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Anything like Fantasy Earth Zero?

FeverfewFeverfew Guntersville, ALPosts: 120Member

So, I really, *really* liked Fantasy Earth Zero, but Gamepot stopped publishing it D:

I was hoping this might be similair? FEZ had territory gains, 50 vs 50 wars, 40 levels, 4 classes, 5 nations, and decent PvE, and the fighting required skill(like this one apparently does)

If this game isn't like FEZ, does anyone have a reccommendation? =o




  • IfcwhuffesIfcwhuffes Thornton, COPosts: 35Member Uncommon

    Ive played rakion on and off for a few years. To be honest, its nothing like FEZ really.

    Theres 5 classes: Warrior, Blacksmith, Mage, Archers, Ninja's. No factions. No Territory gains.

    Only thing it has similar to FEZ would be that its twitched base action.  Matches are 8vs8 or 6vs6....  cant remember but its not a large battle like 50vs50. Theres a Few game modes like TDM, DM, Golem(where you kill the other teams golem) and an kill the leader mode(highest lvl player is the leader).

    Population is low from what i remember when i lasted tried it. And the Cash shop users with the "win" Armor and weapons will be enough to make you pull your hair out at times.. but the game is rewarding to skilled players. Lvl 1s can take out a lvl 50 if they know how to play. :P

    You may want to keep an eye on Earthrise. From what i heard, it had a bad launch but its gradually getting better and they're adding Territory wars soon or something based on territories.

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  • FeverfewFeverfew Guntersville, ALPosts: 120Member

    Thanks, I'll look at Earthrise. 

    I do miss FEZ Dx

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