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Post all Rift Buddy Key Offers/Requests/Recruit-A-Friend Here



  • gotcha89gotcha89 WestdorpPosts: 34Member Uncommon

    can someone send me a friend key would really like to try the game out. please help me out guys!

  • Thekobe8Thekobe8 Orlando, FLPosts: 57Member

    Hello, i've been reading about rift for a while and i'm really interested in buying it but i'd love to have a chance to play it before.

    If you have a spare EU buddy key send me one thanks

  • turbololturbolol el mirage, AZPosts: 1Member

    I want a buddy key so bad! please anyone who has an extra hook it up. i go the extra mile for you!

  • ela002ela002 -Posts: 9Member Uncommon



    I would appreciate if you could send me a EU key I will renew my sub after the trial. Thank you


  • design1314design1314 Forest Hills, NYPosts: 13Member

    Can some one PM me a key? I kinda wanna get into this game. Thx

  • BluestreamBluestream AnkeborgPosts: 5Member


    Me and a friend of mine is looking for a change after playing WoW for the last five years. I realise it may not be possible but if anyone has a buddy key (or two) to spare it would be greatly appreciated as we would like to try the game out before spending €50 on it.

    Thanks in advance!

    EDIT: I'm looking for EU versions if that makes any difference

  • Skeet1831Skeet1831 Louisville, KYPosts: 4Member

    i would really like to play Rift.  i missed both free weekends and i really want to play it before i buy it.

    reading all the information on this game really makes me want to play it.

    would appreciate a buddy pass or trial pass if anyone has 1 to give please.

    NA code if possible.


    PM is fine, and thanks!

  • SadamaruSadamaru Englewood, COPosts: 1Member

    Hey everyone I just ordered RIFT from Amazon and unfortunately shipping is going to take a week. Since I am pretty sure you get rewarded if one of your buddy key players actually subscribes, I can guarantee a subscription for you so you can get whatever reward is waiting for you. If you are interested in sending a buddy pass please PM, and thank you.

  • Vandal783Vandal783 Centerville, PAPosts: 57Member

    Also looking to give the game a try would love if someone had a spare buddy key, msg me. Thanks!

  • reef22reef22 Phoenix, AZPosts: 85Member Uncommon

    Hi, I've been playing the weekend special previously and I am considering subscribing the game.  I don't mind paying the $15 monthly fee but I just don't feel that I should pay $50 to buy the game since I already have the game client installed.  It just doesn't make sense to me.  So I'm asking if anyone can spare a NA buddy key since I'll be subscribing it for sure then you'll get your reward as well. Please send me a private message with your key, thank you very much!

  • Martang2Martang2 xxPosts: 1Member

    Looking for an EU key. Missed the free trial weekend and want to have a quick peek before I sub, please pm a key if you have a spare one.



  • dragoninxsdragoninxs New York City, NYPosts: 1Member


    I'm looking for a NA key.  I would really like to try this game please.  Please send me a PM.


    Thank you very much



  • darkheartsdarkhearts Waterbury, CTPosts: 97Member Uncommon

    I'm looking for a NA Rift buddy key if anyone wouldn't mind sending one my way I'd appreciate it.

    Thank you,


  • WillDWhiteWillDWhite Winston-Salem, NCPosts: 1Member


    Hoping for a RIFT pass as well if anyone has an extra one. My girlfriend and I are seriously considering picking up RIFT but really don't want to drop $100 to do so. If we could even just check out character customization and the first level or two - we'd be apt to pick it up.


    Please send me a PM - it would be highly appreciated.

  • ZierrityZierrity tonsbergPosts: 234Member Uncommon

    I would love a EU key so if anyone have one to spare, please:)


  • SladgeSladge CoaerPosts: 1Member

    Looking for an EU key. Missed the free trial weekend and want to have a quick peek before I buy it :)





  • infensisinfensis Kinnelon, NJPosts: 35Member

    Looking for a NA buddy key to try out the game.  Finished up with WoW cataclysm.  

    Please PM me if you have one available!


  • footloosfootloos silkeborgPosts: 15Member Uncommon

    if someone by chance have a spare EU buddy key i would like to give the game a try and see if it suits me.

  • cjdj34cjdj34 millis, AKPosts: 12Member
    Im looking for a NA key. From my research, rift lookis like the kind of MMO I want to buy but I would much rather try it just in case.

    PM me or email at
  • AgentSquishyAgentSquishy Syracuse, NYPosts: 2Member

    I have been following this game for a while now, but I haven't had a computer that was able to handle pratically any PC game.  The last PC game I was able to play was AoM. Well now I do and I saw that I just missed the free weekend that occured.  So I'm a little bummed, but I'm hoping that there still a kind soul that has not used their buddy key yet.  I would very much appreciate it if someone could give their buddy key to me.


  • GwingGwing Prince Albert, SKPosts: 85Member

    Hey all i played the beta for a bit was ok...but i wanna give this game annother shot to see if it has improved. Dont wanna blow 50 bucks on a game that i dont like...getting bored of WoW...pls! send me a buddy code  US  to

  • echose7enechose7en derbyPosts: 55Member

    Id like a eu key if theres one going :)


  • xcssxcss AucklandPosts: 1Member

    I would like a Rift buddy key for the US servers, if anybody has a spare.  Would appreciate it a lot.  Thank you and have a nice day.

  • AmarantePosts: 2Member Uncommon

    Id love to try Rift before buying, if anyone has a spare EU key let me know :) thank you so much!

  • ianicusianicus Calgary, ABPosts: 506Member Uncommon

    I played in a few of the beta events, would love an NA key to see what they have changed, if I like I would buy for sure, not playing an MMO at the moment. thanks!

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