold is not only used for trading, but often used with npc's instead of the nontradable gold.

    Guild basses, for example.  There is a time for bidding between guilds to get guild basses. The first round lasted 3 days and our guild ended up spending something around 18 diamonds just to buy the base. That is equal to around $200 dollars convereted.  Then there's an upkeep to pay.  You can do quests to generate upkeep, but if it drops too low your guildies are spending money again.

    The fact that you can get by without spending money seems to apply more on PVE servers.  from what ive been told, pvp is very dependant on gear and masteries.  Masteries are boosts to damage and resistance, that are ENTIRELY upgraded through gold.  And the max them out you're going to either be playing the auctionhouse nonstop and well,  or spending tons of real life money.

    PVE isnt very challenging and doesnt require maxed out gear.  Actually the game seems to revolve only around leveling up.  most quests are done solo with tons of running around and instances are only done for gear.

  • trancejeremytrancejeremy St. Louis, MOPosts: 1,222Member Uncommon

    I tried to play this, but just couldn't get past the inability to turn, only strafe.

    Just weird. And as I play games left handed, using the arrow keys instead of asd, so it was just unplayable. I don't understand how they could miss something so simple that most other MMORPGs, even many F2P ones from Asia can handle...

    R.I.P. City of Heroes and my 17 characters there

  • bonez369bonez369 oregon, ILPosts: 5Member

    k i play fw and yes we got a cash shop but u dont have to pay cash to get items from it u can use gold coins(ingame curruncy between players) to buy leaves(cash shop money) and bam u can start buying stuff from cash shop but i advise u keep enough gold coins to buy mercury statues from other players(item needed to do a quest to get gold coins) and heres another plus there are 2 currencies ingame 1 is soul coins which is used purely on npcs and gold coins which like i said above are used for player to player transactions and also can b use at npcs for special items and if u dont have enough soul coins but ive gone a lil off topic but with all that said cash shop isnt really that bad especially since leaves are reasonably priced

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