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last good first-person fantasy RPG that's not Elder Scrolls or M&M or a mmorpg?

ThrakkThrakk Athens, GAPosts: 1,226Member

I'm curious about everyone's opinion on the last good first-person fantasy rpg (that's not elder scrolls, might and magic or a mmorpg).





  • Sain34Sain34 Las Cruces, NMPosts: 293Member Uncommon



  • ThrakkThrakk Athens, GAPosts: 1,226Member

    Is it just me or has this genre of games really dissappeared from the the market over the past decade?

    There was a time when first-person fantasy-realm RPGs were everywhere. It seems like a waste of a good genre not to continue making this kind of game. Bethesda proved that this genre can be a real popular cash cow so I don't know why other companies aren't even trying to make the same style of games.


    What a waste

  • ThrakkThrakk Athens, GAPosts: 1,226Member

    EQ doesn't count because it's a mmorpg

  • japojapo Sedona, AZPosts: 306Member

    There were none before The Elder Scrolls....and none since.

  • japojapo Sedona, AZPosts: 306Member


    Tell me what they were...or are.  Or give me your definition of "good".

  • japojapo Sedona, AZPosts: 306Member

    I would say the Thief series...but that was more of an Adventure game.

    I never got into the Gothic games...and System Shock and Deus Ex aren't fantasy.

    Betrayal at Krondor was okay...but I don't remember if that was First Person or not.

    So I stand by me earlier statement. 

  • ThrakkThrakk Athens, GAPosts: 1,226Member

    single player first-person fantasy-realm RPGs used to be a big thing. stuff like Wizardry VI VII & VIII, Lands of Lore 1 & 2, Ultima Underworld 1 & 2, Dungeon Hack, Arx Fatalis and Might and Magic VI, VII & VIII

  • JennysMindJennysMind Tucson, AZPosts: 881Member

    Fallout 3

  • ThrakkThrakk Athens, GAPosts: 1,226Member

    Originally posted by Alekhin

    Fallout 3

    I don't consider that game to be in a fantasy realm (by the standard definition of fantasy)

  • ThrakkThrakk Athens, GAPosts: 1,226Member

    hmm, I just found one on ign called Wizards & Warriors (2000). I'll have to look into it.


    such a shame that companies aren't trying to follow in Bethesda's footsteps

  • japojapo Sedona, AZPosts: 306Member

    Yup....I was there.

    Stonekeep too....but again, for me, all those were just okay.  I"m trying to remember the name of another one...the music was awesome...kind of creepy.  There was a huge wall in the starting area and the first objective was to get beyond that wall.  It's gonna drive me crazy until I think of it.

    I'll agree with Lands of Lore though....forgot about that one.

    Nothing has grabbed me and kept me interested like The Elder Scrolls series. 

    I don't think I ever finished any of those other games.

  • waynejr2waynejr2 West Toluca Lake, CAPosts: 6,409Member Rare

    Originally posted by Thrakk

    hmm, I just found one on ign called Wizards & Warriors (2000). I'll have to look into it.
    such a shame that companies aren't trying to follow in Bethesda's footsteps

     Need a tissue?

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  • HipsterHipster St Charles, MOPosts: 69Member

    Risen (forgot if it was first person though)

  • TorgrimTorgrim GothenburgPosts: 2,088Member

    Gothic 3 is pretty damn good now when it's fixed.

    If it's not broken, you are not innovating.

  • ErstokErstok LOL wut, NYPosts: 523Member

    Planescape: Torment.

    Now go outside and stop posting on the internet.

    When did you start playing "old school" MMO's. World Of Warcraft?

  • xKingdomxxKingdomx SydneyPosts: 1,541Member Uncommon



    How much WoW could a WoWhater hate, if a WoWhater could hate WoW?
    As much WoW as a WoWhater would, if a WoWhater could hate WoW.

  • rojoArcueidrojoArcueid GinnungagapPosts: 8,031Member Rare

    hexen  lol


    edit: nevermind..... i missunderstood the title of the post D:  for some reason i did read "last first person rpg i played"...

    naughty english comprehension

  • WolfenprideWolfenpride San''doria, WIPosts: 3,988Member

    Lots of good 3rd person RPG's that have come out recently, Two Worlds 2, Risen, Divinity 2 to name a few.

    But the only somewhat recent first person games that come to mind beyond bethesda's stuff is like..Wizardry 8, Arx Fatalis, and Dark Messiah of Might and Magic.

  • OntblodOntblod swedenPosts: 190Member Uncommon

    Originally posted by japo

    Yup....I was there.
    Stonekeep too....but again, for me, all those were just okay.  s.

    My first PC game, crawling in the corridors/dungeons wondering what and when I would enter the outside wouldnt that be cool but it never came lol. Those were the days when patches was a not known concept, I didnt even have internet back then. The game was buggy in the icewitch realm, crashed on me every time.


    But then Morrowind came........

  • sudosudo Tel-AvivPosts: 697Member Uncommon

    I don't think that it has direct connection to the might & magic series (imo it doesn't because it has absolutely nothing in common with them but the name) but you might want to try this game out:

    Dark Messiah of Might and Magic.

    It's a bit too much of an fps for my taste but it might just be what you are looking for.

    "Only in quiet waters do things mirror themselves undistorted.
    Only in a quiet mind is adequate perception of the world."
    Hans Margolius

  • tank017tank017 Glendale, CAPosts: 2,192Member


  • blazin-aceblazin-ace Doomed, NCPosts: 302Member

    It seems like first person RP games mostly died out when console gaming swept the market away from the PC. As a matter of fact, I can't remember a "good" first person "fantasy" RPG outside of Bethesda's series off the top of my head...


    *Is Sad.*

  • PigozzPigozz CPosts: 842Member


    Even tho the game changed first person with 3rd person..still one of the best RPGs out there (not considering Planescape, thats like comparing sentence to book )

    MMOs played chronologically:
    Runescape,Lineage II, WoW,Tabula Rasa, AoC,Eve Online,Guild Wars, Rift(beta only),SWTOR(beta only),Star Trek Online
    Most fun: Tabula Rasa

  • AnubisanAnubisan Boulder, COPosts: 1,798Member Uncommon

    I've never played any GOOD games of this type except for the Elder Scrolls series. Fortunately we have another one of those coming out soon!

  • markh777markh777 Rutland, VTPosts: 143Member Uncommon

    Kings Field

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