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Darkfall: The 2011 Re-Review



  • wiseblood69wiseblood69 nashville, TNPosts: 2Member

    Darkfall isn't perfect but it is one of the best games out. Over the past 6 years there have been countless WOW clones that all sucked but Darkfall IS the anti-WOW.

    1. FPS style combat instead of tab targeting(WOW).

    2. End game is PVP instead of PVE raiding(WOW).

    3. Crafted gear is actually the best gear in the game instead of a waste of time(WOW).

    4. Player owned houses/cities vs neither in WOW.

    5. Naval combat vs no naval combat (WOW).

    6. Day 1 riding a mount, participating in Naval combat and city raiding(clan dependent/manning of cannons etc.)  vs day 1 in WOW being a lvl 1-15 nothing.

    7. Having the ability to level ALL the crafting skills vs only 2 in WOW(per character).

    8. Free expansions vs $50 expansions in WOW.

    9. Destroyable/player made everything(cept housing) vs static everything in WOW.

    10. Skill based combat vs gear based (WOW).

    11. Full loot vs no loot PVP (WOW).

    12. Total freedom to play anyway you want vs quest based follow the the bouncing ball (WOW).

    13. (unfortunately) little lore vs expansive lore (WOW).

    14. mounted combat vs no mounted combat (WOW).

    15. The mob AI in DFO is amazing and by far the best of any game vs tab target/spam attack while watching tv and still killing everything (WOW). Lets see someone play 5 characters at the same time in Darkfall. The mobs in DFO will kite you, will work as a team, will heal each other etc. It makes the PVE much more interesting than any other game I have played.

    For those that complain about the grind, think of this... if you played WOW from day 1 and your character is max'd you will soon have to pay $50 to restart the grind to max level and then the constant grind of getting more gear. In darkfall once you max your character you are done with the grind forever, Don't think your fresh lvl 85 gear (blues) in WOW can compete vs the vet with all high end epics. You can now level your magic, defensive skills and stats via offline meditation... it is a bit expensive but money is easy to come by in darkfall.

    In WOW you feel like playing a warrior, so you level to max level and then grind a million dungeons/raids to get your gear...great, now you are bored with doing the same thing over and over and you want to cast magic. grats you get to start over at lvl 1 and lvl to 85 then grind gear until the next patch which will make your gear obsolete and now you have 2 characters to grind gear on. If you were to only level melee in DFO (the equivelent to WOW) it would take no time. How long would it take you to level every class in wow to max level and to get high end gear on every character... the grind in WOW is endless by design. The grind in DFO is brutal but realize that even in the carebear WOW the grind is HUGE to try to equal the ability of DFO.

    Darkfall does have its downsides as mentioned in numerous posts above but the upsides more than make up for it, IMO. Also AV is updating the game much, much more often than in the past as well as planned complete UI revamp, complete revamp of animations/sounds, complete revamp of the world graphics and many more updates to come (more player housing). Darkfall IS NOT the game for everyone without a doubt but if you give it a chance then you will never want to go back to the army of WOW clones.

  • NeerDoWellNeerDoWell Northshore, LAPosts: 184Member


    “If GM had kept up with technology like the computer industry has, we would all be driving $25 cars that got 1000 MPG” - Bill Gates

  • wiseblood69wiseblood69 nashville, TNPosts: 2Member

    * AV is also adding penalties to the protection the gear gives you if you mix pieces from heavy/medium/light armor. This should help to add some balance and some specializations (ie. Heavy armor will give penalties to casting and bonus to melee but mixing light armor in as currently done will take away the bonuses from either set and add the negatives from both.)

    For current notes on the progress of the game check the link below:

  • POINTBLANK69POINTBLANK69 west palm beach, FLPosts: 1Member

    they ever talk about fixing the skil cap as far as i know thats the only thing wrong with that game ppl that are macro freaks will always have the adv

  • willo248willo248 londonPosts: 346Member

    Marmite, you either love it or you hate it ;)

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