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To give my two cents on Rift...

VespuraVespura Las Vegas, NVPosts: 71Member

To give my two cents on Rift....

It's a great game. It's not my dream game (close, but not quite), but I will be playing it for the time being. The only thing it's missing for me is a non-generic combat system... I would rather have something like DDO, where you actually have to click to swing a sword and aim at the creature to shoot/cast... So until I find a game that has as many classes, or near as many, as Rift with DDO combat style, beautiful graphics (Rift graphics set my standards), intermixing classes like Rift, and mass PvE spawns (Rifts), I will be playing Rift.

So, anyways, back to giving my two cents... The game is a lot better than any other MMO I have played so far. The combat system is generic, but there's more to it than just the way you attack and the action bars. In Rift, you actually have to think about what you're going to use. For example, I am a Paragon (dual wielding warrior)/Reaver (basically a death knight. Death warriors. Spread disease by the touch of their sword, dots, aoe dots)/Beastmaster (2 handed weapons, pet) and I have to think what dots to use against my enemy and what attacks I should use/etc.

The rifts are pretty cool, though they can get a little repetitive. Invasions are awesome and I never get tired of them. I actually haven't seen a rift in the same place over and over every time... They're always spontanious. In fact, I was walking once and a death rift where I had never seen one open before opened right above me, and then a fire rift opened right next to it... Yeah, I was doomed... They're not programmed to respawn, they're programmed to open anywhere at any given time.

Dungeons are really hard, so you have to think there too, which is good... I enjoy a challenge...

It's harder to level up... In WoW, it's "Congrats, you easily leveled up, now go do it again you idiot..." while in Rift, it's "Wow man, you did great! That sure was a sweat! Now we're gonna make you glow and show you a cool animation and actually reward you with a useful power! Now try your hardest and do it again!"

I have yet to PvP much, so I can't tell you anything about that.

Public questing is cool, but it can get on my nerves sometimes because sometimes you'll have to wait like 5 minutes for an NPC to respawn.

The only thing I think Rift is really missing is a dungeon finder and a warfront finder, which they claim to be adding soon.

Also, it could use some more races.. Bahmi and Kelari skin color are the same, so it doesn't have to much diversity when it comes to color on those races... And since there's only 3 per faction, they could definitely use some more, especially on the Defiant side.

Overall, I love rift, and I will definitely be sticking to it (until my dream mmo comes along).


  • i lost all interest in the game after i read about its crafting system. Soooo WoWish, and easy. Back to eq2 for me

  • VespuraVespura Las Vegas, NVPosts: 71Member

    To be honest, I haven't crafted yet, but from what I have read, it's different, but I'm not sure... Not sure where you're reading from, because I read otherwise, but when I actually craft something I'll find out. I don't really care for crafting much anyway.

  • CefkaCefka Laval, QCPosts: 92Member

    This impression  will change when you've played a bit more. I was thinking exactly the same thing until I reached the 40s.

    Rifts always spawn at the same place, its random wether they spawn or not but they have predefined locations. The rifts themselves never realy change either, it's just kill things as they spawn and try to tag mobs before the others. Same with invasions they get pretty repetitive because its always just kill mobs as they spawn and then spend 10minutes bashing on a big mob.

    Leveling also stops being rewarding the higher you go the less you gain from each and level and much like in WoW you end up gaining new things every 5 levels eventualy.

    Crafting is a ctrl+c/ctrl+v from WoW it's exactly the same. The only difference is that you can have 3 proffessions instead of 2!

    Same with PvP its a direct copy from one of the worst PvP system in MMOs (WoWs) with the same boring BGs that use FPS mechanics for points. And you only unlock 1 map every new tier..

  • TheLizardbonesTheLizardbones Arkham, VAPosts: 10,910Member Common

    Originally posted by Vespura
    To be honest, I haven't crafted yet, but from what I have read, it's different, but I'm not sure... Not sure where you're reading from, because I read otherwise, but when I actually craft something I'll find out. I don't really care for crafting much anyway.

    Crafting is not much different from WoW. There are some little differences however:
    * It's not mandatory to level a crafting profession if you don't want to.
    * The gear is fairly useful all through your leveling range.
    * There is an enhancement slot when crafting, so you can add a little boost to the piece of gear you're making for yourself. You can add it to anything you craft.
    * You can break down most of the stuff you craft for raw materials. e.g. Armorsmiths can break down most armors.

    So, not huge differences, but some differences none the less. The developers have some changes in mind to make crafting more of a past time in its own right, but you won't be a 'crafter' in Rift for awhile yet, if ever.

    * addendum *
    Concerning PvP - it exists in the game and if you're on a PvP server you will find some world PvP. The game, however, is not a PvP centric game. It is a PvE centric, gear accumulation and other collection activity type game.

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